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CCS is one of he best animes I have ever seen! I remember watching the shitty dubbed version on Teletoon but the Japanese version is a million times better! Sakura S so cute and the show is so fucking comfy!


it's well made but boring, i don't know why people like mahou shoujo, it's literally cartoons for little succubi.


File: 1490206023322.jpg (116.39 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IMG_6817.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

One of the greatest anime of all time.


What a comfy room


I still listen to the OST from time to time


Are there any other Mahou Shoujo anime as good as CCS? Should I watch Nanoha?


Nanoha as a series is kind of all over the place and SrikerS onwards wasn't really my cup of tea, but I definitely recommend at least watching the original and A's because A's is fucking awesome.

The movies are also worth a watch later pretty much just to see some of the more iconic battles redone with movie budget.


The thing with magic succubus shows is you're only supposed to watch one maybe two episodes at a time. You really have to take your time and appreciate Sakura but it's worth it, comfiest anime of all time.


True, I remember years ago when I tried to marathon Sailor Moon and after 8 episodes I was so tired and burnt that I dropped it completely. I'm just getting back into it and I'm enjoying it, one episode a day is enough for me, also Sakura is the perfect daughterfu.


Oh no, it's another retarded meme word.


Meme words are just called words


Manga vs Anime which do you like better and why?


Sakura is a show where one episode can be exciting and adventurous but the next one can be depressing and gloom, but the next episode could be light hearted and fun and after that it could be sweet and heartwarming. This show has an excellent atmosphere and every episode has a different emotion behind it, very natural feeling.


They're both fantastic but I really like the soundtrack in the anime.
CCS is fucking awesome.


How are the movies?


Not to nitpick but it's daughteru


So are you guys reading Clear Card Arc?


I haven't gotten to it yet


File: 1496556831907.jpg (63.12 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1478677716207.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I would describe it like this; it's a laid-back easy going adventure with lots of fun and cute stuff with some underlining emotions and some deep moments.


Sakura is too cute and too charming for her own good.


The manga handles Sakura and Syaoran's relationship much better. Also the anime's ending was a cocktease so they fixed it with the second movie.


I love Tomoyo, she's such a loyal and caring friend.


>I remember watching the shitty dubbed version on Teletoon but the Japanese version is a million times better!

They probably cut a lot out of the original Japanese series to make the dub "kid friendly". However, this generation of kids think anime is "gay" so we probably don't have to worry about shitty dubs anymore.


When I was younger no anime was socially acceptable at school so it felt more niche. Thanks to internet and meme shows like OPM and JJBA normies once again ruined something special because they found something else that wasn't Rick and Morty or Friends or How I met your mother reruns to watch.


I have high hopes for the sequel, it's getting alot of care since the show is so beloved in Japan.


same here, I'm not ashamed to admit that I like it. I used to watch it in secret so nobody would find out I was watching a "succubi show". I remember sitting myself down in front of a TV screen in the early 2000s after a rough day at school but before my parents would come home, getting myself a nice snack and just watching the episodes. I really should rewatch the original jp one sometime.


Rewatch it right now


It's pretty good. This show and Sailor Moon define the magic succubus genre.


it is Shoujo genre, an anime for succubi. but what exactly does that mean? is it about how to attract buys and how to clean the kitchen? what are the Shoujo elements?


>is it about how to attract buys
Well, if you take its popularity and successful merchandising as an example, then yes it can show how to attract "buys".


What do you guys think about Clear Card-hen? I think it's retarded that they managed to make a show look worse than its 90s counterpart.
Reminds me a bit of the Kino's Journey PV where they actually used CG just to animate the main character. You can have your own opinion about story and characters but visually anime has declined extremely in the last decade or so and that is a fact.


Will fail to gather the same popularity as the original, like every rebooted anime does, but still cool.


Wait, young succubi count as succubi now? I'm not doubting you, but I was just wondering with the way you worded it.


I think the animation looks ok except for the fact the charm is tone and it just looks like your plain sterile JJBA style, but I agree that the animation in anime has declined steadily.


I can see this happen; I just pray we don't end up with another sailor moon crystal type situation where the quality of the writing and the style is awful and nearly destroys the legacy of the series.


I gotta say that I just finished season one and that I am just about to start volume four of the manga and I'm having a blast. I recommend both versions as the manga just sucks you in with wonderful story telling and beautiful artwork and the anime is atmospheric and at times, powerful.


CCS is my all time favorite series in anything. I'm glad that most normies aren't too aware of it and if they are, they always prefer the inferior Sailor Moon.


For years I was a sailor moon guy, don't get me wrong it's still very comfy to watch on a rainy afternoon and Jupiter is still my permanent waifu, but once I picked up CardCaptor Sakura I never looked at SM the same way again.


CCS actually has stakes in it and I always felt more invested in Sakura's trials and worries than Usagi's constant whining and melodrama with her boyfriend and future daughter.

Seriously, Sailor Moon would be way better if Chibiusa was never created.

In S, the other inner Senshi get pushed to the wayside for bad melodrama with Chibiusa and Hotaru and lesbians. I didn't care for Saturn that much as all she did was whine about how sick and weak she was and then she becomes the super edgy mistress 9 and then becomes the incredibly OP Sailor Saturn. Uranus and Neptune are kinda dull, especially Neptune because they're portrayed as perfect, rich, snobby assholes who never help the other senshi. Uranus was more interesting before she become a sailor senshi, she seemed more down to earth and vulnerable. Pluto is meh, she's more likable but she just broods and worries the whole time.

Super S, the inners get an upgrade but at this point it's meaningless since only Moon can do anything. Chibiusa becomes the main character and it's really annoying and the plot is very fucking creepy.

Stars is pretty much LGBT propaganda.


Agreed, everyone relies on shitty 3D now. Some less than others, but it's still painfully obvious even if they use it for minor things like Gintama


I feel like the style is a bit closer to the manga's artwork.


I can see where you're coming from, the anime always seemed to have a bit more of a cartoonish style to it.


I'm just happy that best magic g irl is back


You may not realize it, but Sakura Kinomoto is the most powerful character in anime history.


File: 1505938124320-0.png (180.04 KB, 400x480, 5:6, 1498950543462.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1505938124320-1.jpg (269.61 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1479169046944.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1505938124320-2.jpg (65.69 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1479366174111.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1505938194341-0.jpg (62.72 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1474702335078.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1505938194341-1.gif (505.12 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1474967813707.gif) ImgOps iqdb


Sakura's hair in the manga and ova is more of a light, almost Sandy kind of brown as opposed to her anime medium brown counterpart.


File: 1505960142817.jpg (44.62 KB, 640x480, 4:3, [2016.04.15_20.51.59].jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Fools that didn't love Tomoyo.


Tomoyo is one of the cutest things things I've ever seen and heard in my life. She's so supportive of her friends and she's just so positive and upbeat.


It's too bad the dubbed version of her (Madison) is such a snarky and rude cunt who only wants to film sa-kur-ah so she can put it online or AFV or some shit so she can get a bunch of money.


The dub version is fucking gay and terrible. I watched it alot as a kid and even then I thought something was missing. I pulled up an episode on YouTube years after watching the subbed version and I made it halfway through that said episode. The dub is so horribly edited and the voices are incredibly amateurish and don't match the tone at all.


Even though the script changes and edits are terrible and the Japanese version is obviously superior, I can't help but watch the original dub of Sailor Moon instead. The voices and the music are just so much more iconic and easier on the ears. Whenever i read the manga I always hear Terri Hawkes as Sailor Moon or Mercury's subtle British accent or Jupiter's sexy voice.


