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post ur fav amv's








This one always gets me hyped to workout.




Have some Russian Madoka AMV.



как аниме









You don't fuck with the 'karp.





wtf that magikarp xploded in the air after that attack and what move was that? I don't remember it being able to learn anything useful, no matter how much it leveled up.


Never apply the game's logic to the bullshit that happens in the anime.


He learns tackle eventually. Also can learn flail but that is not a useful move.
So tackle is pretty much it as far as useful moves it can learn.



I always liked the concept of a manga amv




Hate them all.







1 of my fav



Amv and original song to go with it.


This one was made to troll Asuka fanboys. More on the ironic, low effort side.


this one is for all the emo amv'ers crying rn


not enough edge in here




last surviving favorite amv of mine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQ6CNEEWZt4


Nice editin'




windows movies maker wasn't all that bad.



I remember this one specifically from a long time ago, when I watched this anime.




I feel like Lain might get talked about more than it deserves to but this is still my favorite AMV of all time









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