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Anyone here lucid dream as a hobby or common practice? What methods and techniques are a lie to sell courses and which really work?
Im so utterly tired of material existence and limitations I want to maxx out my lucid dreaming as much as possible without drugs.
So far my plans for this are:

sleep LESS not more( REM rebound phenomenon)
master the Gateway Experience tapes
master Dymaxion polyphasic schedule
master falling asleep(and maintaining sleep)in "odd" positions: standing up ,squatting,on my shins like a baby, full louts. monks and primitive tribes do it…it should be possible.


Lucidity testing is the most accessible method, I can't say I've heard of your methods but am interested to hear more.

But yeah, Lucidity testing. Periodically look at something written, then look back. In a dream the text won't be the same each time you look, this can be your prompt that you're dreaming and will allow you to take control. Of course this hinges on your ability to repeat this action consistently enough that you do it, even while asleep


File: 1677248233065.jpeg (77.91 KB, 472x683, 472:683, 01c18bc7fdd68d69eb1076b12….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I will explain myself now: I am fanatical about lucid dreaming (out of desperation) to a suicidal degree.
My brutalizing self-torturing plan and schedule would be:
Uber man 8 on a 48-hour basis + a Zoidberg detour every day-shifting couple of hours(6 20-minute naps interrupted in-between by 6 20-minute wakefulness ) ie: every 46 hours I meddle in the Zoidberg core.


Fast + don't ejaculate

That's how a navahoan tomahawcree tribes go on spirit journeys


I'm basically a superhuman when I dream now. Usually almost or completely lucid, able to fly/teleport and bend reality. The trick evidently is the fucked up dreams you have while "psychotic" (whatever that really is). Dream characters taught me everything. I don't really know how a normal person would be able to emulate that, the state of mind was a blurring between sleep and real life. Might be possible in a low-conciousness state of mind where you repeatedly visualize teleporting/flying and then show some visual stimuli using your computer to train your unconsciousness

It is pretty cool. Whenever I run into a seeming issue I'm able to bend the boundaries and keep going. I made a guy trying to say things I didn't like choke while trying to talk into a megaphone last night


The only thing I can add is that taking tryptophan (I think it must have been 1g or even 1.5) for a while induced very vivid dreams. Oversleeping also seems to reliably cause it


could you ,in your dream,induce an hyper realistic camel riding event?
I want to ride a camel. but i cant IRL. can I feel each strand of camel hair, each grain of sand and gust of wind,in the dream-world?


That kind of mental association would never appear for my mind so I doubt I'd be able to do it. I don't create the situations in advance, I'm just able to alter events in them. EG a few nights ago my bedroom door was locked so I thought it open. It seems to have to do with giving your unconsciousness the rudimentary ability to question events it sees, or presume certain powers. For a while my inner eye was so intense I'd be able to have visual dreams while awake, which is the kind of ability hemisync teaches you to do so that might help. I did try that about that time


File: 1677263334795.jpeg (187.78 KB, 1280x966, 640:483, tumblr_1dad8d4b9ff7d633a5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>For a while my inner eye was so intense I'd be able to have visual dreams while awake
WTF. tell us more,please. do you mean the so-called Split Mind phenomenon? hallucinations? or ,what?
did you need to stay still, 0 movement for half an hour for the dreams to kick in, or merely recline and shut the eyes for a couple' minutes?


all of this was happening during "psychosis". I would wake up in the middle of the night and the dream would still be going but my mind would be able to interact with it. Most dreams were very intense, had novel characters interacting with me, and vaguely lucid. Later after having worked on mental imagery a bit I was just able to strongly visualize things in my inner eye. The sort of thing you'd get while doing hemisync, the mental apple looking like a real apple etc. The whole thing was clearly neurochemical but I have no idea what caused it.

It probably had something to do with elevated dopamine since my mesolimbic system was very messed up from their meds during that period. But it might also have to do with serotonin. Brain was also firing in a very weird fashion where it clearly was not synchronized or coordinated, like my conscious half would be doing one thing at a diminished state of consciousness and then another half would start talking to myself or writing inane messages. Would not recommend that experience


I have been interested in lucid dreaming since I was a teenager, but due to my lack of perseverance, I have barely obtained any results. I have noticed that I am dreaming several times, but I can rarely do anything but fly or explore my dreams.


Shit, I forgot to mention the main problem I have with lucid dreaming: it takes hours of sleep away from me, which makes me spend the rest of the day tired. That's one of the reasons I haven't taken this thing more seriously.


File: 1677267223658.jpeg (53.14 KB, 620x468, 155:117, EeAvfh0XYAAli7a.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

thanks for the input
ill meditate wisely wether i want to go trough with this or not


File: 1678994758084.png (360.67 KB, 500x655, 100:131, 1678927359115.png) ImgOps iqdb

OK guys. I decided I will fast from sleep (stay awake) for 72 hours on NO DRUGS. I will harvest endogenous DMT in my brain and live 1000 lifetimes per minute.
being an aghori saddhu who travels trough-out India -caves and mountains included- , being a CIA SOG-SAD. travelling oceans and seas during storms on a makeshift raft and then crossing from alaska to south africa on roller-blades.
it wont be a dream…it will be flesh-n'-blood real. Reality Shifting. I will die 100000 times. but ill still be "alive"


I had several lucid dream experiences and at least two of them were induced by myself. What seemed to have an effect were those awareness practices youre supposed to do through the day like the frequent reality-checks because at least one time those have successfully triggered a lucid dream for me.

Most of them were randomly caused by subtle noises or light changes and such things which can raise your consciousness without waking you up. Its also interesting how some of the lucid experiences were suddenly interrupted by nightmarish shifts in the dream of which I had no control over.


i wanna do this too. anything i should prepare beforehand? i've been seriously meditating for 1 year and it's brutally changing me. i feel a sleep fast could be an interesting experience in my journey to enlightenment.

i'm looking forward to hearing from you brother.


>journey to enlightenment

You won't find it if you seek it, that is the thing with the spiritual stuff, you can't be on the way, you can only be, and that is the way.


One who believes he has found enlightenment can reflect on the moments leading up to that point and consider it to be his journey. I think this is what "journey to enlightenment" means. Not to describe a path to follow, but one followed.


ahh i used to pracitce this, i had some cool dreams, my trick was induce the sleep paralysis and then some wacky shit begin to happen, and then, if i was lucky, i got a lucid dream.
Anyway my best dreaming experiences were with normal dreams, but i can't deny that thoose lucid dreams were funny as hell lol

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