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File: 1691828530912.png (368.1 KB, 720x720, 1:1, dream general 1.png) ImgOps iqdb


Here we discuss and speak of dreams that we had or the kind of dream that we would want.
We don't discuss of lucid dreaming.
I wanted to make this kind of thread as i do control them in how they will work but once inside i let the dream go and work his own doing.


File: 1691831637366.jpg (726.82 KB, 2991x1865, 2991:1865, dreams of war.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>walk in the trench

>the soldiers are all armed with Kar98k with bayonets while i have an astra 900 and a sword
>i am the chief
>haven't heard a shot in a while
>use the whistler and scream
>get out of the the trench
>enemy machine guns start shooting
>in the middle of the field there are some rocks, there at my left front,and some less on the right
>both of the sides are covered by trees
>run to the right side and continue running until i rest behind some bigger rock
>see liutenant behind me, behind a half chopped tree
>gave him a sign of death
>he gave me a full hand
>5, not too bad
>i lye down and continue to crawl and to move quickly from tree to tree
>see enemy soldier after a while
>take out handgun
>shoot, missed, shoot, he went down, he is probably still alive
>run towards their trench
>get behind a tree almost in front of the enemy trench
>hear some shootings a bit further away from me
>take the sword out and jump in the trench
>run and pierce one with the sword, have probably hit his heart
>he starts screaming
>i get the sword out of his flesh and take the handgun out and shoot to another at burningfire range
>it was a headshot and it spitted blood on my left eye
>continue going and cut the throat of another soldier
>shoot twice to the heart of another soldier
>a soldier pops out and shoots me, but misses and i assaulted him, puttim him down, piercing him in the abdomen
>he coughs blood at my face
>i punched him three times on the ground, each time with a different hand
>a soldier points the rifle at me, and yells at me to surrender
>i recognized the voice of the soldier
>calm down lieutenant, it's me
>clears my face out of the blood with my arm
>sorry chief
>it's ok, lieutenant
The dream ends so.


I wrote inspirational battle raps describing the Founding Fathers beliefs and ideology for kids


A few weeks ago I dreamt that my attorney wanted me to suck his dick or something. I refused. His face then started to open up and get all weird and Predator-like with four mandibles and a really long giraffe-like tongue.


I had a dream the other day that my father called me to tell me to write down a number and to tell me that somebody was "making copies" of him.


Dreamt about my childhood again. I played with my childhood best friend and met other kids that I haven't seen in more than a decade. School was just out, the weather is bright and the flowers were blooming. There's just an indescribable sense of fulfillment there. I was really sad when I woke up and even now. You always feel extremely nostalgic for your past even if it wasn't that good in reality.


anyone else have bathroom world/endless bathroom dreams?


Because they all were more like a hunter-gatherer community with almost no work to do, free time and the environment was like living off grid while an adult?

Nobody will fight to give that to you, you move towards it or you rot inside Normielands.


I get those whenever I really need to take a piss.


Had another one of those unusually vivid lucid dreams. This one was a bit different from the last few I've had this year. The one I had this morning was comparable to those I had over three years ago.

A very simple dream. I dreamt that I was playing some old multiplayer GoldSrc or Source mod. The level of detail in the dream was incredible. I can remember being in there and feeling creeped out by the whole experience. Like I was thinking, "well, shit. It's another one of those lucid dreams. The video game ones can be so fucking creepy. I should proceed with caution."

I could feel myself exploring my surroundings in my bedroom as I played this game. I remember looking out my bedroom window and seeing that there was a low wall that people could easily jump over from the adjacent property. I remember switching off the light in my room and seeing that there was another light nearby. I remember the chatter of the players in the server I was playing in. I can remember the design of the models, the skins, the characters. The level design. The corridors. The gameplay. The style was like a cartoonish version of Counter-Strike.


I dreamt today that I was driving on a highway through a suburban neighborhood on a terraformed Mars and there were huge tornadoes all around me.

Then I was like, "wait. Why are those so big? I thought Mars only had weak dust devils."

I woke up shortly after.

The imagery was neat.


Why should I even be surprised:

First I dreamt I went to Ireland, where they apparently opened a mall I visited AND a Harry Potter ride which felt like a mixture between the back to the future ride and Honey we shrunk the audience (the latter which traumatized me as a kid). The ride of course ended when we were all in a room sitting in chairs before a death eater used the killing curse on me.
At first I thought I woke up (i was in my room and everything), but then this weird guy with huge eraserhead hair screamed at me before I THEN actually woke up.

I was of course still too sleepy (and irritated) so I went back to sleep.

