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What was the most disappointing anime you have ever watched? For me personally, it was Sailor Moon Crystal. I'm a big Sailor Moon fan and I was pumped for the new series to come out, even though it kept getting delayed I didn't care, I just wanted to feel the magic I felt watching the series for the first time again. But when the show aired in the summer of 2014 i was met with a show with extremely sloppy animation, poor writing and really just an underwhelming vibe to it. It was just such a gut punch to see my favorite show get treated with such a mishandled and mediocre retelling.
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banana fish: unrealistic and too gay
jin rou: names of the organizations were way too similar, lacked character
kissxsis: visuals were cancer
kizumonogatari: dialogue was mid, movie went nowhere
garden of the sinners 7: too corny, message made no sense
eva rebuild: lacked the charm and message of the originals
mob psycho: boring cancer
parasyte: pretentious unimaginative cancer
the big o: story lacked continuity
laputa castle: literal kids movie
gankutsuo: director doesnt understand the connection between enviroment/technology and culture

but the honor to most disappointing goes to attack on titan. what a bullshit fucking ending.


when i watched it i thought almost the exact opposite
first 4 episodes or so were a trainwreck. then it finally took off around ep 7


The new Eva rebuild was actually pretty good. I loved how it pissed off every nerd and fanboy.


Baki:I watched the 2001 anime, i liked the overall concept, but the shitty animation and the awfully repetitive ost ruined it for me, it doesn't help that the version i watched had subs that were literally made with google translate, i guess i should give the manga a try someday.

Devilman Lady:Boring shit unless you have a monster succubus fetish, and in that case the manga is better.

Genocyber:It's just two hours worth of boring garbage, and it's nowhere near as gory as people say if that's why you want to watch this thing in the first place.


it doesn't really have anything going for it
the OG eva had an interesting (but poorly explained and rushed) plot and it has an important message that was related to the plot itself. i dont see any of that in the rebuilds.


Probably every single anime that is not a CGDCT anime after you have watched the few good serious anime. Anime shines with cute relaxing moe moments to gaze upon as you nod off to sleep or snuggle in your blanket and rarely can the medium entertain serious tones.


Fucking boring, the ending was cool though
Weird as hell
>Perfect Blue
Decent flick, but didn't need to be animated
>Cowboy Bebop
Extremely overrated, especially the dubbed portion
Not into medieval stuff
All the same tropes and cliches
>Pokemon Yugioh beyblade ect.
Stupid kid shows
>Lucky Star
Got annoying fast
>Azumanga Daioh
Only enjoyed the parts with Chiyo and Osaka, everything else was hit and miss
>Pop team epic
>cringe and unfunny
Poorly written and overrated
>One Piece
Got boring fast
>Sailor Moon
Cringe woke shit
>Cardcaptor Sakura
The original is pretty good, the sequel series is absolutely terrible
Season one is good, season two is awful
Liked it when I first saw it, but after a while it slipped down my chart due to confusing plot, pretentious writing and overall obnoxiousness from fans


>perfect blue
that had to be animated iirc with the way kon fuses scenes together and does scenes.
i can see it. for me the story/art/atmosphere was the seller. animation/action were pretty atrocious.
agree on the plot. only pretentious thing i remember was the religious symbolism
i saw it as something that should've been a series based on the length of the manga, but having the same level of animation wouldn't have been feasible so they went with an overly compact but brutal and cool looking movie.
>jojo and one piece
mostly agree but dont see them that negatively

didnt watch/agree with the rest


Ouch, take care to don't hurt yourself with that edge, badtaste and ignorance all combined at once, kid. You will have a better time in a more normie medium.


>Cowboy Bepop
>Extremely overrated, especially the dubbed portion
Agree, it's just a very common babby's first anime, so it's understandable to be overrated.


I enjoyed the first anime, then read the manga and didn't like the excessive fantasy elements.

>Pokemon Yugioh beyblade ect.

