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File: 1676793687572.png (323.26 KB, 1045x494, 55:26, Screenshot from 2023-02-18….png) ImgOps iqdb


anyone do this?

i burn discs, title them and then put them back on the spindle, so they stay in good condition

external hdds/sdd don't last very long


File: 1676793749763.webm (3.59 MB, 1092x614, 546:307, over 16 hours of video on….webm) ImgOps iqdb


i am a data hoarder


Several times I had a sudden desire to record something on a disc. Mostly music but once it was a folder of photos that I've recorded on a DVD. Now my PC doesn't even have CD/DVD recorder built-in.


How long do disks last?


Can anyone tell me if quality brand dvd drives actually matter for burning good ISO images for old games? Or is it just the discs?


Depends on how they are stored.


File: 1676852813392.jpg (70.5 KB, 929x1024, 929:1024, akko.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's the aluminum layer in the disc that corrodes, and the tolerances for laser diodes (+/- 2% depending on ambient temperature) are narrow enough that the drive matters comparatively less than the properties of the disc over its lifespan. That said, the ideal for archival data would be something like a low-density gold disc written with a slow burn (or whatever imprinting process is optimal for the material)


i still have hard drives from my family computer like 20+ yrs ago. why the fuck would you bother with a million discs. just get huge 10+ terabyte drives. maybe duplicate it. check it every year to see if the data is still good


All eggs in one basket is never a good idea



internal hdds last because you are never moving them. they are connected inside of your computer

external hdds, on the other, hand do not last because you are constantly bumping them and moving them

i wouldn't mind an internal hdd if i were using a desktop computer but i am using a laptop


i don't want the discs to last forever. just long enough until i die

i couldn't care less what happens to them after i die


i just burned a few zim files onto a dvd so i can use wikipedia offline in case i have no internet



> i can use wikipedia offline
YOu can buy anthology of encyclopdias


i didnt know this but DVDs and CDs are immune to EMP. actually pretty cool. although i guess it would be trivial to make a shielded cage for storing hard drives


File: 1677020114387.png (1.06 MB, 1129x3336, 1129:3336, Screenshot 2023-02-21 at 2….png) ImgOps iqdb

i thought these m disks were fun. apparently many newer dvd burners can write on them and they are said to last 1000 years.


File: 1677040494528.png (112.75 KB, 1920x334, 960:167, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>spend money
>physical encyclopedias

lol no thanks dude


>spend money
Books are free to take at the library, wiz.


this is just a generally very good idea. There's 20 years of infographics, verboten videos and books that is eventually just going to get yanked completely whenever the one world government comes around


do you see the pic tho? that's wikipedia printed out. it's pointless trying to amass anything close to that. you suggested buying an anthology originally >>64207 and all i'm saying is that would be really difficult and expensive, compared to just downloading wikipedia to a thumbdrive


77% of Wikipedia is objectively useless celebrity fluff and other biographic tube-clogging.


File: 1677276583364.png (334.75 KB, 1920x913, 1920:913, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

even if you removed all biographic, societal, and cultural articles, you still have like 40%. that's still 5 or 6 bookcases worth of digital content



driving to the library isn't free though
wastes gas and time


Had no net and was using encyclopedias for a year daily and found the experience good however without a huge library of material related to what you are researching it sucks compared to the net.


File: 1677468004953.png (24.5 KB, 774x352, 387:176, Screenshot from 2023-02-26….png) ImgOps iqdb

i just burned a data dvd

brasero and linux make it super easy now

back in the day when i was using windows me on a slow emachine the burning process would fail all the time


I've had only one harddrive break in my entire life, and it was a shitty 4tb ssd. And technically it wasnt a big deal, since I could still move all of my files off it onto another harddrive, I just couldn't erase or alter the files while they were still on the corrupted drive.


personally i would also remove history. retards just use one historical mention of their fetishes to justify being freaks nowadays, and ancient history is hard to determine veracity-wise anyway.



i don't want to pay over 100 dollars for a ssd or hdd and have it break a couple of years later
i don't like to waste money like that

discs are more durable. that's why i use them


Ssd can be pretty damn durable while disk are literally child's play to wreck.
Though if I was worried about durability then I would use extreme rated micro sd cards or similarly rated thumb drives. It's what the military uses for portable storage as well as what's on their shit like drones and other stuff that might get blown up, frozen, or roasted.
Also can survive being ballooned up to the edge of space, blasted by cosmic rays, frozen in no atmosphere, then survive the long drop back to earth.
Seriously micro sd is absurdly durable. Also aren't even expensive if you aren't storing terabytes of shit.
It's what I would use if for whatever reason I couldn't use portable hard drives, a private server, or cloud storage.


