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File: 1695571820908.jpg (309.15 KB, 1440x1572, 120:131, sumerian-wizard-sculpture.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Sumerian enables us to read ancient cuneiform, texts from the earliest surviving versions of Gilgamesh to religious writings about Enki.

Only useful to historians? Learning an ancient language ALSO expands the mind. Allows you to create sort of mental richness.

All things from useful links to books you recommend are welcome.


The best links I can think of right now are these:




Which are probably very difficult to navigate for people who aren't, like, regular Wikipedia editors or something.

If you wanna' read a ~4,000-year-old Sumerian story, you can start with this:


(which might be difficult to read especially because it's incomplete–start with the translations and not the transliterations)

If you're looking for something slightly more "historical" there's:



Cunnyform? Girlgamesh?


Unfortunately, I've been unable to find any references to cunnies in cuneiform tablets.

Only 100-year-old queens and 6,000-year-old goddesses.


A few years back I opened a thread for ancient languages in general and people said "uuuuh there is already a languages thread" no shit, but ancient languages are different are far more wizardly if you ask me. I don't have much interest (or time) for sumerian, but I keep saying that learning ancient languages is the most wizardly thing to do.
Hang in there sumerianbros.


this is fascinating. i only wish i had the discipline and drive to commit to it.


it sure beats that nu-male enterprise of programming that's little more than a trap for skill-less screen addicts looking for an easy buck piling up js FREEMWERKS and drinking starcucks lattes. But that thread gets all the replies.


Just think if Abrahamism had not conquered the world, the study of the Bible would be a far more esoteric topic than Sumerian. The study of a tiny tribal people of the Near East as opposed to a great superpower empire like Sumer.



Your links are useful. This was my first ever thread / comment!


I will now attempt to post some cuneiform:

𒂍𒀭𒈾𒁺 𒉺𒋼𒋛 𒉢𒁓𒆷𒆠 𒉺𒄑𒉋𒂵 𒂗𒋼𒈨𒈾 𒉺𒋼𒋛 𒉢𒁓𒆷𒆠𒅗𒆤


How about redtext'd cuneiform:

𒂗𒀉𒆗𒇷 𒉺𒋼𒋛 𒄑𒆵𒆠𒁕 𒆠 𒂊𒁕𒋩


File: 1695865534375.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1502x1163, 1502:1163, 1694830956736.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Average sumerian dwelling.


Well thank you OP, you KNOW I can't keep myself from diving into ancient languages and yet you posted this thread to poke at my autism.
As always, I'm delighted to see there's so much literature, especially introductory texts into this most niche of subjects.
All grammars seem to use phonetics, though, I haven't found a book for cuneiform.






I am legit grateful, though. This shit is INTERESTING!


I found this Foundation For Finnish Assyrological research (https://assyriologia.fi/en/). Seems very professional group, but no longer theach it in university.

Tell if you know any other groups, universities, places to study Sumerian.


Hey did you know that the Sumerian word for king is "lugal" (which literally means "big man") and that the Sumerian King List has only a single female and she is referred to as both a "succubus tavern-keeper" and "king"? Her name was Kubaba (ruled over Kish) and she was worshipped as a goddess several centuries after the time period that she may have ruled in (circa 2400 BCE). There's pretty much zero evidence that she actually existed, though.

It's a bit weird because there is another succubus named Puabi (who may have ruled in her own right over Ur c. 2500 BCE) whom is referred to as "nin" or "eresh" (referring to her as a queen) but not as "lugal". Puabi is not mentioned in the Sumerian King List, but they did find her tomb.

Also: there's pretty much zero evidence that most of the kings named in the Sumerian King List actually existed.


they probably were muscle men who dress like succubi in jojo


File: 1696624637968.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1937x2500, 1937:2500, C7204433-3273-4FBD-B672-4….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Here's a depiction of Puabi.


Ok sure you could learn Sumerian, but also Assyrian or Akkadian or even Aramaic, maybe even Middle Egyptian. Why just Sumerian?


> Aramaic

Aramaic is kinda weird. Its most famous as the language Jesus spoke, and used in The Passion.

They were a pretty minor people living just north of Israel from Lebanon up to southern turkey.

They never had a big empire of their own. But their language was adopted by the Akkadian empire.

I think their alphabetic influence goes all the way out to Mongolia and Manchuria.



Person who started thread here. The fact that there have been male and female "kings" afterwards in various civilizations, and that they probably had leaders, and that they had a word for "king", and they did not have a word for "demomcratic president" or "samurai warlord", and that they likely did not know many foreign civilizations, gives me very heavy probability that they had a kings. Since fictional leaders are less prevalent than actual leaders in records, and they likely had kings, it's also probable the kings in the list were more or less real.

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