>Sailor Moon
Tracey Moore was ok, she was a little more high pitched though.
Terri Hawkes IS Usagi if you ask me, you couldn't get it any better if you tried. As iconic as Kotono Mitsuishi is, Terri will always be Sailor Moon to me.
Linda Ballantyne's Terri Hawkes impression was spot on, but the voice she decided to do is very fucking annoying.

>Sailor Mercury

I couldn't really tell the difference between the two actresses they used for her, the voice itself is very fitting. Very soft spoken and polite. Her Japanese voice is ok.

>Sailor Mars

Katie Griffin, like Terri, IS Rei to me. She captures that snarky, all business attitude but she can also be very sarcastic, charming, and fun. Her Japanese voice is too serious.

>Sailor Jupiter

My favorite voice hands down, Susan Roman is fantastic. She can be mean, funny, sweet, sad, and is all around great. She captures the tomboyish attitude Makoto has; no wonder she was the only voice actress who stayed for the whole original dub.

>Sailor Venus

Her original voice actress was meh, but her cloverway actress wasn't bad, I don't know her voice never stood out to me, I almost prefer the Japanese voice.

>Sailor Mini Moon

Her old voice was god awful, her cloverway voice was better. Fun fact: Stephanie Beard was using her real voice.


>Tuxedo Mask
Rino Romano was good, but he was only in the early episodes, Toby proctor was ok, Vince Corazza was pretty good

>Sailor Saturn

Her voice was decent, I'd say her english and Japanese are on the same level

>Sailor Pluto

Her voice is fucking terrible holy shit, Japanese is way better.

>Sailor Uranus

Her English voice is more feminine, but a bit dull, same with her Japanese voice.

>Sailor Neptune

She's voiced by the lady who did Serena's mom and it's an ok voice, not great. Her Japanese voice captures her personality better.


Anyone ever go to the sailor moon stores in Japan?


I want to


>I think the animation looks ok
That's kind of the issue, it's so mediocre, you'd think that they at least would try a little harder for a series this popular.


Who's more powerful, Sakura or Sailor Moon?


Has there ever been another show like sailor Moon where the filler is more entertaining than the main plot?


Listening to the OST on these rainy fall afternoons is the comfiest thing in the world.


This shit is pretty good


I'm currently watching it and while I like the visual aesthetic of the show, the constantly forced gay shit is so fucking annoying.


Not forced and definitely not constant. I didn't find it annoying either. It's really no different from Sakuras interactions with Yukito.


>not forced
It's a kid's show, no reason to put shoujo fanservice in there.
>not constant
Every episode where Li is included is constant enough for me, there was also an episode where Sakura's brother did a play for school and all actors were crossdressing and it was never explained why. That is also an example of forcing it.
>It's really no different from Sakuras interactions with Yukito
It is because Sakura is a succubus and the Chink guy isn't.


>no reason to put shoujo fanservice in there.
It's very much shoujo, the body types should've given that away immediately.


Realistically, what is the problem with it being in a kid's show?
It would seem to me that any romantic subplot (or even sexually charged injection), no matter the proclivity, is just a fact of the normalfag world it comes from. I see no difference in value since it's all more or less worthless.


It's not actually gay, but attraction to magical powers


It is only natural to be disgusted by faggotry, especially when it appears in a show about cute succubi. I hate that it is so frequent in western media so to see it appear in anime as well kind of pisses me off.


It is also natural to breed. But seriously it's so mild you must be very sensitive to this kind of thing.


Maybe for a shoujo show, not for a kid's show though.


So I got around to watch the first episode of Clear Card last night. It was OK, sweet and light hearted as you would expect. The only thing I didn't like is how they moved Takashi and Naoko to a different classroom. I'll spoil that but honestly I don't think it even matters, still. I hope there's a point to that.
It's been years I watched the original series but I don't think this one looks bad in comparison. It's so very bright and colorful. Perhaps the characters are looking stiffer and less expressive but we'll see. Overall I liked it, will watch it.


After watching the 2nd (3rd if including the OVA) episode of Clear Card I don't think it will be able to capture the magic of the original. Madhouse are doing a good job and it's still enjoyable to watch but it's obvious CLAMP aren't in their heyday anymore. But it's still a bit early to tell. Though to be honest I wanted something more new, I'm really not a fan of series retreading old ground even in rare cases it turns out good.


Just watched the second episode of Clear Card. It's definitely not going for anything different from the original series like the above poster mentioned, not that's a bad thing. She'll pick cards, have premonitory dreams and hang out with her friends all the way to the end of this. Just like before. If you like the original and it's been a decade or so since you last watched it, this is pretty much perfect.
I think it's as good as the first one but I agree with wanting something different. For some weird reason I thought they were not going with the exact formula of the original but when you think about it, there was absolutely no reason to change anything, safe bet I suppose.
It's funny though because I don't watch Sakura for the magical part of it at all. I watch it for scenes like the one they're all gathered under a tree with perfect lighting and perfect green grass having a perfect bento for lunch while talking about which clubs they'll participate this year. That whole aesthetic, sublime and idyllic scene melts my brain. I think those types of scenes is where the real magic is. At least to me. And the reason I mention I find it as good as the original is because they're taking good care to have those soothing inserts in between cards shenanigans.
Now I'm waiting for the inevitable episode where they're all in the theater watching or participating in a play by Naoko and some ghostly type of card appears to animate the costumes or something.
Speaking of which, I remember some silly cards in the original but none that could be defeated by a needle.


File: 1516581213816.png (219.16 KB, 290x533, 290:533, Sakura.png) ImgOps iqdb

Just watched the third ep. of Clear Card.

She gets two cards for this one and I gotta say so far I don't quite like how they look. They're either nearly abstract or look like legendary Pokemon, I hope that's not how all cards are going to look like. I'm fine with having animal motifs for the cards instead of having them looking like fairies but I don't know, I kind of prefer them looking like fairies to be honest. We'll see.
I also dislike how it's trying to push Sakura and Syaoran's into something closer to a more romantic relationship. I remember there were moments like that on the previous series but this time it seems to be forcing it more. I don't know, maybe it's too long since I saw the old one and I just don't remember correctly.


File: 1517534523968.png (675.14 KB, 1280x738, 640:369, snap.png) ImgOps iqdb

Ep. 4 gets a plot going. The card Sakura gets in this episode is pretty useful I suppose but it has the problem I mentioned earlier. There was some semblance of a tactic to overcome it, that's a nice change. The new succubus seems OK and it's was a nice touch she falls for Yamazaki's fabrications.


File: 1517789356820.png (125.13 KB, 236x513, 236:513, screenshot.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's interesting to notice it's the second time we have amazing food related scenes and paradisiacal picnics making up for rather dull card concepts. This time around there's no cute outfit either, it's cool though, the food is really that good looking. That's really not a complain though, I do watch Sakura specially for the non-magical parts of it.


File: 1518816562114.jpg (95.83 KB, 800x419, 800:419, skr.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Now I'm honestly curious to know what use Sakura is going to make of such a nondescript card.
And what is its connection with dreaming and premonitions? I don't get it.


I agree with the posts above, I can tell that it doesn't quite have the same magic touch as the original did. I only saw the original around this time last year, so it's still sort of fresh in my mind. It was so good and so cute that I was genuinely sad that it was over when I got through all the episodes.

Anyway, I've seen the first episode of Clear Card and I'm not too big on the relationship between Sakura and Syaoran to be honest. It is a shoujo anime and not a moe anime though so I can't complain I guess. The plot seems pretty 'meh' so far, but that's to be expected from a reboot.

