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File: 1506799628311.jpg (167.72 KB, 922x1200, 461:600, 6299bd6646ed4bb0a475fa503a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Satou would about 37 if we base it around the time the original Welcome to the NHK book was published. If they made another book or series that revisited his life in the present day what do you think it would be about?


A desperate incel trying to undergo 'self-improvement.' While token succubus helps him along the way. I know it sounds very similar to the book. But this one is newer, that's the difference.


He ends up on Wizchan


Marry his senpai


I'm pretty sure the Satou from the novel would be dead.


I never really got suicidal tendencies from satou. Even though he jumped at the end(of the book) it was more to impress misaki. Plus he got a job and seemed to be just going by day by day.


It was a long time since I read it but I don't remember his life improving a little bit in the end of the novel.


>author for selling dope for teens

Basically he is broke and hungry(because Yamazaki moved away and he can't steal food anymore) and that's what ultimately makes him get a job and move to a smaller place that he can afford. It may not be much but I consider it an improvement.


They would probably add in a chapter where he gets a sex robot, fucks it obsessively and ends up dehydrated and unconscious in his room after a couple of days. Misaki discovers him after he fails to check in for another appointment. She is unhappy to see that the sex robot looks nothing like her. His mother shows up, concerned for her son, which causes Satou to be terrified that she will find out the reason he became dehydrated. There are a few tense moments where the doctors/nurses and even Satou himself almost reveal it, but his mother never finds out. Satou realises he could sell it to buy some things to make his hikki life more comfortable, but upon returning home discovers that it reeks of old semen and is probably not worth cleaning to sell. It ends up being thrown out.

Maybe he would also try mining cryptocurrency at one point, apparently making millions only to discover that he cannot find the password for his wallet (he wrote it on the back of a receipt which Misaki threw away after breaking into his room to clean it). After Yamazaki researches it and finds a suitable program to crack the wallet, they discover that Satou has mistaken the name of his currency. It was actually worthless and doesn't even cover the price of the cracking software used to access it.

We all know that Welcome to the NHK is anti-hikki propaganda so they will just update Satou's activities to reflect what they don't want disillusioned Japanese males doing: escaping into gaming, anime, internet, sex robots, making a living without working etc. The cryptocurrency is probably a longshot but I guarantee sexbots and maybe VR would be included.


Was Satou a virgin? I've read both the book and watched the anime and based on the anime it looks like Satou and that succubus from high school may have fucked. I don't remember if it happened in the book though, doubt it since they differed in some aspects


at least he stopped being a hikki because of hunger rather than "i must abandon my hikkikomori ways >:(((" kind of shit


Well, he can't be an incel as he not only did not seek a relationship: he had no desire at all for any kind of human interaction to begin with. It was wholly Misaki who stalked and pursued him, and who made him her bitch.


>We all know that Welcome to the NHK is anti-hikki propaganda
It can't be since it was written from the point of view of a real hikki. Plus, it romanticized the fuck out of the NEET life so even if it was then it failed miserably. But I can definitely see everything you said being in there.

Yeah, I liked that as well. It sorta put things in perspective about how for all his problems simple hunger is what got to him.

No, if I remember correctly Hitomi wanted to go further but since satou was a spazz he never made a move. She also takes him to the love hotel where he basically tells her she's making a huge mistake.


