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Post youtube channels that are clearly made by a wiz, NEET or hikkis, and made for the same demographics and not for normies.


I can't imagine such content being anything but extremely boring and poorly made.
What is even the appeal?
I know I wouldn't want to watch a vlog of a life similar to mine.
There is zero chance of a vlog of a shut in being anything but extremely boring.

So why?


i know of a few

the more interesting ones inevitably become sort of renaissance men, dabbling in art, literature, philosophy, music, programming, consuming media, learning things… but never seeming to profit from their endeavors

it's honestly best for these individuals to not receive attention, however. with attention, their efforts become focused on pleasing others and it's less interesting. for example there would be no cool art from henry darger if he was a famous and rich person. these kinda people need to be left alone with little input from others to be the most interesting

this is just an excuse for me to not share


Yeah, getting to much attention is bad thing I guess, like you said, they start to center more towards their viewer than to their own pleasure and fun.


OsakaSyndrome though his content is kinda boring


Doxxing tranny



Stop recommending this anti-male freak
Oh boy, videos about the SEXUAL INJUSTICIES faced by poor bald guys at the hands of EVIL SUCCUBI. We can tell from the Tim Hortons cup in one thumbnail that he's probably banned from every site for his trash opinions.


from his avatar he's still butthurt over that hot mugshot from 2012


Isn't this guy in a relationship with a tranny?


There was this one quirky seemingly kind-hearted caucasian woodsman in his 30s where he would discuss his social/relationships issues while innawoods, trails, by a night campfire. Fairly certain he deleted his YouTube channel. I really miss his content…


You sound like a fag, not gonna lie


>not gonna lie
Can't even ditch the habitually nigger vernacular when typing on an imageboard… Sad!


I will always shill Mr. Daggers.

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