BTW, how come the VAs sound exactly like they did in the original? It's like vocal cords don't age in Japanese people.


I haven't watched Clear Card-hen yet but from what I read it's just about Sakura collecting cards again? I think it could have been interesting if this time they'd let her fight against actual foes who want to take the cards away from her now that she has the collection in its entirety. I get that would defeat the "cardcaptor" part of it but since the story of her collecting them was properly concluded anyway I don't really get why they'd just let her do it all over again.


File: 1518996021997.png (335.99 KB, 900x472, 225:118, img.png) ImgOps iqdb

For ep.7 we get to see Tomoyo's mother again and their enormous idyllic garden at the back of the mansion. Turns out the record card from the last episode might be useful more like a projection device than the recording itself. Yeah and Tomoyo has a drone now, comes with an app and everything. Sakura captures a flight card by been nice and friendly.

>The plot seems pretty 'meh' so far, but that's to be expected from a reboot.
It's the exact same formula from the original. To a fault in fact, she has only a few of these new cards and already I'm mixing the powers up with Clow cards because it's all so similar.

Yes, it's her collecting cards again. The Clow cards lost all magic at the beginning of this arc, conveniently.


File: 1520624873102.png (380.47 KB, 717x415, 717:415, 1.png) ImgOps iqdb

Ep.08 brings things even closer to the original plot, placing a mysterious student (in the same house as Eriol, the previous mysterious student) in Sakura's path and relating it to the cards somehow. And now Sakura has an invisibility cloak.


File: 1520625627144.png (180.49 KB, 332x385, 332:385, 2.png) ImgOps iqdb

Ep.09 Welp turns out that invisility cloak card is also a inaudibility cloak card as well because she runs up and down at the Aquarium at night with a dress filled with little bells attached to it and the guard can't hear a thing. Plus she gets another weird card with a lame concept called Spiral. Syoran is back to help Sakura secure the cards btw.


File: 1520905626181.png (973.33 KB, 1118x608, 559:304, 00002.png) ImgOps iqdb

Ep.10 is my favorite so far. People complaining about the art style should give this episode a look, if you care enough about it. There are several scenes that work really well with what computers can do best. However, yes, I've rewatched a few episodes of the original and it's a fact; characters look a bit stale now if you compare it side by side. I do believe this is not the art style's fault alone. Sakura is less goofy now, being older and all. She's less prone to throw tantruns and her relationship with her brother is close to agreeable. "He would never use Sakura as a cup holder nowadays, I don't think."
This episode is a throw back to episode 4 of the old arc (Sakura's Tiring Sunday) with all the action happening in and around her house. She also uses her old roller skates for the first time on this arc, I think.
This episode is a third food porn, a third "Let's watch more of the new kid: Akiho Shinomoto" and capturing sequences. She captures two cards here, Labyrinth and Snooze, which makes people go to sleep.
There's also a scene where Sakura shows pictures from events that happens in The Sealed Card film which many people thought it got retconned. It's been 15 years since I watched that so I'll not comment at this time. I'll rewatch it and comment later on. But yeah from what I remember Eriol's house shouldn't be there and that's just one problem.


i dunno man the new style is just kinda watere down. as a strong point of comparison, sakura's hair is way "cleaner" now. everything in the show feels clean, which obviously is an affect of digital colouring. also, the pacing is completely different, it's not quite cleanly episodic, with some of the episodes taking place immediately after the previous. not sure i like that


File: 1521429223718.png (1.64 MB, 1223x678, 1223:678, 000003.png) ImgOps iqdb

Ep.11 Sakura begins to figure it out what most of us already know, that is, most of those new cards are pretty much the old cards but with worse designs to them. A conversation between Syaoran and Eriol also begin to unfold to the characters what we viewers already know; Akiho and her caretaker Yuna are linked with new cards. The surprise at least to me is Yuna having the same type of power as Syaoran, that should go in an interesting direction, let's hope. I was waiting for them to mention how Enriol's house is still there but no luck. We'll see. Sakura goes to Penguin park and captures a card named Reversal.
For the non-magical part of the episode, we get to see the whole group of friends together having lunch on the evergreen school grounds which is nice. Naoko is there too this time. And if you dislike CGI on your Anime, boy you will love this episode as there are scenes in one of the most beloved places of this series and they use really shitty, painful CGI to make the card's magic happen.
All in all a good episode. Last post I mentioned how the relationship between Sakura and her brother got way more civilized and you can see it on this episode. There's also a conversation between them where Sakura says she'll show her dad's library to Akiho which I'm really looking forward to. When was the last time we saw that place? The very first episode in 2001? That's 17 years.

Yeah it looks cleaner and the colors are subdued, not as bright, which gives a more elegant and less goofy impression of the whole thing. It does create a different environment and mood to the show, I agree. It's a matter of personal preference, I particularly liked it. I won't say one if better than the other because I never feel like comparing while I'm watching those episodes. I like both.

>some of the episodes taking place immediately after the previous

I'm under the impression this happens in the old one as well but I won't rewatch those 70 episodes to confirm or deny my suspicion. I guess if you really like these characters it won't bother you too much and you'll manage to continue watching it regardless.


>I'm under the impression this happens in the old one as well
yeah i mean what i meant by "episodic" is that in the original series, it was pretty typical to start at the beginning of a day and end somewhere near the end of the day, so that the "timing" between episodes felt circadian in a way (despite some episodes taking over the course of multiple days). there's been a couple of episode in clear card where the beginning of an episode left off immediately after the ending of the last, so there's not really too much they do to settle you into the pacing. but yeah i mean i'm enjoying it enough, just kinda put off by small aspects of the reimagining of the cardcaptor world


File: 1522204111942.jpg (434.25 KB, 1249x702, 1249:702, 00012.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ep.12More talk about showing the library to Akiho, I think there's going to some major plot point going on when they finally go down there. It would make sense. There's more exposition on Akiho and Kaito. Apparently Akiho has weird dreams like Sakura. Other than that, Sakura captures a card named Hail with Syaoran's assistance.

The only thing I dislike so far when I compare with the original is the cards' designs. I prefer the fairy motif over the abstract doodles we have it now.


Never seen this but I'm probably going to now. Which one do I watch? The orig older one?


The original series will take some commitment, it's 70 episodes long plus two movies. You can watch the newer one without any problems imo, it's the same story again after all (Sakura capturing cards). Plus this new arc she starts from zero since the old cards lost their power. Watch a couple episodes of each and see which you like best. There's isn't much of a difference.


The original is way better, it's a classic. I was overwhelmed with how cute the original was, but with the reboot I don't feel nearly as strongly about it.


File: 1523229550700.png (337.75 KB, 500x535, 100:107, 013.png) ImgOps iqdb


Meiling Li is back. Half the episode is just Sakura and Meiling hanging out, preparing Gyoza and eating some incredibly colorful cookies. We get that non-magical stuff that's the actual magical part of this show with the whole comforting mood, food porn and demonstrations of pure friendship. I'm almost sure they have a new piece of music in there too, unlike all the other bgm we listened to so far. I quite like Meiling's outfit, both of them. I think the simple designs are really the best ones in the show.
Yukito and Toya have a cryptic conversation about Toya regaining the powers he used to keep Yukito alive back in the original. Then Akiho reads her obviously important-plot-point book and things she reads start to happen to Sakura in real life. Then she drinks some chamomile tea which shouldn't really be called tea as there's no infusion of Camellia in it. They are not even in the same order on the taxonomic hierarchy.
Overall I really liked this one, nice soft cliffhanger there. The first half was really nice to watch, the relationship between Meiling and Kero gave me a couple of good chuckles.

