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Today I decided I am interested in "alchemy", also known as distilling or booze-making.

I create this thread to get recomendations for theorethical texts from you, from the most rudimentary to most complex, because I want to get the theory.

But this can also be used to exchange anectdotes, tips, pictures, questions, recipes etc. on making alcoholic beverages.


We only brew chamber lye here


Tried this once. Potion failed. I just couldn't drink it, which is saying a lot for me.


In my 6th grade book on the Ancient Egypt they talked about how they made beer out of fermented fruit buried underground. so i stuck a bunch of fruit and flour in an oatmeal box and buried it in my backyard.


I've made cider and it was dead simple. If you pick the apples yourself they have natural yeast on their skins, so just juice them whole, strain out the bits, and let it sit for a week and there you go.


maybe alcohol can be even more valuable than gold, like the whisky rebellion


Much better if you learn how to make vinegar out of booze. Or glucose out of sacarose

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