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Do any of you play Go/Weiqi/Baduk? It feels certainly like a game one with a lot of time can devoted themselves to. Other interesting games like shogi or chess? It's certainly somewhat difficult to self teach and a teacher would help but it is what it is.


Just Exes and Ohs with the cat. He keeps winning, but only because I let him go second which gives him an advantage.


I remember trying to learn Go one time and watching some guy's youtube tutorial which is several years old and I went to his channel only to find out that he's now a tranny, still doing Go tutorials.

Anyway, it's just looks super boring and it seems like you'd have to count a lot, so not really a game for me.


lol, i used to watch that person too.


Its one of those games, I like in theory, reading about, more than actually playing. I even ran a geocities about how to use the strategies of great historic generals in Go, back in the early 2000s without ever playing.

I've always been fascinated by encirclements in military history, as the ultimate win, as opposed to the direct approach. And some strategy books talk about the contrast between Go, and Chess where even the victorious army is left shattered by the end of it.

idk i think my cautious personality of just wanting to build long walls, makes me freak out when the enemy is in the rear. rather than being a strategic genius, i'm more the jobber who makes the hero look good


>only to find out that he's now a tranny

funny how that works. there used to be tonnes of subcultures so misfits could find communities for acceptance.
all of them have been destroyed and replaced with undead troons. now every misfit thinks cutting themselves is the only option.


It's the most boring game I know the rules of. I just can't get excited over dozens of identical, identity-less pieces who look in the most boring way possible.

Perfect for autists, I guess.


You sound like someone who wouldn't play a good game because the graphics are old.

Identity of the pieces is an absolutely ridiculous criticism.


back when smartphones were news in like 2010 i remember getting a GO game app and playing it at work

my strategy to win against the ai was to make a massive wall and branching out to envelop stuff. kind of like a lot of those dumb .io games play

haven't played it in a long time and i didn't even really understand the rules much but it was fun


This I realized I sucked and getting good would be way too much of an investment of time and effort, so I just watch tournaments and other games on youtube with commentaries. Same logic as people who watch sports. Hardly anyone actually plays handegg who watches it.


I play mahjong on mahjong soul it's very fun, and they update stuff often to grind.


Fair enough, but is it even a good (entertaining) game to begin with? It seems so simple and non-intriguing, like something a pre-schooler has come up with.


well think of a complex modern PC game like HOI4, the biggest strategic plays are trying to pull off a big encirclement, and that is what Go is all about.


I watched that anime and that was pretty cool, but then I also watched the Chinese Live Action Remake and it was way, way better than the anime (Seriously, if you haven't seen it and you liked the anime, give it 3 or 4 episodes until he becomes a teenager, it's fantastic)

Haven't really played it beyond a few matches against CPU though. Way too much to learn and study.


based mjs enjoyer


I am stuck as an eternal ~18k. I don't play much because I get frustrated.
I am infatuated with the general aesthetics of the game.
I would be up for a correspondence game or two.


Sounds good, I'm Neretva on OGS, I'm new to the game and 19kyu myself so we should be a good match up. Feel free to add me on there for anyone else reading


No one can answer whether it's good or entertaining. People like Chess and I think it's boring as shit.

It does seem simple, and that's because the rules are simple. It's a ridiculously complex game though with an absolute ton to learn. Probably the biggest reason why it's dying everywhere.


fucking hate this game. My dad always kicks my ass. The closest I got to winning was against my nephew, and by then he got bored and left the game. Its like watching a slow motion train wreck you have minimal control over.


Or to flip this, if you're better then it's like putting someone else in a train wreck that they have no control over.


unlike games of chance, you actually have 100% control over it


I've been playing weiqi and shogi for five years and chess for longer, but recently decided to stop. I don’t really want to stare at a screen all day anymore and it’s impossible to find a game with a long enough time control where I can make moves on a physical board, and I'm tired of playing correspondence. But beyond that, I think that AI has fundamentally changed the nature of these games and the culture surrounding them to the point where they no longer appeal to me. I think I’ll keep studying old pro games on a physical board, at least.

I was going to link a subbed NHK Cup game, but I just learned that they've all been copyright claimed apparently. This sucks.

There seems to be a misconception that because the rules are simple and about surrounding things, the game must be straightforward and peaceful, but in reality, most weiqi games devolve into complicated, high-stakes fighting. I think it's a very intriguing game once you understand how the stones interact with each other.

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