>Plus, it romanticized the fuck out of the NEET life
I think for anime they tend to do this out of a reaction to the audience. They seem to have a constant realization that their audience is a bunch of weirdoes, so they do little things here and there with series to tell the audience that it's okay to enjoy what they are enjoying.
The first season of Hayate the combat butler(the one that didn't follow the manga), Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Saekano, etc. are very anime culture centric shows. The characters in them are a compliment to the average anime watcher, it's like assuring them that people who like the same stuff they do exist. I think this is also why you have such a huge doujinshin culture despite how much it costs, everyone in that industry and the anime industry in general is sacrificing a lot to stay there.
Then you've got that Trigger guy who views anime as his identity as a human. I suppose that's the difference between japanese and american work, japanese are what they work, while americans take pride in having the job but like to think themselves as people who have a job and not a job who has them.
This all came to mind because I watched Osomatsu S2 ep 1 a few days ago, and after years of anime I was finally able to see what they were doing with the writing. That episode is extremely on the nose about the truth about the series, it admits it, in extremely disgusting and hilarious fashion, that it's a fujo pander now. The pride and awarness to do that onscreen in the show was admirable to me.
That's not the best part to me though, because the ending is basically an admission that the audience is a bunch of hopeless failures.
The whole episode is saying "it's okay to exist like this, even if we're human waste and maybe we could have done better, this is how life is now, so let's enjoy what we have".
It's a much bolder message than any other anime pander series I've seen. They usually try to make it the succubi who like anime, and since you're okay with the succubi doing it because they can't do much wrong being anime succubi it's like the viewer can do no wrong watching anime.
This is all beyond the notice of most viewers, but I'm sure the writers are aware of this. Which is why Osomatsu S2 ep1 was so startling to me. It's like some people in the industry grew some serious balls, and it made me really happy to see them finally make something admitting both their self-hatred and their love of what they do.
So what would Welcome to NHK be like if it was made today? The whole series, from a writing perspective, is a NEET trying to stay a NEET, who ultimately realizes that he's too incompetent to do that. In order to stay a NEET, he has to work somehow. All his plans fail, because he's weak as a person, not because these things are impossible.
Chaos;Head was similiar to NHK in that way, instead of making it about the NEET struggle it was a NEET who struggled. So if you wanted a story about the NEET struggle itself, I don't find anything they could do with that too interesting. Maybe he does stuff with his smartphone instead of a pc. That disgusts me, but it'll play with the kids so they'd probably do it.
Sometimes the past is left in the past.


how old was satou at the end of the anime\manga? i remember he was around 22 (or 23?) in the first chapters


I remember some years ago when I lamented that the older I get, the harder it is to relate.


I like that aBE's misaki is wearing jeans and not a slutty denim miniskirt.


LoL yeah like people want to read an anime where a guy gets on autismbux, i would but most wont so therefore he has to get a job


If there was a single anime out there which glorified NEETs it would be Eden of the East. Fuck it, at some point it's explicitly stated NEETs are a result of the boomer generation.


What noone realizes about this series is that satou just "picked himseld up by his bootstraps" and just got a basic security guard job and was abke to happily live om his own. Whats messed up is the western world unlike japan is so unlikely to be affordable in the same way….. and japan dosent have depreciated wages because they dont have kass immigration, so more jobs available for locals.


There are a lot of shitty part-time jobs…


That is probably the biggest flaw of the series. It fails to address that some NEETs are NEETs because the economy is fucking shit


As a side note, anyone finds it absolutely hilarious how desperate jap normals are because most males don't want sex /and therefore no children/? It is fucking funny seeing them spending millions on breeding and "just b yourself" propaganda.


It's not even like those japanese virgins are "true wizards", most of them wish they had a girlfriend. It's just that society is broken, which makes it all the more stupid to blame them, as if they made a conscious choice and aren't simply the end result of their environment.


It amazes me how jap neets and herbivore men are idolized here when they'd laugh or show contempt at actual wizards. They might as well be the japanese 'approximation' to MRAs in the west


I know they are incels and I'm not idolizing them. Just find it extremely pathetic when normals try to norm them up and actually spend a shitton of money on it.


Gotta keep the breeding scheme going somehow. They're failing pretty miserably at it and at this point they don't know what to throw money at to make people breed again.


I think the anime version is a bit more cute though.
Best waifu anyways


Herbivore men are kind of like Feels Feminists, they don't want to hurt or feed on the meat of wimmin


>Reminder that he had sex,a job and a cute,shy gf.

Satou is not a wizard,he's a "robot" at best.


Satou is a failed normie actually. Not even robot tier.
Also the shy gf thing is left to interpretation.
It's actually very likely they never got into a serious relationship


All robots are failed normalfags.


No not really there's a gap there


I fucking dare you to spot the difference.
Both the same level of scum.


A failed normie is just that. Someone with decent genetics who had a chance to make it yet fucked it up somehow.
A robot never had that chance.


