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lads i honestly love buying stuff. online shopping is fun as hell. i love researching products for hours and discovering interesting stuff thats out there. then you get to own cool and useful things.

any wizards love online shopping here?


I hate it. I spend a lot of time researching the best product, only to get it and be disappointed or not even use it once the initial dopamine hit wears off. I've stopped being a consumer cuck and only buy stuff when I seriously need it and saves time/energy and makes my life easier in a very concrete way.


File: 1689192835018.png (792.47 KB, 717x486, 239:162, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

i like to look for cool things and then make shitty versions myself when i discover their price because im cheap

here is a drywall/sheetrock lifter for installing to the ceiling that cost less than $20 in 2x4s and random screws and bolts i already had. the alternative was paying out the ass for a legit machine

a shitty cardboard phone holder i made almost 6 years ago i still use today


you're quite creative to be able to build things like this. wish i had handiman skills. instead, i just have autist neckbeard skills.


That's an excellent idea. I bought some Bessey telescopic wall supports, but getting it up there in the first place is very difficult without a rigid, stable lifting platform. Inspirational picture, wizzo.


File: 1689389144821.png (23.68 KB, 794x907, 794:907, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Bessey telescopic wall supports
interesting contraptions, i never thought of that or heard about them but have made soemthing similar before. they are 2x4 with like a collar that holds the other and lets them slide against one another. a screw was kept in the bottom of the sliding one so i could extend it and then screw it in place quickly to hold position


I bought some nice lavender oil lately and a bunch of basic house-hold goods (nothing interesting, stuff like rubber bands, solvents, paper binders, gardening tools.)

I just want to stock the basics for when I need things. what ive learned from being poor tho is how few things you actually need. ive bought so much stupid shit. money buys you more time to yourself and financial freedom. i know many people just waste theirs buying the latest iphone or w/e but after being poor for most my life i try not to buy frivolous shit. i feel like the future is quite scary so im trying to save a little cash first.


Very nice indeed. Tool buying is something I'm good at; tool making not so much. Maybe it's time I change that.


Once i hit 30 I stopped buying anything for fun or consumables. Now all I get is things that serve a purpose or greatly enhance utility/potential. Even entertainment I ditched; now I just watch Tim Hunkin, Fred Dibnah, Time Team and scores of youtube channels. 'Edutainment' is a horrible portmanteau for these things, they really are pure education; the education I always wished I had.


Well worth watching Tim Hunkin and Rex Garrod's series. Tim also does very long exegesis style youtube videos on mechanical principles - bearings, screws, pulleys etc.


I bought a translucent red hard hat and some red laser safety goggles. Red light entering the eyes increases testosterone which I need if I am to defeat The Crystal Witch.


that won't increase the red light entering your eye by wearing red lens. it just filters the non-red wavelengths… and because it is itself red colored, it's also reflecting some red light. basically, you are getting less red light wearing those


is air fryer a meme? i don't really fry stuff but it seems like even downie teens are able to air fry french fries at mcdonalds for example so it can't mechanically be demanding


its somewhat of a meme but also useful
ive never used them to replace frying because i never fried anything. it really becomes more of a decent quality oven, if you have a crappy normal oven buying a small compact electric air fryer with a big fan for circluation will make cooking easier - quicker preheat, some foods cook quicker, things cook more evenly, able to use higher consistent temps
i actually got a countertop oven instead - which has an "airfry" mode. it has 3 racks, a big ass fan in the back, two heating elements, and essentially does the same as an airfryer for me


File: 1691058451840.jpg (108.18 KB, 800x615, 160:123, 10-1055-a-0601-7250-i02-20….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The increase in testosterone isn't a matter of the red light influencing the mitochondria in the eyes. For that, creating new red light and blasting it in to the flesh and cornea would be the solution. Rather, it's a matter of perception which appeals to the instincts. The conversion and inhibitence of wavelengths that results in seeing red at all times suggests to my brain that I am once again in Hell. This results in the body doing what it can to ensure I have the energy and strength to make it out alive again. The red helmet is another cool phenomenon. By having both matching eye and headgear, I look cooler, which means I can take longer breaks at work.

Here's a URL from a taxpayer-funded website


File: 1691070270293.png (87.93 KB, 800x619, 800:619, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

i cant be bothered to read the whole thing, though i skimmed it

it seems obvious to me the post-workout higher testosterone is more a result of "not dropping as fast" compared to other color lens, but regardless it still quickly goes back to a baseline that isn't much different from colorless


If you already have an electric convection oven, there's no point. The cleanup is kinda annoying because the basket is full of holes, and it's just another hunk of plastic taking up your counter-top. If you did want something smaller than a full scale oven, then a standard toaster oven/counter-top convection oven does the same thing (and more) for a little bit more money.


it's alright. it's basically just a tiny oven



Casual observer here. Pretty sure what you're seeing is the effect of blue light on cortisol release. Blue light wavelengths increase cortisol production and cortisol has an antagonistic relationship with testosterone. Red light exposure does not increase testosterone, it is merely the baseline. White light has some blue light, hence why it is in-between the blue and red.


sounds legit to me


I do the same thing, but I spend much of the time looking for a German manufactured equivalent. It is essentially the only nation I will buy anything from now, for so many reasons, primarily for quality. Often I am unable to find an equivalent, but delight in denying myself that product, knowing I am staying true to myself and the cosmos.


I hate it. I mean if I am looking for something very specific online shopping can make it easy, but it is so much more fun to browse a store and physically touch things. I can get a better idea for the specifications for an object than some stock image a chinese seller posted. The way some UI's are made are so atrocious, so bad and organizing and sorting, or you just end up going through pages and pages of these stock images. Its worse when its Amazon where they'll post them same item multiple times.


ovens take heeps amount of electricity so air fryers are a very nice alternative, makes my tempura crispy.


NEVER buy clothes online wizzars, unless if it is a simple tee. The foreign measurements fool me again and again

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