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I invite all anonons interested in the occult to gather in this thread and learn the basics of magic. And if on the site there are more experienced people in this topic, please share their wisdom and help with neophytes and everyone


Go away.
Use distractions that are at least tangible.


i OP, i have a genuine interest in create a public entity(servitor) with the purpose of helping Wizards throught the astral plane, similar to a goetia daemon, but obviously not as powerful in the beginning. We can create its sigil and charging him using various methods. The advantage of a public servitor is that it becomes powerful in much less time than a personal servitor.

However, the creator must take care and not put its configuration any ill intentions. For the sake of safety it must be a temporal servitor that can last from anything between six months to one year after he's charged. But in general its fairly safe, a artificial elemental will never be dangerous as a real daemon. The main purpose is to becomes a personal spiritual body guard for no more than a bunch of wizards.


First post is indubitably the best post, magic is for succubi and eunuchs.


if you want real magic, learn psychology


>says that in a website called wizardchan

you good, pal?


Wizardry is not magic, it is elemental power drawn from male virginity at the age of 30. What you propose is sorcery, you mental midget.


They said I would gain the wizard powers of a lvl 5 wizard by remaining a virgin loser. I'm a virgin loser and still can't shoot fireballs.


I am highly skeptical of magic but at the same time I have an interest in it. My study of science leads me to be skeptical of things that you cannot empirically test.
Nevertheless I am open minded. The school of magic that seems most plausible to me is chaos magic.


File: 1712681842999.jpg (120.24 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 690359844_db42bcba8e_b.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I was into alchemy in my younger years


What is the clear distinction between alchemy and chemistry?


Are you 30?


esoterism, the other one being science


Did the occult wizzer do any research into bio-electricity and the earth's magnetic fields? I find it very interesting that it is possible to transmit information using magnetism and wonder whether or not these fields could be an explanation for supposed telepathy, remote viewing etc

IE some thoughts leak out into a person's bioelectrical field, which possibly could be accessed by tapping into the earth's magnetic field. The evidence for "telepathy" is often quite sleight, a 5-10% increase in hit rate for normal people but some seem to be unusually lucky when they do this.

Satan-min made this site reliant on google recapcha just to torture us


I could help in this activity, but my abilities leave much to be desired. if you are interested, write your discord or email men


File: 1713449357190.jpg (79.97 KB, 526x785, 526:785, 434070130_977211397100477_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Magic is actually something you should empirically test, in that regard, it is akin to science.
The difference is that the results of magic are highly subjective, as they are in the domain of the subconscious and superconscious. They do not pertain to physical matter but to your own deep psychology, and western science has made virtually no progress whatsoever in this area. As a corollary, magic is also not quantifiable or measurable, therefore not apt for the methods of science.
There is also a very great deal of charlatanery surrounding it, and much of what is of substance is obscured by arcane language, such as with alchemy, and unfamiliar imagery from mystical traditions long neglected in our rationalist/materialist mindset.
It is imperative that the practicant be a sceptic at all times.


shit i can't write, s/sceptic/skeptic/ stay clean wiz


What's this diagram? I think I saw it a couple of times in anime or somewhere? Does it have some meaning?


Tree of life.
It's related to Jewish mystism/kabbalah.



You have forgotten the most important thing to say that the entire Western tradition in magic is built on this system. And this is the basis of all occultism, but there are other systems that copy it
Sorry for being a bit of a bore. It's just important to me, I spend a lot of time studying the Great Work
(and I'm still the author of the thread)


>You have forgotten the most important thing to say that the entire Western tradition in magic is built on this system
I haven't forgotten because that isn't even remotely true.
There is more to the various western traditions then the golden dawn style kabbalah inspired high ceremonial magic.
It is but one branch on a very big very old tree. It isn't the whole tree.


You shouldn’t speak so negatively about Zara, she gives basic understanding. What do you want to say under the big tree? I only know about two trees. Where can I read about this?


Schizo post aren't funny.

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