The succubus that tried to help him probably moved on and got a new life, has a boyfriend and will go to college, maybe marry him. Satou will see her like his other friend in the anime that he liked, but she also got married to some random man. It will be a true netorare. Then Satou will quit slavery and be homeless and kill himself, he will die a wizard.


Lol no.


This is like the 6th time I mention this.



Wasn't that just in his imagination?


no one actually believes he's a wizard


fuck you don't refer to my waifu like that


you just say that because the robot board was infested by normies. the actual robots are failures just like us.


The original author went back to being a NEET once he could live off the royalties from his book.

The message was that you find a way to survive when you have to. Megumi's brother worked at a delivery place where he got free food so he may not have been making much but he was still surviving in a "bad economy" situation.

Japanese succubi are as bad as western succubi but they corrupted the household rather than destroying it. Men have to work to near death then hand all their money to their wives who then give them some small amount of it back as a personal spending amount. I can't think of a single person who would find that appealing and yet that's Japan standard.

That's why you should laugh at the men who think Asian succubi are better. They're going to get utterly destroyed by their own fantasies.


what part of the anime shows him fucking? and in the manga? link your proof.


it's only implied in the anime there's a yt video detailing it somewhere.
In the novel they straight up say he isn't a version so read that.
In the manga satou and misaki actually do have a romantic relationship


>In the novel they straight up say he isn't a version
my bad


>failures just like us
Shut the fuck up incel.


where the fuck do you think you are?


So you're not a failure?,what the fuck are you doing here then chad? You shouldn't be getting sum pussy out there?


Fuck this stupid wish-fulfillment series.


This is correct. Think if you've read the novel you're more likely to read the flashback in the anime as clearly the time they did it in the club room.

It's kinda funny but a "real" Satou isn't an incel and would actually be up for banning here.

To answer your question though it heavily depends on who "they" are. The last update in the NHK novel was the author relapsed back into the hikki life and is living off the royalties so wouldn't be surprised if he wrote a much more depressing sequel. At the other end if the Jap gov has any hand in it the sequel would be about how he gets his shit together by joining the salaryman rank-and-file and procreating. Pull himself up by his bootstraps, "hard work", accepting society's values like a good drone and all the other stuff that is willed by the state.


I've only ever seen the anime. Should I read the novel? I know the anime is a lot lighter but if the same stuff happens I probably wont bother


if you're a fan and want the source material, yes


anime satou is a wizard. i don't care about book.


>Anime satou is a virgin
They implied that he fucked senpai back in high school,so no.


still he is the closest person in anime i can relate to.


you're a normie then.


File: 1575142162055.jpg (17.04 KB, 446x365, 446:365, b-kashiwa-hitomi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

if satou wasnt a fagget he could have manned up and got together with sempai to live the normalfag life he always wanted
I don't understand why this is so popular with neets
the entire show is about him trying to become a normalfag

if that is what he wants, let him


The inconsistent capitalization and punctuation in your posts are bothersome.


are you by chance meido at 8/a/ ?


File: 1576195848712.jpg (102.12 KB, 1280x936, 160:117, 1564109973097.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>If they made another book or series that revisited his life in the present day what do you think it would be about?

Satou can no longer afford a single apartment and has to share an apartment with a bunch of smelly, middle-aged fuck ups. Misaki met some autist guy with rich parents and moved in with him. Satou hasn't seen in her in over a decade and lost all contact. He now works minimum wage and drinks soju every evening to knock himself out. He has become too numb and deteriorated to even care anymore. His parents died and he barely showed any emotion at their funeral. He is no longer capable of feeling pity for himself, nor any other strong emotion that would lead to him acting out of his routine. It's a 12 episode anime series and in the last 2 episodes, Satou gets to know he has terminal cancer and less than a year to live. In the last episode you see Satou walking down an alley with a bottle of booze in his hand. It rains heavily and he's soaked to the bone. He stumbles and falls. He lays on the pavement, turns face up, and wants to take a sip from the bottle, but realizes it broke on impact. He nods his head back and closes his eyes as the rain cover the emerging tears. The camera shows his decrepit body on the street, then slowly pans out and up until it reaches a 3rd floor window in some apartment complex. The camera zooms into the window and you can see Misaki riding the dick of her autismo sugar daddy.

