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I've created a language years ago. I picked up words from english, german, latin and indo-european root words.
Here's some phrases:

" Bheheud ser, ek heer "
(tomorrow night, I'd be there)

" Nw Þonder "
(there's is a storm)

" Nw Þonder, ek ser bheud, sekzuheud "
(there's a storm today, I'll see you tomorrow)

" Ði mann sek ði deer "
(men and animals are different)

" Deer sek mann but Þey anwdeer und Þey mann ajwmann "
(animals aren't human but are living beings)

now here some words I've created so far:

>night: Nog

>day: Dje
>morning: Morrow
>noon: Kedje
>afternoon: Bhedje
>evening: Ser
>night: Nog
>midnight: Kenog
>passed midnight: Bhenog
>tomorrow: Bheheud
>today: Heud
>yesterday: Perheud
>hello: Hällo
>good bye: Seknw
>see you tomorrow: Sekzuheud
>farewell: Sekgod
>the day before yesterday: Twaperheud
>the day next tomorrow: Twabheheud
>animal: Deer/Anwdeer
>live: Ajw/Anw
>I: Ek
>a: An
>an: We
>and: And
>the: Ðe
>before: Per
>after: Bhe
>middle: Ke
>here: Heer
>he: He
>she: Schee
>high: Haur
>you: Yow
>me: Mek
>yourself: Ywek
>you all: Ye
>us: Wee
>they: Ðey
>one: An
>an: We
>at/to: Zu
>yes: Je
>no: Nje
>full: Ful
>less: Les
>but: But
>then/than: Ðan
>human: Mann
>man: An Sekmann
>succubus: We Sekmann
>seperate: Sek
>action/do: Nw
>thank you: Þank
>good: Good
>it was nothing: Good Hör
>shadow: Skot
>light: Lewk
>storm: Þonder
>god: God
>see: See
>two: Twa
>three: Þree
>four: Fowr
>five: Fiv
>six: Six
>seven: Siv
>eight: Heid
>nine: Nin
>zero: Aneles
>tongue: Tong
>go: Gohe
>come: Komen
>other: Ander
>under: Unter
>on: Uber
>eat: eeten
>walk: Walke
>run: Ran
>jump: Jamp
>the language: Ðe Ketong

Þ is pronounce th (think)

Ð is pronounce th (this)

J is pronounce ye (yes)

there's a rule where a certain letter at the end of a word is pronounce softly.
>"d" at the end is pronounce "t"




I'm also suffering horrible boredom.


File: 1719429390355.jpg (204.54 KB, 850x528, 425:264, sample_f0a271c0cea162c8c29….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

well, what fo you think of it?


ok, some of these really cracked me up, I'm not sure why. Maybe the similarities to other languages made it look silly and fun? Reading your word list somehow brought a smile to my face.
That being said some real languages can give me a similar reaction: Dutch for example can sound like English, but spoken by someone with a throat infection.

Didn't Tolkien start with making a fake language as well, before writing his books? If nothing else, I bet it's more of a brain workout than watching youtube videos or anime all day.


File: 1720901690335.jpg (99.74 KB, 576x488, 72:61, 1720031675248859.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm kind of proud of my language tho. why do you found it silly? haha. you must have cringe hard going through it


>"There's is a storm" -> "Now thunder", but with heavy accent
>"Farewell" -> "Seek God", but with heavy accent and without a pause
>"Animal" -> just say "Deer" bro, you got this
>etc, etc
I dunno, it just is silly. I'm not saying it's not worthy of being proud of and there are similar things happening between natural languages, but surely you can see my point?


ok no problem

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