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I'm looking for a new animu to watch, I've listed some of the stuff I highly rated, maybe there will be something others may be interested in listed below, but I would greatly appreciate any recommendations based on what you think I might love.

Animus: Serial Experiments Lain, Akagi, Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, Psychiatrist Irabu, FMA:brotherhood, neongenesisevangerion, steins gate (prob gonna watch steins gate: zero if nothing seems better), Gilgamesh, Death Note, Ping Pong the animation, Baccano! , NHK…

Those are the best I can think of at the moment.
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Sora no woto ソ・ラ・ノ・ヲ・ト


I don't have a seiyu what the fuck wiz. Why would I watch a 3d doing cute things. You know we men have feelings, right?


Food Wars


File: 1602866908055.jpg (429.23 KB, 1168x1200, 73:75, 279688_p0_master1200.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Recently got done watching Black Rock shooter and I enjoyed it. If you do watch it, then you should start with OVA. The reason being, it was Based by a drawing done by Ryohei Fuke. A studio company was inspired by the illustration and created a song a based on the character it portrayed. It gained a lot of popularity by the Japanese audiences. Which went out to get a 50 minute OVA. >>27658


i keep confusing her and hatsune miku when it came out i thought black rock shooter was like her dark side or something






recommendations for super comfy series?


Generally most modern mainstream anime tends to be simply shitty cash grabs. There are however good animes that you might enjoy:
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (similar ridiculous crazy fight scenes)
Re: Cutey Honey (Directed by Hideaki Anno, similar to Kill la Kill plot and action wise)


Prefer original Cutey-Honey


kare kano is pretty good tho, minus the last few eps


File: 1605819445083.jpg (65.1 KB, 850x1511, 850:1511, 20201129.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Who is that?


File: 1606102136000.jpg (49.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_o61ws074ms1tkr9vjo3….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Edgyfag here, looking for the most fucked animes that are not Hentai, the most violent/disturbing/misanthropic/morally corrupt stuff you can offer. I love Gantz. Shigurui has some great scenes but it disappointed me in the end. I've also watched Berserk, Monster, Elfen Lied (which apart from the opening scene I didn't like), Paranoia Agent had some good stuff. Should I try Tokyo Ghoul?
Thanks in advance!


You've probably already seen it, but why not try Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi? It's infamous for having graphic torture scenes.


Tried it but it didn't really grab me at the time, maybe I should try again… Thanks!


I didn't like it but I did finish it. It wasn't terrible, but the show was clearly made just to be controversial.


File: 1606104555261.gif (3.08 MB, 384x250, 192:125, genocyber gore3.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Did someone say edgy?


Yeah feels like it was, edgy and mediocre is never a great combination though…

Not that into the trashy gore angle, more so the mental anguish that surrounds it.


>mental anguish
Aku no hana would be fine then, but it might be too "boring" if you want edgy violence and sex. Belldonna is a strange one but has lots of really edgy satanic rape if that fits your bill.


I thought Aku no Hana was cool, although I'm not looking in that direction currently.

I had Belladona on my to watch list but I didn't know it was edgy, just strange. I will check it out soon.


you seen Texhnolyze?


Shinsekai Yori
Blue Gender
Hunter X Hunter (it gets quite nasty for a shounen at some points)
Perfect Blue
Now and Then, Here and There
Devilman Crybaby
Battle Royale (manga)
Fist of the North Star is pretty violent, not really edgy though


Any short animes with no more than about 6 episodes? I've watched Alien 9, Les Portrait de Petite Cossette, and Denpateki no Kanojo. I don't want comedy or moe, I hate those.


Area 88
Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal
The Heroic Legend of Arslan
Gunbuster & Diebuster
Gundam War in the Pocket
Gundam The Origin
Tokyo Marble Chocolate
Cyber City Oedo 808
Yokohama Shopping Journal: Quiet Country Cafe
Birdy the Mighty
Battle Angel Alita OVA
Nightsong of Splendor


If you haven't watched it, fullmetal alchemist is surprisingly fucked up considering how popular it is. I can't really think of many anime that fit the bill though, it's mostly a medium for kids. Ajin is kind of edgy but comes across as a little try hard to me.


I'm really scraping the bottom of the barrel for shows. I've been watching anime for something like 15 years now. Any recommendations at all? Here's a list of all the stuff I've seen


How can you say you're scraping the bottom of the barrel when you haven't even watched many of the big hits like naruto? 100-200 shows is nothing. Literally just watch shows from any basic rec list.


Naruto is the bottom of the barrel. What I'm surprised about is that he hasn't seen anything by Yoshitoshi ABe.
If you like most of the stuff in your list(like Elfen Lied) you might like Deadman Wonderland, Shiki, and to a far lesser degree Another. Shiki is the best of the three, Deadman Wonderland is okay and shares some themes with Elfen Lied, and Another is at least not terrible.