The end.


but what about yamazaki?


Yamazaki is still the fucking normalfag traitor that forgot about 2D the nanosecond he got a girlfriend,he deserves death.

But it's probably doing ok.


The only reason the show is popular is for it not being a wish-fullfilment series.


File: 1590183507847.jpg (117.92 KB, 1611x1125, 179:125, miyazaki.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

Didn't yamazaki abandon sato before misaki did


He half way mentions it to Misaki somewhere near the beginning of their sessions.


File: 1593601737190-0.png (331.39 KB, 900x1300, 9:13, x6.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1593601737190-1.png (312.9 KB, 900x1300, 9:13, x7.png) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone know why nips do this job? I coulnt google anything about it.


What? This is not an exclusive Japanese thing, people all over the world use tally counters to determine an average of how many people go through one street, store or location of a given day, week, etc. If you live in a high density area and pay attention, it's not rare to see those in use.


File: 1613985982917.jpg (2.68 MB, 3167x4072, 3167:4072, shellshock.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

jesus christ man


Satou's visual novel actually exists, though is non ero.



File: 1614076327116.jpeg (87.62 KB, 797x598, 797:598, 912435f0 (1).jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

It even lists Satou Tatsuhiro as the author, also that "S&Y" trademark.

This kind of shit is why I like japs, they went as far as hiring an actual eroge company (Circus) and creating a real game to give as extra for the manga.


He's constantly lying at that point though and Misaki says "You're a virgin right?" and he panics. The only sex scenes are in his head.


I liked the opening and the premise but the series was very annoying to watch.
>Johnny :DDD


It's like Nana's everyday life, but without gore and somehow worse.


File: 1642345112810.png (143.99 KB, 1104x711, 368:237, nhk_screenshot.png) ImgOps iqdb

No, it really is mentioned in the book that he had sex one time with senpai in high school, see pic.


I know this is just anime logic, but do people really fuck so casually like that?



I'd crowdfund


Oh okay my bad, I've only seen the anime and it was implied but not stated.


Didn't a new book come out last year or something? Anyone read it and have an opinion?


I could never relate to it because I couldn't possibly afford even a tiny 2 room apartment where I live as a NEET. And if I somehow got a security guard or any minimum wage job? Still couldn't afford it. In fact the only place I could afford would be renting out a single room in a house-share and I don't think I need to explain why that's not attractive. Satou's life seems like such a luxury by comparison.


i dont know, but i desperately want to fuck that succubus


This. All i want is my own place and i'll never have it. Fuck satou.


Misaki adopted Satou because he had his own apartment. Treacherous cunning succubus!



that's break everything since the author itself moved back to parent's house and got to write the novel and now is NEETing out the royalties. I can't even get a job cuz not a normalfag and past Satou age


reminder satou got his appartement payed by his parents!! while he's not going in school at all and staying at home all day. what a lucky bastard having his appartment being payed by his parents while he was neeting all day


Some trivia: do you remember that satou and yamazaki were working on some awful eroge? That game does exist and was made by an actual eroge maker as a bonus for the manga

It’s not +18 though, but what a wonderful bonus.


wahoo the game made it into reality! next time would be pururin anime


the author also wrote other books but I don't know what is the story. Wikipedia doesn't help. do you k'ow whta are those books about?


Maybe it’s time to discuss the new novel chapters for the Rebuild

First chapter


File: 1718989220760.png (295.64 KB, 1920x1920, 1:1, 1718915815744.png) ImgOps iqdb

I've read it, was it necessary? it's only 30 page long and add nothing of value. I would even say nothing has change between this one and the LN. why did he wrote that?
I've read The LN, the manga and watched the anime. all of them had differents things that make them unique: you had different point of vue (for example, the manga was more comical I'd say). but rebuild of NHK…what is he trying to do ?
>first chapter
does it mean rebuild isn't over yet? I thought it was just a chapter. of 30 pages only but it seems it will have a chapter 2, am I right or wrong??


Is Welcome to NHK closet book that really capture the ethos and mind of a NEET and almost wiz?


Delete this post and never ever post anything like this ever again you pathetic little worm. You pestilent tumour. You rancid fart.


what wad the post about, I want to know please

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