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The only hobby I had for a long time was gaming. Recently I quit cold turkey and I need something else to fill the time. I've been reading instead and that's pretty fun but it isn't as comfy as gaming. I need to find something that makes me want to wake up in the morning but everything I try I get bored of. Sometimes it's a few months, sometimes a few years, sometimes a week, but I get bored. No hobbies really sound interesting to me, and even if they do there's always something shitty about them. Should I just go back to gaming?


Why quit gaming in the first place if you're just planning on time wasting all day with something else? I don't even see the point of sticking to one hobby, just switch when you get bored. Some hobbies you only feel like doing once a week. Keep a list of everything you've tried and revisit them occasionally. Figure out why you're abandoning them. Probably you get stuck and don't make progression in the hobby as easy as video games.


That's a good point. I stopped gaming because I stopped being able to enjoy games, but if I'm going to be depressed either way I might as well just play games


I've given up on people. But now I'm kind of aimless without passion or goals. I can't relate to those who find a meaning in snails and stamp collecting. I just need an asocial passion to be my calling, my purpose and meaning. The thing to put on my tombstone, even if normies don't get it.


I like this.


yeah learn from ADHD kings who get bored of games within like half an hour

you get 1 game you really like that you can play for hours and hours

and then you have a dozen other games you jump around between and add in new games as they come out t spcie things up as well as try older things


I guess I have something I can refer to as my "calling", it is not bestowed upon me so much as it is a practical concern I came across. It does have to do with the benefit of mankind, much as I dislike humanity.
I ain't telling you what, you wouldn't understand either; for me, crabs are as much "normie" as the rest of the normies.


Posting on Wizchan has nothing to do with the benefits of mankind, ESL


Bodybuilding, hiking, and meditation are the only depper approved hobbies until you feel better


touched a fiber. Crabs are indeed normies.


>Something to fill the time

Have you read the entire classical Chinese cannon and cleared your gaming backlog to have the time to waste on such purposeless pursuits?


No pursuit is without purpose, because a man makes his own purpose. The insignificant effect a creative or disciplined endeavor has on the greater powers of the cosmos is no measure for its capacity to have purpose.

A coin flipper has as much purpose to flip his coin as does a destroyer of worlds does does to drop his bomb on the masses. Both endeavors have valid purpose.




If I start to hate a hobby, should I get another one? I used to love playing piano but now I don't. I can't tell if it's because I'm depressed or because the hobby has just become boring to me


Personally I never had a hobby or interest that stuck with me for a very long time, except maybe reading but I don’t read that many books anymore. However, I started learning blender and 3D modeling because I wanted to make some weird visuals and custom avatars. It had a steep learning curve but I literally use it every day now. When I’m bored I’ll just open up a blank project and have at it. No idea why it got my attention so much but it makes me happy at least.


hobbies are for normalfags


fuck off crab

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