File: 1678058573790.png (268.14 KB, 680x438, 340:219, 1656676627216.png) ImgOps iqdb

I archive stuff in pendrives and in cloud storage sites


yeah its cheaper than ever to archive everything you read and it makes more sense to do so (or to offload that responsibility to archivists, but thats riskier)


how longer do micro sd's can last without being powered/ plugged to a PC?


months or years says the internet but I'd recommend used spinning disks for cold storage – i think it's cheaper too.


in fact that's what i have been doing, just using 2.5" Hdd's, since they are the cheapers i can get and i dont have a desktop to use 3.5".


How are you guys archiving websites? i used to use the feature of chrome, "download website" but havent using for a while.



Right click > Save Page As…


10+ years, though theoretically if stored and used in optimal condition they could last around 30.


What are some good remote backup methods? I'm paranoid about my house burning down and losing my computer and my phone.


This tool its pretty usefuel to archive websites


rsync.net or self host a push based incremental back up system with rsync


Since we are talking about archiving… what cloud storage sites do you guys recommend?
I mostly use Mega, I already create tons of accounts to archive various files, but I also used mediafire and dropbox.


Discs are not more durable. M-disc or bluray might be more durable than dvd, but hard drive with replication and error correcting encoding gives your orders of more storage space for cheaper. Don't use SSD because they fail unpredictably, are much harder to recover, and will lose data if unpowered.



i have cds i burned when i was in high school
and i am 36 now

none of my hdds have lasted that long especially the external ones which i stopped buying

if you keep on the spindle they'll last forever

disc rot is over-exaggerated by m-disc enthusiasts who want you to buy m-discs


File: 1679401295691.gif (255.27 KB, 500x552, 125:138, IMG_1404.GIF) ImgOps iqdb

In that one satalite, maybe voyager, they put that gold disk with media and messages from presidents. Maybe a gold SSD is what we need. Encase it in easily made sapphire (blow torch and 2 cheap chemicals, check it out on youtube) then it could last after the next extinction


the memory of an ssd comes from silicon/logic gates to store electrical charges. you can't simply make it out of gold, that does nothing to the memory. to store stuff for a very long time using available technology you would need a hard drive or VHS that is completely magnetically shielded, a compact disk that is shielded from basically all forms of radiation, or a gold disk pressed in the manner of vinyl to physically store bits on its surface

but if you want it to survive after an extinction, you don't want high tech storage mediums, you want stuff that can be read and interpreted with the naked eye, like cave art or carvings in stone. just put a bunch of engraved stone plaques in suitable caves around the world


learn linux ffs


I have computers that old and older and so far their hard drives are still holding up to occasional use.
Though now they are basically in storage and it's highly unlikely I will ever use them for something else. But the data is already backed up to several places so whatever.

I think it's all a matter of how things are used for how long they last.
If you regularly used the disc they would wear out in only a few years. And that's if they aren't physically damaged/scratched which is extremely easy to do to disk formats.


dvd-rs are more durable than cd-rs, and bd-rs are more durable than both dvd-rs and cd-rs

i have been using cheap bd-rs for years now, and i haven't seen a single scratch on any of them. To scratch a bluray you have to basically do it intentionally(with a nail) or you have to drop the disc on cement or something


how do i archive an entire website and not just a page?


Download every page individually, put them each in their respective folders, and then edit the HTML of each one that links to another to correct the filepath.


Theres lots of guides, but if you look for a cracked version of "offline explorer" on https://1337x.to/ that's like the paid for user friendly version. Otherwise you're looking at httrack.com or some WARC archival tools, or some stuff. Looking on reddit will bring up people who archive lots of sites talking about tools.

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