My second dream was worse (at least to anyone but me): It started with a weird bus ride over a city that was a more crowded version of the water streets in Italy, and me owing a guy money , before I was in a weird wooden version of my cousin's home, and when I went to a room to get my stuff someone left a tube/bottle of shall we say "pudding", so it broke me and I took the bottle.
Next, I went to another mall and found an Asian succubus with slightly scantily clothing (she was in her late teens), so I held her down and force-fed the bottle into her. She was angry afterwards, threatening to tell her dad before I humored her about the situation and she left (this was all in public and no one tried to stop me, dream logic, maybe). I saw what I assumed was one of her friends talk about it in a bread store, except they twisted it into making it sound like I raped her, before I forgot everything else (or at least the minor details) and woke up.

and in case it wasn't obvious that pudding wasn't the kind you inserted into your mouth, so I made sure of it…


File: 1699210678955.png (108.27 KB, 262x186, 131:93, wtf.png) ImgOps iqdb

Let's just say I'm friggin grateful that I'm not "great at PARTIES"…

(And apparently bathrooms and Shrek 5 will have an ogre antagonist that is evil/puritan, or whatever)


Had various complex dreams last night.

I remember dreaming that I was watching what appeared to be some sort of remake of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

Also dreamt that I was in what looked like an unfinished Source engine map. Everything seemed to be orange and grey. I think it was raining. I was getting shot at. Even the bullet holes looked like they were from a Source mod.


File: 1699237439254.jpg (192.54 KB, 1275x1500, 17:20, F9zHewHa4AAOkv4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I dreamed of having soft, relaxing sexual intercourse with a witch_teacher.

I immediately hopped on the dream realm's version of Wizchan to ask if I could still post there, but it turned out I was already banned because one of the dream-jannies had already dreamed that I lost my dream-virginity, and preemptively banned me based on that dream.


i want to have my wand between those melons


Those are pumpkins, not melons.


I believe pumpkins also count as melons.


I've been having a lot of complex dreams lately but my hallucinations fight me aggressively when I attempt to recall my dreams.

What I can recall about last night is that I saw a giant helicopter outside my window and its size really freaked me out.


Oh hey, I was right (not that you have to be prescient to see one of my sisters go angrily condescending feminazi on you).
The rest of my dream had to do with seeing my grandma again in my old 90s/00s home in what I can only describe as those cruise ships that go back in time..


Had some more extremely complex dreams that are almost impossible to describe well.

Hate when that happens!


Oh right I just remembered that I dreamt about watching some daytime soap opera like Days of our Lives or whatever.

There was also a weirdly cartoonish space fantasy film that reminded me of Treasure Planet in a way.


Weird how a lot of my dreams lately are of me watching movies or TV shows. A lot of the time they're just not quite interactive per se.

Like last night I dreamt that I was watching Bridge to Terabithia (I've never actually seen the movie). But just watching the movie. In the dream. Not interacting with it. Not manipulating it. Not being in the movie as a character. Just watching it.


File: 1699875914435.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 26.48 KB, 455x674, 455:674, images (1).jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

The one pro about bad horror movies:

They can be too scary to be worth watching.


I dreamt I was back in school and was recruited by the rugby team. I just want a second chance at life.


I'm having these really meta dreams about my day to day waking life. Like I live in a week in my dream just doing my regular stuff and my dream is me, observing myself, doing my daily chores, watching a movie, things like that. Its really tedious and I wake up low energy and depressed from them every time. I am also having recurring dreams about this farmer demon guy that looks kinda like "P-Jack" from Tekken. No idea what thats about but he isn't super evil or nothing just kinda some random ghost


after rewatching 3 rush hours in a row i had a pretty damn vivid and long dream about lots of epic fighting. liked it so much. the most epic part was when the bad guys set a huge (as a building) smug fur seal on a twice smaller good grizzly. The fur seal had a lot of fun and was mainly jumping on top of the poor bear to crush him.


i dreamed i was in a redneck mutant paranormal undead monster den and i was being hunted. when i was in a pit hugging the walls with a big snake thing coming for me, i actually woke up kicking my feet against the wall trying to jump up away from the monster

was pretty strange, the kind of thing you dream about as a kid. i normally never have bad dreams


Kek, I was some sort of overly complicated fugitive..
Riding with my uncle John through America in a Canadian remake of Mad Max…
On crack/meth/LSD…….




Seems like I have new best zombie apocalypse dream, because this one was with lots of magic. And very elaborate story of my new werewolf friend. Really. I wouldn't normally come up with something like this during casual daydreaming sessions. I wish I could hurl fireballs in real life.


I had another one of those creepily vivid, video game -like nightmares this morning. The Devil appeared as a fighting game character who wanted to fight me. It's creepier than it sounds. I couldn't fall asleep again.

Now my hallucinations taunt me over allowing my sleep cycle be disturbed.


This is a dream I had last year:

I'm somewhere in outer space. I'm sitting in the driver seat of my car, and my car is parked on a long, seemingly endless two-lane highway. This highway is not attached to anything and it doesn't come from or lead to any particular planet or any other place in the universe.
All around me, in any direction, I see thousands of stars all over the "celestial sphere". I can also see planets, asteroids, distant galaxies, etc.