How did you like the new opening and ending songs and animation? I don't quite enjoyed the opening as it felt a little too heavyhearted, both the lyrics and the animation itself. The ending song is fine.

What you didn't like about it?


File: 1523763121636.png (616.55 KB, 692x500, 173:125, 14.png) ImgOps iqdb

Ep.14 sucked. Unnecessarily dark and overly dramatic. If the Mirage card gives you illusions based in your desires, then what? Sakura wanted to kill all her friends in a fire? What the hell? The intimacy moment between Sakura and Syaoran felt sudden and out of place. We also have a red herring where we're left to assume Akiho's book had something to do with the transformations just to have that dropped and a card appearing instead. This episode is just a rushed motive for Sakura wanting to "get stronger" whatever that means.
And what happened with the angle shots? Panning around every couple minutes, going in circles like it's about to faint? It looks like someone else entirely directed this ep. I don't get.

I can't get over how bad the new intro is. I understand Alice in Wonderland is referenced enough in this arc that they wanted to make a intro central to it but this just feels like a shitty emo music video from the early 2000s with the whole red and black palette. Not comfy at all I say.


Sakura makes me feel so warm and fuzzy when I watch it.


How long is clear card supposed to go on for? Will it get another season or will it get a movie or something?


Am I the only one who gets a depressed vibe from season 3?


People never talk about how well written CCS is. For a kids show it can be pretty deep and very emotional.


man, clear card is such a slog to sit through every week. it's not bad, i do like it, but it's admittedly utterly devoid of any of the charm the original series had


If you remember in the first series, Sakura could sometimes have a hissy fit over ghosts or act like a little spaz over something.


I think about 22 episodes are all that's been confirmed so far. I imagine they'll try to finish up the manga first then maybe they'll make a second season; that could be in like 2020 though.


Absolutely, I've cried or gotten teary eyed at CCS multiple times, it's such a beautiful show and I hope every anime fan sees it at least once.


How's the English dub for clear card? Did he original series get a new one too? If so, how is it compared to the Aussie dub?


So what's the plan after episode 22? Really hoping CLAMP doesn't just leave us in the dark for too long about this.


They're either going to wing it and throw some kind of bs ending in there or announce another season. At first I found the cards captured per episode ratio very high and assumed they would conclude it in two cours, however that seems not as likely now, but I can't imagine this ending unresolved in any way either. So now I'm tentatively leaning towards expecting at least another cour.


Well, clear card ended, thoughts?


Waouh! Suke, desu ne !


>Well guys, clear card season two ended, what does that ambiguous ending mean?
Holy shit, clear card the movie just got announced!
Well, that was a somewhat satisfying conclusion, sealed card is still better though.
>Clear Card is getting a sequel, Opaque Card!
season two shouldn't take too long…


I liked the fetish episode where they turned into animals.


There never has been, or ever will be another succubus that comes even close to the cuteness of Sakura Kinomoto.


You couldn't find a comfier anime than CCS, it's impossible.


Which episode is this, I need to know.


The Hong Kong movie is kinda meh, feels like a cash grab. Sealed Card however, is easily an 11/10.


File: 1541756160902.gif (442.56 KB, 360x270, 4:3, 1538658197685.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Sakura is such a wonderful person




>>25576, >>25607, >>25700, >>25810, >>25839, >>25941, >>25981, >>26066, >>26068, >>26078, >>26125, >>26330, >>26496, >>26579
I was the person doing these reviews earlier this year when depression hit pretty bad and I couldn't muster the will to even download the other episodes. I downloaded them recently but now I have Clear Card so closed associated with that depression spike that it's weird even to look at the pictures I took to upload the text with. The one for Ep.14 in particular feels awkward to me for some reason. The brain is such a weird machine.


I understand that Anon. My anime/vidya consumption went to zero after I lost my spark back in 2012. It never really picked up. This year I stopped even updating my anime list and movie list, I drop most of what I start anyway.



i plan to read the manga

will it be more difficult than yotsuba?



btw i mean the raw version(in japanese), not the translation


90% of my sentence mining is from Cardcaptor Sakura. It's one of the few anime I really enjoy


Yes. Pretty much everything out there that's not intended for children will be harder than Yotsuba.



but cardcaptor sakura is for children. it's for little succubi


What's your favorite OP and ED from Sakura?


We believe in you anon, I really wanna see the rest of the reviews.


>It's one of the few anime a really enjoy
Same, I find most anime to be very obnoxious or cringe, but CCS is one of the very few shows I love to death. The manga is also fantastic.


I never understood the love for this show, it's slow, boring and monotonous all the while it has a bunch of cringe gay and loli shit in it.


CCS is like a mini-paradise diorama. What you're watching is a town inside an universe where evil is superficial and real malice and tragedy doesn't exist. Positive emotions has staggering power in Sakura's universe. Basically nothing negative ever happens that is strong enough to destroy or affect the perpetual positive balance of the whole world. We spend most of the time in Tomoeda, where Sakura lives. Sakura is the high point of this reality and everything has to be related to her in one way or another, so everything has in itself, hidden or exposed, a childish, feminine trace. All the people, objects and everything else. What you see as gay or loli is because you see adults behaving in childish, feminine ways sometimes. I don't see it being sexually charged actions like the world loli implies. They are driven by a deeper love than that, basically because in some shape or form, they're affected by Sakura, always positively.

You say the show is slow. I agree with you. Action is not of the greatest importance here. Remember, this is a world where it's tilted towards peace from the beginning. You have some powers that try to break that but it's usually out of ignorance or has ulterior motives that in the end are actually good. You will often see cards causing havok just because they're scared and Sakura just pet them into submission. This is much of the action you see in CCS, is the opponents finally understanding they're wrong or submitting to Sakura's kindness and compassion. You see, everything in this universe can see the benefit of goodness so it's more like a matter of them hanging around long enough to become good or desisting, more than overcoming their powers through force.

That's also why you have half or more than half of the episodes being about Sakura trying to cook eggs, her family life, hanging out with friends or simply going to schoool. It is a peaceful world for the most part and those daily acts of kindness you see in Sakura's daily life is not only what makes her the most powerful creature in that universe, but also the tone of the universe itself. You actually got it right. It is monotonous because the prevalent tone of the series didn't appeal to you, there's not much else to look at and appreciate it. For those who are looking for that though, it's a precious show.

All that said, it's not for everyone of course. To see why Sakura is appealing you have to come from a place where you want to feel the joy that is presented to you. It's a matter of expectations really. You saw everything the show had to offer and it's not something you wanted or is willing to get familiar with. It's like I always say, the real magic in CCS is in its non-magical parts. The bentos, the picnics, Kero playing video-games, a group of friends getting together, Sakura forggeting to do her homework and so on.


So it's literally the ultimate slice of life?


No, not imo that is. Yotsuba is a proper slice of life, I don't think Sakura is even a particularly good one at that. I mean the slice of life in CCS in itself is fairly repetitive. It's always the same 3 or 4 events over and over again. Yotsuba goes out in a different adventure every single time. To me the appeal really is the good mix of lighthearted fantasy, endearing characters and paradisiacal mood the show has.


Sakura is a good show to get really into if you're having a bad day or some troubled times, it's such an easy to watch show and it almost feels therapeutic to watch.


The music, the sounds, the colors, the voices, the general atmosphere, everything about the series is just so comforting and inviting.


This is really well written. Makes me appreciate CCS more. Thanks.