Naruto is good as long as you skip the filler. Those jutsus are just so damn cool. How can you not like that shit?

Anyway I will recommend some titles
Seirei no moribito
Code Geass
Hajime no Ippo
Shinsekai yori
Ergo Proxy
Detroit metal city
kemono no souja Erin
Ginga Eyuu Densetsu
Yakusoku no neverland
Sangatsu no Lion
Vinland Saga
Kimetsu no yaiba
Fate/zero (only one of these worth watching imo)
Ghost in the shell stand alone complex
No game no life
Golden Kamuy
Doulou Dalu
Doupo Cangqiong
Wu Dong Qian Kun
Fanren Xiu Xian Chuan Zhi Fanren Feng Qi Tian Nan
Quanzi Gaoshou
Magi the labyrinth of magic (and sequel)
History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

I'd rate all of those 7 or up.


>Accel World
lol really?

anyway you're not nearly close to the bottom of the barrel, you haven't even scratched the surface for some genres like Mecha and Sci-Fi


>Naruto is good as long as you skip the filler. Those jutsus are just so damn cool. How can you not like that shit?
Okay okay, there are lots of really good action scenes, but I admittedly don't enjoy action anything. I like tight, focused stories.


Happy sugar life perhaps?


File: 1607742864534.jpg (158.27 KB, 850x432, 425:216, 20201227.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sleepy Princess in the Demon King's Castle.

Serious Recommendation: Saint Seiya. It's 1980s old-school but the fight scenes are brutal.


Cells At Work


Lupin III


File: 1621518555390.jpg (66.2 KB, 400x600, 2:3, 0_jPRW4s8shRVkLnAl.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Looking for a series about death and mortality. Any suggestions? :)


Romcoms are shit. I want pure romance anime. Real genuine romance, where the slow, heavy, introspective thoughts of the protagonists, falling in love via their interactions, is the impetus and resolution of any "conflict" in the show no matter what form that takes. Stuff like Koikimo, Adachi to Shimamura, Yagate Kimi ni Naru. Yuri not strictly necessary, but still appreciated.

I've only recently awakened to this genre. Please help me out if you know of anything.


Adachi to shimamura is very special I suggest maybe reading Yuri manga since there is not too many good Yuri anime. I have not finished bloom into you but it is praised. Have you seen Citrus? I felt it was bad no romance.


Yesterday wo Utatte (the manga, anime is a rushed adaptation)


Yeah, that shit was awful. Way more interested in melodrama and stupid bullshit instead of telling a good story of two succubi falling in healthy love. Yagate was fantastic though, you should get around to finishing it.

Got any manga suggestions? I'm more an anime guy, but I do read some manga and have been keeping up with some of the newer yuri like Whispering you a love song. Hetero is OK too if you know of any as well.

I hated that anime. It was 11 straight episodes of torture as characters stubbornly gravitated towards people clearly ill-suited for them while blatantly ignoring much healthier relationships. That it corrected itself in the last episode did little to fix my anger. How is the manga different?


I just checked out a website called yurireview and the top 10 list has me downloading a few titles so maybe you could gain from it also


Thanks for the tip off, I'll make sure to check out the site thoroughly. Just from a casual glance at the top 10 though, there seems to be a lot of shows that are subtext-only, or ones that are focused on other story aspects and the yuri is incidental. Not a good sign, but I suppose genuine pure romance is fairly rare so you take what you can get.


File: 1633500157209.gif (3.32 MB, 400x200, 2:1, battlestar galactica.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I own the movie on VHS and it intrigued me into being into clamp but other than that x is boring, the anime is, the mc is a cunt, and the movie indeed was a wut.filetype shitshow. I've yet to finish the anime and are over 30 now. I might read the manga some day as it takes up less space than tv shows and also is often better than tv shows. Example: Karin and or Chibi Vampire. The anime was fucking abhorrent.

>tfw trying to find a manga called a single fucking letter on x site with bad search engines of current year

My list of animu interests and or seen shows are: *checks thread*

Actually I already probably posted them, better not do it.


never heard of lolipop phantom though


File: 1633584770768.jpg (97.47 KB, 814x769, 814:769, 20211010.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I want manly anime like MOSPEADA


File: 1633788370784-0.jpg (106.54 KB, 850x566, 425:283, MTG25.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1633788370784-1.jpg (140.25 KB, 850x566, 425:283, MTG26.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Does the japanese dub of Avatar: The Last Airbender count as anime?


Favourite dubbed anime? My wizbrain is too slow for subs these days, plus I like to focus on the animation.


Rurouni Kenshin.


I'm looking for shows without magic or supernatural elements


Little Witch Academia
Flying Witch
Tweeny Witches


Ok but what genera?

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