My dream-car has some differences from my real life car: the dream-car has no roof, as if it were a convertible car. The speedometer no longer measures "miles per hour". Instead, it measures "millennia per second".
Picture it like this: Instead of reading "40 miles per hour" it'd be "40 millennia per second". Pushing down on the gas pedal does not actually move my car in any direction on the highway. Rather, it speeds up my perception of time. So, if I were driving at "40 millennia per second", then in each second, I'll observe 40000 years of time pass by.

While my car is parked, I observe no movement of any of the stars and galaxies etc. Just as how in the real world, all of outer space appears perfectly still; we know all of these heavenly bodies ARE moving, but from our perspective on Earth, our naked eye simply can't perceive this vast, coordinated dance of which the cosmos eternally perform.

I step on the gas pedal and time begins to accelerate before my eyes. I'm observing thousands upon thousands of years passing all around me for each second I drive.
Now, the stars and galaxies of the universe are no longer seemingly stationary, static objects. I can actually see all of my observable universe moving all around me. I see these galaxies and worlds rapidly travel in circular orbits, as if they are all orbiting the highway and my car. Even though I am not moving in any tangible direction, the spinning, myriad objects of space are also moving passed me, traveling from in front of me and to behind me, as if I were actually just driving forward on the highway. As some stars and galaxies seemingly fly over my head, backwards into the past, new ones (which I have never visibly seen before) start to appear in the faraway distance ahead of me.

I continue "time traveling" like this for a long time, watching the familiar universe disappear behind me while a new, unfamiliar, and alien universe gradually takes it's place. Eventually, I see another vehicle (a limousine) traveling forward, parallel with me, except this vehicle is not on the highway. It is floating in space while "driving" at the same speed as me.
After several more aeons fly by, eventually I observe that no more of the universe is appearing in front of me. After the last stars pass over me, my car immediately stops, as if it collided with an invisible wall of time. There is nothing more in front of me, just a never-ending black, and empty void.
The limousine does not hit this invisible wall of time, though. It continues traveling passed me, all by itself, into the eternal nothingness, until eventually I could no longer see it at all.

Shortly before waking, I was thinking to myself that the limousine was some kind of photon or some other particle that began its journey as a result of the Big Bang, and had been traveling through space for all of time, never stopping or slowing down because it never came into contact with anything. Eventually I managed to "catch up with it", but after a certain point, it was no longer possible for me or anything else to travel along with that lonely particle.


Had another nightmare this morning. When I woke up I heard a voice tell me, "te vamos a comer." I struggled to fall asleep again.


Almost feels as if my nightmares are trying to ease me into the reality of the situation.

Something weird that I've noticed is that I can recall having strangely vivid (sometimes lucid) dreams and nightmares as far back as 20 to 30 years ago–in some ways similar to some of the ones I've been getting over these past 4 years since I began to hallucinate. It's fucked up how my more recent dreams are not only becoming more nightmarish and vivid, but they're bringing back things from very old nightmares I had nearly 3 decades ago.

There's just something not quite right about all of this. It feels as if I genuinely died at some point in early childhood.


File: 1702402145917.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 24.09 KB, 739x415, 739:415, images (3).jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

O_o I need a hug..


File: 1702434519382.gif (4.72 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 611CFFA7-625B-4013-8363-E1….gif) ImgOps iqdb

Shit. I'm still having dreams about an apartment I used to live in 15 to 30 years ago.


I know that feel hard.
I still have dreams about my childhood home sometimes.


Well at least I saved one of my younger siblings from a bear that seemed to open locks and teleport from a forest to my house by copying the ending of tremors 1 and having it fall off the second floor despite leaving its cub orphaned .


Basically Jhonen Vasquez in the 90s if he remade one of his books from that decade yet was a radical racist in a way that recalls 2016 for me,albeit with black people - -
And my Titanic dream again, except this time it took place when my cousins/aunts/uncles tried to invite me to church yet I had to leave for obvious reasons, and out of nowhere, Tarantino does a Q&A.


File: 1702744427777.jpeg (14.61 KB, 165x172, 165:172, images (2)~2.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm just gonna say that it's great to know how even my dreams are selfishly irritating if they seem to forget how I practically went to almost every aisle in Barnes and Noble this year.
except the Humor aisle..


Creepy body horror dreams starting up again.

This time it involved a disembodied tongue slithering around like a worm or some shit.


Guess it can’t be a bad sign if my dying grudges seem to be the most fully remembered in my dreams now..


Well, I'd rather not screenshot a quote I posted in a site that went aggressively downhill last year, so I'm just gonna paraphrase the words:

All I know is that if I dreamt it before then I probably dreamt it again..


Concerning a certain comic strip that I have dreamt or will dream, be it honestly, in a nightmare, or because existence is cruel enough to lie to me by making the dream too hyperrealistic to tell apart from reality until I wake up (or whatever convoluted detail I have yet to go through in the future from this so-called lucid dreaming/astral plane bs/cause I am unevolved enough to comprehend it all) I get it:

I can never return to it in a way I can agree with it fully in this life again.

Hopefully the last stage of grief can come sooner than later already and let the remains of this obssesion can finally die -.-


Desire them to get choked with you!

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