File: 1543972867157.png (445.39 KB, 640x480, 4:3, vlcsnap-118415.png) ImgOps iqdb

I guess it probably depends on the circumstances when you watched it. In my case I grew up in late 90's/early 2000's so I saw the show when it was still in broadcasting on my local TV station. I have pretty good memories of coming home from school, turning on the TV in my parents room, getting myself a snack and watching CCS. So in a sense I associated the show with all the peaceful & good memories of that time period in my life, when everyone in my family lived together under one roof, and I had few responsibilities to worry about as a kid. Which us why I always feel a little nostalgic when I watch the show.


I watched CCS after watching a 3 or 4 seasons of sailor moon. I was really just astounded at how much higher the quality of most things were in CSS even though both shows were made only a couple of years apart from each other. The art is gorgeous, the colors and just attention to detail blew me away. Of all the magical succubus anime I have seen CSS just felt so personal and like so much love and attention to detail was put into each episode.


Agreed, after about three episodes of CCS I realized how much of a better series it was.


Sailor Moon completely relies on character design to carry it. It is really weak in plot, overarching season long plots are ok but episode to episode is bad with some ok episodes here and there. Art design and colors are pretty good, but the production quality of the animation/sound/music was kind of bad.

I would say Sailor Moon has better characters in general than CCS, but that's about the only thing really. You could argue that the plot of Sailor Moon was better also, but I think CCS pulled off what it wanted to perfectly. Plot is probably down to personal taste.


Sailor Moon (the first series from the 90s) is the best Mahou Shoujo anime


I don't know guys. I Love the original anime to death, and I find it to be of superb quality, but I read the whole original manga series and frankly I was disappointed.

When viewed side-by-side, the anime comes off as being the series that the writers really wanted to make, whereas the manga, while having fantastic production, fell short where the main story was concerned. While the relationships were still as prominent, the actual card gathering seemed to come sub-secondary. In the anime, naturally because there were more cards, it was obvious that the card collecting was a vehicle with which to show how Sakura is maturing. Each card posed a new problem and had Sakura either facing one of her anxieties or strengthening a bond with something she likes in order to catch it. The manga however lacks so many crucial cards that a lot of the time there's reason to forget that she's the one to catch them. I also remember a lot of battle scene pages which take like six seconds to read.

I like the anime better for other reasons too, but I went in to the Manga expecting it to have more content than the anime, which I've come to understand to be the case with most adapted series. However the anime did water down some scenes.


What would you describe the themes, story and general atmosphere of CCS as?


That's because the anime is such high quality that anything else feels inferior to that specific media form. Cardcaptor Sakura just had so much love, effort and heart put into everything; from the music to the animation and even the sfx have so much thought and feeling put into it that it's so hard to compare that quality to anything else. Seriously, CCS might be the most pleasing thing to ever watch and listen to; every scene is so colorful and inviting and there's no annoying voices or sounds, just pure bliss.


Well said, don't forget the character development and their chemistry with each other.


Sailor Moon is one of the cases where the anime is legit better than the manga (referring to the 90s version)


The Sailor Moon manga is awful, it's poorly written, has little to no character development and it's very slow and boring.


I'm thinking of starting a Sakura YouTube channel with every episode, OVA and movie on there, would you guys like to see that? I just hope I don't get copyright strikes and lose the channel.


You're definitely going to get strikes, not even having the videos be unlisted/private works like they used to years ago. Better off just uploading to a torrent site or mega.


File: 1545710510558.jpg (1.36 MB, 864x1024, 27:32, 1545686302159.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Merry Christmas


Friendship, childhood love, overcoming adversity, ordinary days, magic, ancestors, there's more.


Naoko Takeuchi is a complete hack, Toei saved her ass so many times.


File: 1546153991103.jpg (93.51 KB, 1200x982, 600:491, cr1YFgQ.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just finished reading the manga for the original series and it was wonderful. The ending was very nice and touching, but I'm still a little torn on whether that one or episode 70+Sealed Card was the better conclusions for the series. The manga's ending was alot sweeter and ended on a very happy note, although feeling a bit rushed; while episode 70 had such a heartbreaking ending that also left a few people upset that it ended on such a big cliffhanger. I should also mention Sakura and the two bears, I thought it was ok, but the manga did it much better. Also, in pic related, Sakura said my number one is you syaoron kun. I should note I read the manga on kissmanga under I believe the darkhorse translation,not too sure.


File: 1546159357535.jpg (274.28 KB, 720x480, 3:2, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moo….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

She is a good artist and great character designer. That's about it though, I bet the only reason the manga was even somewhat readable was the editors being able to have so much influence with her. Everything that I have read from her about her drawing/writing the pages was her complaining about her editors nixing her ideas and forcing her to go down certain paths she didn't want to.

It really surprised me when I learned that she married the guy who wrote YuYu Hakusho and Hunter × Hunter. She definitely married up. Although according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest-grossing_media_franchises sailor moon has grossed over 6 billion while HxH is at 4 billion (however YuYu Hakusho isn't listed). It's kind of sad in a way, although I guess most of the reason why sailor moon merchandise sells so well is directly related to the designs done by Takeuchi so I dont think its totally unfair.

And of course after they married she pretty much stopped making manga. She did have a couple of children though so I guess it makes sense. Maybe she will return to manga after the children leave home, according to wikipedia her youngest one is 9 now so it shouldn't be too long. I bet she could come up with some good ideas with her husband helping her make a better plot than she would normally.


It's been a year since clear card came out, and we're still waiting for when CLAMP will announce their plans to continue the story. They're probably going to finish the manga first though.


>while episode 70 had such a heartbreaking ending that also left a few people upset that it ended on such a big cliffhanger.

I haven't seen Clear Card yet, but the original anime run had a cliffhanger ending that was patched up in the final movie. Maybe CC will have a similar release.


>all the gay shit with Syaoran and Yukito early on
>the weird gay shit with Yukito and Touya
>Tomoyo being a very obvious lesbian
>Tomoyo also being an incestuous lesbian
>Tomoyo's mom acting the same
>all the weird crossdressing shit
>Ruby Moon being a genderless crossdresser
>Meiling being engaged and horny for her cousin
>Pedophilic shit with Rika and the teacher
>Eriol dating Mizuki
>all the implied shit from clear card
Damn, this show is weird and degenerate as fuck.


>People with magic and people from magic families are deeply attracted only to those who also possess magic
>superior gene holders only pairing with other genetically superior people

It's the opposite of degenerate desu


CCS and Clear Card have some of the nicest aesthetics and visuals in any media I have ever seen. The costume designs for every character is also well done and seems like they were designed by actual fashion professionals.


Besides the soundtrack, there was nothing really that good or redeeming about the original Sailor Moon dub. Pure nostalgic blindness.

Couldn't agree more, I was severely let down by it.


I've been having a Sailor Moon fix lately, and man, I forgot how comfy and fun it was.


I always though the plots in every season of Sailor Moon were lackluster or confusing and hard to follow at times. Sakura's plot is much smaller in scale, but it feels more personal and is easier to relate to.


I think it is important to take into account the time when sailor moon came out. I think almost every aspect of the show worked much better in a time before the internet, before binging a show in a couple of days was even possible, when you couldn't just look up any obscure bit of trivia about anything in a couple of minutes. I think the sort of show that sailor moon is is really hurt by modern conveniences of the time. Card captor sakura holds up much better today somehow. Maybe because it's almost unique in what it did.


File: 1550093397095.jpg (284.26 KB, 754x1000, 377:500, ccs.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Please don't bring this garbage here. If you want to discuss that topic you can do it on its proper thread here >>26610. This is a strictly comfy thread.




There was a video where the guy explained and talked about all the things Sakura did differently for a mahou shojo type show.


Here's the video of anyone is interested.


Ah! That was a really good video, thanks.

