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Anyone else just really like the feeling and use of a Mechanical Keyboard? Recently picked one up from my local Walmart for $70. Old Razer 2019 BlackWidow and it feels nice. Wondering if anyone else likes them too.


They're garbage, especially the gamer ones with the gay lightshow that forces you to install spyware on your computer so you can do basic shit like have a macro or god forbid, turn off the fucking rainbow.


This apprentice prefers membrane.


File: 1689722668837.png (1.16 MB, 1800x1800, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

have to press the keys down far
keys themselves are physically taller

i use a $10 hp keyboard and have no problems


I used them in childhood and i do like the feel, but i'm reluctant to buy one now. I generally don't buy nice things, because i feel like i should find a place i can call "home" first.


I have never used one but I am pretty sure I would hate them. I am accustomed to typing on laptops and I hate the extremely long key travel of other keyboards. I also don't want my typing to be making a ton of noise.


they are too loud for me personally


Waste of money.
Full size keychron with hotswap or some random 75% with again hotswap would be better choice of keyboard.


this isn't a hobby.


We ALLL fuckin' know the greatest mechanical keyboard of all time was an IBM Model M keyboard. It was made out of mahogany wood, finished with real ivy keys, and featured 100% silk liners for the hand rests.

Our family of modest earners saved up for years to afford one of these key boards but after working so long we finally did it. Every day its become something of a ritual for us to gather around the dining room table to appreciate the craftsmanship that went into the keyboard. An optional attachment goes over the keyboard to obscure visibility of the parts which turns the keyboard into a fingerbox. The wiz family can be entertained for hours trying to guess exactly which parts they are touching inside the 'fingerbox.' It's made many boring days quite exciting and I would recommend this to other IBM M keyboard owners.


There are a switches that are around the same noise level as membrain keyboards.

That said I love the clicky ones, so I can understand someone not really liking them, especially if they love silence.

Surprisingly it actually is.
Especially when you get into custom key and switch combinations and building and modifying keyboards.
There are also people who collect them.
For me it isn't quite to the level of a hobby, but I do like them quite a bit and would be happy to talk about them for hours.


I saw a keyboard the other day that looked like a type writer. Do you think something like that would be cool to own?


It wouldn't be to my personal taste.
Then again I don't exactly have fond memories of typewriters.
They are clunky cumbersom devices that make revision and word processing so difficult that it is sometimes better to just retype a whole page then try to fix a relatively small error.

I hated learning to type on them as a child.
So I have no fondness for typewriters and would not like to own something that reminds me of them.


finally got my split ergo mechanical and i can totally see how this is an addiction. im gonna buy the glove80 or make a dactyl manuform next, 4x6 just isnt enough and im already using home row mods and layers but its just not enough for certain rarely used charactrers like tilde grave and plus minus. but its really nice and i like being able to type with my arms wide apart, makes my dark computer room feel like a spaceship piloting room


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