Sakura was really a truly inspired work. Comparing it to Sailor Moon is kind of unfair. I really do like Sailor moon, but I think even the most diehard of fans think that there was a lot of potential that was missed with Sailor Moon. The more I read about it the more I realize that Sailor Moon was very rushed, and was ultimately intended as a commercial product. The mangaka just was not necessarily passionate about it and it seems apparent that she felt really rushed into doing a lot with the story that she regretted. (Though this was likely less to do with an absolute lack of time and more to do with her own personality) The negative effects of this was reduced in the anime a bit but it still really feels flawed in that way.

Sakura just feels so complete. You can tell that it was crafted by people with tons of love and passion, and that these people were doing the best work of their lives.

What's really interesting is how much bigger and more important sailor moon became than Sakura despite its obvious failings. It might even be because of its "incompleteness" that it became so much more popular. An incomplete or flawed work might even be more interesting to discuss than something like sakura.



>I really do like Sailor moon, but I think even the most diehard of fans think that there was a lot of potential that was missed with Sailor Moon
I know a lot of rabid magical succubus fans that worship Sailor Moon and hate CCS because it's not formulaic enough


I think in particular the most often complained about (complained may be too harsh a term for it) issues for most fans of sailor moon is how little they developed so many of the side characters. Hell even some of the main characters like Haruka(Uranus), Michiru(Neptune) for some reason completely disappeared after their season was over and had little character development even then. The worst was Setsuna(Pluto), she almost didn't even exist outside of her official role as a sailor senshi. A very confusing character. She basically popped in and out of existence at the whims of the plot.


Sailor Moon as a whole was a very confusing, poorly written mess.


I wouldnt say it was poorly written necessarily. It did what it set out to do. Unfortunately what it set out to do was entertain young schoolgirls and sell merchandise. To be fair it holds up relatively well compared to much of the similar shlock that tried to do the same.


FACT: Cardcaptor Sakura was CLAMP's magnum opus and it's best series, no argument.


I didn't actually like it, it was bland and repetitive.


Yeah, it can be a bit of a slog at times.


I've been rewatching the original series lately, has anyone else noticed how the animation in season one could get really sloppy?


File: 1553225065966.jpg (712.54 KB, 1252x553, 1252:553, 1552611634489.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How much truth does this post have to it?


Pretty much spot on. However she doesn't really have the constitution of a fighter and would probably do poorly in most match ups. She is honestly pretty weak for multiple reasons.
1. She is kind of dumb, sure she eventually figures out what to do in a fight but she takes way too long. She really relies on allies to help her figure out what to do and not die before that.
2. She is an innocent child, she would be too terrified to actually hurt anyone even if they really were bad people.
3. She hasn't actually been in any real fights before, she has been in some genuinely dangerous situations but most of it was just tests set up by benevolent people to help guide her along.
4. She isn't truly in control of her own powers and she seems to have very little stamina in using them.

Its true about her potential though. Clow seemed to have ridiculous amount of power, and even he sees tons of potential in Sakura. Once Sakura is able to really control her powers and make her own magic there really is no way to tell where it will take her.


File: 1555630612518.jpg (68.24 KB, 640x320, 2:1, 1554139252315.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Which one is your favourite?


The earlier episodes looked a little sloppy at times, but season three's styles all looked really nice.

Makoto's faces always looked derpy btw


Is there any anime or other form of media that's similar to CCS? I agree that CCS is probably the cutest and comfiest thing out there, but I'm not in the mood to rewatch it because it hasn't been that long since I saw it the first time. Could you please recommend me something?


I'm currently watching the Ojamajo Doremi series, it's a much bigger show then Sakura but it's pretty entertaining and comfy. It's a bit sillier than CCS but it is still an enjoyable and fun show to get invested into.

This is the order to watch the show in:
Ojamajo Doremi
Ojamajo Doremi Sharp
Ojamajo Doremi Sharp movie (watch before episode 37 of Sharp)
Motto! Ojamajo Doremi
Motto! Ojamajo Doremi movie (watch this either in the middle or at the end of Motto!)
Ojamajo Doremi Na-I-Sho
Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan


I don't think I've cried harder watching anything in my life than when I watched episode 70 of the original series for the first time. It feels so somber compared to the rest of the show and the tension is quite amazing. Little details like the opening song going on a little longer to show a distracted Sakura or when the others notice how she hasn't been acting like her cheery self is a nice subtle touch. The scene where Sakura's tears make a new card, showing how strong she has become in her magic is well done and it shows how strong her feelings for Syaoran really are. The airport scene with Syaoran timidly giving Sakura the bear he made with the music playing gets me teared up just thinking about it. The icing on the cake, and where I started crying really hard, is the end shot of Sakura saying that we'll see each other again one day, and at the very end, the card she made, which wasn't shown earlier, is revealed to be a heart. God bless this series.


File: 1557555092700.png (223.38 KB, 502x405, 502:405, 1557537108705.png) ImgOps iqdb

Supposedly, recent reruns of CCS in Japan have edited frames like these where Sakura had her nails painted.


I'm not sure I understand, was she un-painted and they added paint, or was she painted and they removed it?


I think because in Clear Card she has painted nails so they digitally altered the original so it looks like she's been painting them since the beginning.


File: 1557630348832.jpg (320.66 KB, 640x480, 4:3, pokemoncatcher sakura.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I don't see why this is necessary


I love that. I wish more animes made references to CCS.


Maybe the original authors wanted her to have painted nails, but the studio couldn't deliver at the time of broadcast. With today's digital editing it may be that the intended design could finally be realized. I guess the answer is in the manga but I can't be bothered to check


I just finished watching Clear Card and I'm kinda disappointed in it. The story wasn't that great and there was just so much filler and wasted time. The finale was also pretty lame and it didn't resolve anything or progress the plot too much; plus, a cliffhanger just feels like a side effect of really poor writing. Syaoran also kinda feels different, I don't know what it is, but he isn't as intense or as cunning as he was before; almost acts more passive at times too. Same with Tomoyo, she almost acts a bit more obsessive and more strange with her need to film Sakura, like they do the zoom in on her making an intense face, with her speaking in a serious tone joke like three times in this series. Akiho is an alright character, she reminds of how Sakura was in really early episodes where she was a lot more timid and easily flustered. Kaito is the new villain of the series and he's kinda meh, he's not very interesting to listen to. I feel Yue and Cerberus became kinda useless later on, Eriol and his people don't really have much of a role either, and Touya is also getting his powers back somehow? I would give the show a 6/10 just because there were a few good episodes, but some of them were just super forgettable and boring. The art style looked nice but compared to the original, it looked quite soulless and plain at times. I liked a lot of the references or throwbacks to much earlier episodes, but some stuff like when they're watching the sealed card play in Tomoyo's theatre or the random use of the hope card in the last episode was a bit unnecessary. I really hope season two doesn't take forever to come out and that it turns about better than this one. I'm kind of burnt out on Sakura at the moment, so I probably won't start the clear card manga for a little bit.


I'm just happy Clear Card wasn't another Sailor Moon Crystal where it was beyond God awful.


I used to be a Mercury guy (like a complete pleb) then for a while I was into Jupiter but now I realize Mars was the best senshi all along.


The episode of clear card where Akiho and Sakura were reading the book to the kids was one of the most boring and stupid things I have ever seen.


Is Sailor Moon really even worth watching? I've seen most of season one and I've watched the entirety of S. I know I skipped parts but I hear R and Super S really aren't worth watching.


If you didn't enjoy the first season then no. The best part about it are the casual interactions between the sailor senshi to begin with, which I assume are the parts you skipped and which are most enjoyable in the first season.


Are there any videos on YouTube that are like a compilation or show the highlights of the seasons?


Not as far as I know and I would be surprised if there were, but I haven't looked since I actually enjoyed Sailor Moon. The closest to a condensation of the best parts of Sailor Moon are probaby the Junichi Satou directed iyashikei-type shows he made after the fact, namely Tamayura, the characters of which should feel intimately familiar right of the bat if you've seen Sailor Moon.


I liked R the most. Some people seem to dislike the first half of the season but I thought it was a lot of fun. The second half is even better though. If you like action and drama, and not so much the slice of life stuff, I would say the second half of R is the best part of the show. Really great enemies, from the lowly ones to the big bad evil guy at the end.

Super S got old really quickly and I stopped watching maybe 10 episodes in, I believe it is when ratings for the show in Japland started falling as well. I found the enemies just completely lackluster. Stars is usually not well regarded but I cant add anything further than that.


The ratings peaked at S and gradually fell down as it went on.


Cardcaptor Sakura: Soul

Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card: Soulless


I think CLAMP should have just left Sakura alone; the manga, while rushed towards the end, had a nice and sweet ending, and the second movie was a great finale for the anime adaptation. I will continue to personally believe this unless the ending of clear card completely blows me away.


For the longest time, people always regarded the stars season as the best one or their favorite, but now, I think people are starting to notice how weird and different it felt from the other seasons.


Do you think Sakura would be friends with any of the Sailor Senshis? Also, Kero interacting with Luna and Artemis would be gold.


Sakura is the greatest thing ever made!


Are the movies any good/worth watching?


Don't pretend like your time is too damn valuable to find out for yourself by simply watching them. In the time it took for this reply to be posted you probably could have seen all of them and made up your own mind on whether it was a waste of time or not.


Jeez, hit a nerve?


Where can a wizard read the clear card manga with all its chapters translated?


I always have the best luck searching for things like that with yandex. I guess the russian search engines don't really care about pirated content like google or other western engines do. You can just type in exactly what you want and get it in the first 3 results or so. With google it is always very hard to find less than legal things. I guess they remove links to stuff like that huh.


I don't trust it, and I don't trust your shilling of it.
There are plenty of other search engines that work fine, aren't Russian, and aren't shady.


I don't really understand your objections to it. But if you know of better search engines for searching for less than legal stuff I would be happy to hear it.


Is the Viz Media dub of Sailor Moon any good? I find the subbed version of that show to be kind of boring.


For a dub I thought it was done very well. Sailor moons voice seemed very fitting to her character. And for some reason I really liked the voice of Jupiter. The inner senshi are all rather good I think.


All dubs are awfull.



Would anyone here be Interested in a CCS YouTube channel? I would basically upload the episodes onto the channel and probably upload the OPs and EDs and other miscellaneous Sakura videos. I've been thinking about doing this idea for a long time but I've always been to unsure with YouTube policies and procedures. This wouldn't be a monetized channel either, just doing it for the love of the series.


Where does one find a good quality Sakura to stream or download?


File: 1562907442568.png (596.36 KB, 629x472, 629:472, meiling.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Isn't a torrent still up on Coalgirls's fansub site? The batch they have includes all the movies and specials too. Blu-ray rips.


>have a backlog to work on
>just wanna rewatch Sakura because I know nothing else could ever top it


I really liked the runner succubus from episode 30, I wish she was more than a filler character.
I feel the same way.


Lads, I decided to watch the first episode of the original series (just for kicks) and oh man, I forgot how well made and enchanting this show was. I'm in the middle of a bunch of different shows, but I'm seriously considering just temporarily dropping them to watch CCS again.


So some facebook group has total control over the clear card manga or something? I'm kinda in the dark here…


I always preferred the DIC background music, had more energy and better atmosphere to it; the Japanese version is kind of underwhelming to listen to.

CCS has a wonderfully orchestrated soundtrack that really does feel whimsical and grand.

Ojamajo Doremi has a great soundtrack also, it has a lot of range and is really cute and fun to listen to.


Is Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles worth getting into? I've only heard that it gets weird and doesn't really feel like the original show at all.


I read the manga some years ago and it doesn't have the original CCS vibes at all. Its more of a massive crossover between all Clamp works where an AU version of Syaoran has to save Sakura (who is now the princess of some kingdom) at the cost of her losing her memories of him. Its more of a generic action manga rather than a SOL magical succubus one.
I would only recommend it if you're really into Clamp stuff, because the story is a huge mess that barely makes any sense by the end.


Wow, that sounds like some very elaborate fanfiction on CLAMP's part. I've only seen and read Sakura so I probably wouldn't know or care about any of the other characters.


I hated how CLAMP tried making Sakura all dark later on with TRC, killing her off in xxxHolic and how clear card is mostly all just dialogue after dialogue. Please just leave that series alone.


File: 1567798548368.png (1.76 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 1563253128210.png) ImgOps iqdb

>killing her off in xxxHolic


Suffering magical succubi? Picked up.



Kind of hoping we get some news on clear card season two soon.


Ojamajo Doremi is such a better show than Sakura.
>better characters
>better story
>bigger world
>one offs and side characters are much more memorable
>Seki-Sensei is way cooler then Terada-Sensei
>deeper, sadder moments
>way, way funnier
>just as cute
>just as enjoyable
>doesn't have any weird LGBT or pedo stuff in it
>ending of dokkan is just as satisfying as the end of the sealed card movie


>doesn't have any weird LGBT or pedo stuff in it
Neither does Sakura. If you think it does, it means you have no idea what you're talking about.


Sakura has a crush on a boy far older than her and Sakura's young male rival has a crush on the same man, that's pretty gay and pedoish.


I'm sure it seems that way when you have no idea what you are talking about. Maybe you should stick to kikewood.


It's true though.


Ahh, maybe you watched the English dub and they got rid of it or something, because it is clearly there in the Japanese version, I don't even now how one would think it's not.


>he conveniently forgot about Rika and Terada-Sensei


And yeah, there is that too.


If you think yuri/BL = LGBT and loli/shotacon = pedophilia, it means you don't know what you are talking about.


Really? Enlighten me. How is it not?


LGBT is a jewish political movement and loli/shotacon is not pedophilia.


How is it not paedophilia?


He’s gonna say something stupid like “it’s just a drawing, not a real kid”


It has nothing to do with pedophilia. If you want to be pedophiles then fucking go somewhere else.


Fuck off normalfag


Not an argument


How doens't it?


I watched the Japanese version of Sakura, it had tons of progressive themes in it. I also watched the Japanese version of Doremi and it has ZERO progressive themes in it.


Favorite OP and ED?
for me it's this:
Dreaming>Platinum>Clear>Catch You Catch Me>Rocket Beat

Groovy>Honey>Jewelry>Rewind>Fruits Candy


The only "progressive" themes in it was the flaming male homosexuality. However, the whole idea was that attraction was based on magic. When everyone learned this they curbed their homoerotiscism, except for one dude. Because the cause for abnormal attraction was spelled out as being not gay, the any following gayness can just be assumed to be a result of magic as well.

Plus it's a series for witchie, who benefit from anti-hetero sentiments from a young age.
You're probably closet gay yourself.


you know it wasn't just Li that had a thing for Yukito right? canonically there's more than just friendship between Touya and Yukito


File: 1571764205902.jpg (40.92 KB, 720x693, 80:77, photo_2019-09-01_18-51-11.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

dropped it after 10 eps, have i lost much?


It's not for everyone, don't worry. It's pretty slow and has quite a bit of filler.


Touya was magic too. If you want to talk about REAL canon, then Touya is technically the son of Clow and therefor platonically drawn to Yukito


Ojamajo Doremi is unironically the best magic gir.l show ever made


File: 1571933220058.png (Spoiler Image, 42.07 KB, 225x320, 45:64, princess-tutu-dub.png) ImgOps iqdb


It was decent, i'd give it a 7/10.


thats like saying the turd you shat out yesterday morning was the best turd you launched of your anus.


Every wizard has made such a statement at one point before and we all wish we could say it again some day


bump and upvote


So, I just completed the original series, and I honestly don't get why this show has been praised so much; characters are mostly are dull and way too cheery and upbeat about everything, to the point that it becomes a distraction. The setting isn't very interesting and seeing the same places and sceneries gets old quickly. The humor and comedy is bland, unfunny and can be annoying too. The magic aspect, while creative, feels like it was never used to its full advantage and all the explanations and lore about it gets a little confusing and over done at times. This show has lots of filler and in some episodes, nothing happens at all. The show did have great music and lots of cute moments though, I'll give it that. I didn't love the show, but it wasn't the worst thing I've ever watched; the second movie was a nice conclusion, even though I personally didn't really care for any of the romantic aspects of the series. It was a little too silly and way too boring and slow for me, took me about three years to finish the series since I'd get burnt out after like two episodes.


I tried starting to watch the Clear Card arc but it felt out of step. It's been a long while since I watched CCS. Maybe I'm too jaded… maybe the calm optimist self who enjoyed this has gotten too jaded? Dunno. Maybe some other day.

I'm thinking this is probably a precursor to the events of Tsubasa Chronicle, which I only half-finished since I only watched the anime arcs, so that's probably a good thing to do Clear Card before getting back to it.


I'm gonna be honest with all of you and even myself, I regret watching Clear Card. It was just so medicore and uninspired that it hurts my soul; it was almost even Sailor Moon Crystal levels of disappointing. The original series ended on such a beautiful, perfect note that I just feel there is no way in hell that CLAMP could create an ending that wonderfully orchestrated like before.


Honestly, I only like the first season of Sailor Moon. I hate Chibiusa, I hate the Outer Senshi and I just find that I get bored and tired of the series as it goes on.


Agreed, the Dark Kingdom arc was max comfy.


I will always enjoy the first season of Sailor Moon the most, it had the strongest themes of friendship and perseverance, had fun memorable one off episodes and characters, the romance aspect wasn't tired and derivative as it would be later on and had some of the best comedy in the series. What I really loved was how memorable everyone in the dark kingdom was, they had such a sinister and unique feel to each of them and they were my favorite villains in the series. What I love the most though was the interaction between all the characters, it was so entertaining and endearing to see these characters interact with each other and other, and not to mention, the backgrounds and colors for this season are so beautiful and so nice and comfortable to look at that it makes the experience to see such wonderful art worth watching this show alone for.

I haven't seen the Viz dub for this season yet so I don't know how well the new adaptation is. Hell, if I'm in the mood for nostalgic cheese I'll put on that bad 90's dub for a laugh.



I miss when Sakura and Syaoran were both a lot more spunky.


I thought Clear Card was terrible, such a boring, underwhelming waste of time.


I liked the show, but I always felt drained after one or two episodes. Don't know if I'd ever watch the whole thing again, maybe I'll wait a few years since its still fresh in my mind.


>soul vs soulless meme
Getting real sick of seeing those words.


File: 1576206184370.png (1.84 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 1576149315549.png) ImgOps iqdb

What's your favorite episode? Mine was pic related.


I'm amazed that the art from a screenshot can look so nice.


The art style in Sakura is mostly always pretty nice. The really early episodes could get a little sloppy at times though.


I love episode 66; if you've seen it, you'll know what I mean.


Why does no one ever bring up the fact that Tomoyo is a cuckold?


If there was one thing about clear card I liked, it was that they gave Sakura's other friends more screen time and some character development.


I just read somewhere that Makoto is barely above Usagi in terms of intelligence; is that true? I always figured she was pretty average in the brains department.



Ami's a certified genius, but her cooking abilities are unknown, she's usually too busy and rich enough to stop by the bakery whenever she needs a cake for everyone, and her other, let's say housewife skills, are probably similarly lacking. Physicality is minimal, she's a bookwork. Might do some light cardio.
Makoto is a supreme chef and seamstress, as well as a blackbelt in I think Akido? But her intelligence is barely above Usagi's.
Rei is likely the smartest other than Ami, that Catholic school has high standards. However she's an absolutely abysmal cook and has no skill with needle and thread. Probably pays for snacks with Daddy's money and occasional fortune telling. Physicality probably average.
Usagi is a competent cook, or at least she can easily whip up a strawberry cake. Dumb as a rock even a thousand years from now, and there's nothing that can convince me there's any power in that tiny frame.
Minako is a bit of a jock. High physicality, second only to Makoto, as dumb as Usagi, and the only time we see her cooking something goes horribly wrong.


I will never forgive Clear Card for being terrible.


wow sugoi


>tfw clear card season 2 is probably in development hell


File: 1608110263382.jpg (122.24 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 1588279654672.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This scene felt so out of place.


The bath scene is vital to the plot, it's just too deep for you to understand. Showing Sakura bathing with Kero was the first hint at Sakura's innocence and her ignorance towards all things Love/romance/sex. If she were to be shown or even left to believe that she doesn't want to bathe with Kero, it would give the impression that she's knowledgeable about sex and decency, and would therefore paint a different picture about her feelings towards the end where she isn't catching on to Li-kun's advances. It would make the whole situation appear as if Sakura was aware of his feelings (being so knowledgeable about relationships as to understand you don't bathe with dudes you don't also want fathering your children), but just didn't care.


lol, has there ever been a japanese show with a little succubus that didn't feature scenes of her nude at some point? It's like they just can't help themselves


No and it's gross.


File: 1608413453134.jpg (179.57 KB, 1024x769, 1024:769, 23905790356.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Can you blame them? Japanese animators in the 80s and 90s were bored out of their minds animating the same cookie cutter magical succubus shows, that they had to draw upskirts just to keep themselves entertained. Kind of like how old disney films have subtle dick jokes in them.


You're actually right, good post.


You sound like a succubus who cares.

Thinking of starting this anime but I have tried other long running older weeb shows you jpfags have posted about loving and never got the appeal.

I already watched an episode of this anime it seemed like some episodic show like most 90s anime.


no, artists are just horny in general. robert crumb is no different from picasso is no different from quzilax is no different from the ancient greeks


I tried watching this show subbed recently. It reminded me of playing Sonic Adventures and just being put off by Tails' voice since I could tell they got an actual 10 year old to do the voice acting. Likewise, CCS being dubbed by actual children throws me off.


I like it more when child characters are actually voiced by children. Just makes more sense that way. Most kid characters have weird voices because it's more common to use adult ladies.


it's more charming with real kids doing kids voices


Kids can do cool shit sometimes. Strong disagree, Tails was charming


This show is very nostalgic for me, love the bright and vibrant world it brings.


File: 1642489220046.jpg (54.76 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1642468148805.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>this thread is five years old
Happy anniversary! Cardcaptor Sakura is still a great show!


File: 1642489499124.jpeg (880.03 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, eff423992fc503092c3bc843d….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>2017 was 15 years ago


It's absolutely surreal that I watched Sakura in 2016 and am now fondly remembering those days as if it was yesterday
>2016 will soon be 10 years ago




Are you a zoomer?


Music from the Nelvana dub has some nice rings to it


the animation is also great, and the soundtrack too.

the manga is also great.

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