>Stupid kid shows
I guess they are not supposed to be otherwise. Would have Medabots here as well, but I understand it's separated as it is a kind of a parody of these.

>Lucky Star

>Got annoying fast
Agree, also aged terribly. Too many references to events and culture specific to the time of production.


Agree. I kind of enjoy it, but not that much. The powers are creative, but every event ends up being too convenient to tie everything in.

>Cardcaptor Sakura

The anime was ok, but the manga was pretty terrible. There was no actual menace at any time, and all enemies were some stupid wind or something.


Should have ended at the series, really, that ending was alright.


Every Ghibli movie that I watched was average at best but is always presented as a masterpiece. I watched Nausicaa, Kiki, Chihiro, Totoro, Mononoke and Only Yesterday. Also the characters tend to be too unlikable. Most of older Disney stuff is better.


>>Pokemon Yugioh beyblade ect. Stupid kid shows
>Medabots Season one is good, season two is awful
Medabots is a kid show too you know. Why didn't you like the other kid shows?


Not all kids shows are equal.


You should give spirited away and howl’s moving castle a shot too. I think those are head and shoulders above the rest. Not masterpieces, but very enjoyable.

Disney is kind of an apples to oranges thing. They were more focused on adapted fairy tales than trying to make a narrative. Which era of Disney do you mean exactly?


They were all enjoyable, just not amazing masterpieces as I was made to expect. Spirited Away was the one I referred as Chihiro, did watch it. I've got Howl's in my HD, will try some time. Also got Porco Rosso, but the MC design looks too ugly and is putting me away.

>Which era of Disney do you mean exactly?

90s and backwards.


And I mentioned Disney because Ghibli is distributed by Disney in the West, and it's common from critics and reviewers to compare them.


File: 1637497781237.png (313.5 KB, 640x480, 4:3, vlcsnap-2020-05-16-17h59m4….png) ImgOps iqdb

those 4 shows have a similar narrative structure and are about battles, be it with cards, beyblades, medabots, or pokemon. I can't see how only one is not a "stupid kid show"


What I mean is that they may all exist in the same framework but they are not all written the same.


Lain put me to sleep.


>Films that make people fall asleep are good films[…]Feeling sleepy when watching a film is a good thing. It’s a proof that your brain is synchronizing with the film.

-Mamoru Oshii


so i haven't watched digimon, pokemon or bayblades but i've watched all of yugioh, from the manga and season 0 to vrains (we don't tak about sevens) and it's not "just a stupid kids show". Yeah, it is shonen but that doesn't mean it's just for kids.
also it depends on if you're watching the dub version or sub. the sub is more serious, the DM and GX dub is ok, 5ds dub is meh, ZEXAL dub is dumb but in a good way, the arc V dub is a bit boring and the VRAINS dub is really bad.
the sub vers of all of them are good.
if you'd want to start watching yugioh then i'd recommend you start with either the original , zexal, 5ds, or vrains, ideally the original. gx has some stuff that references the original, and so does arc V. zexal is the most "lighthearted" (not counting zexal 2, that one is full of death) and vrains the most "serious" (Fujiki was tortured and starved for 6 months when he was 6, along with 6 other kids so that Kogami could create the Ignis.)


File: 1637987905948-0.png (387.17 KB, 713x417, 713:417, Screenshot_70.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1637987905948-1.png (758.99 KB, 623x971, 623:971, Screenshot_71.png) ImgOps iqdb

Ive watched yugioh too and read the entire manga. You have people having their souls trapped, tortured, dying after duels, etc. That's why I asked why are those 3 stupid kid shows except for medabot, when in medabot there isn't anything explicit or gruesome. Medabot is more of a "stupid" kid show than yugioh.
The one saving grace of Medabot is Rokusho and that's it.


yeah, not to mention that one time kaiba tried to kill himself to guilt yugi into ending his duel with him so that kaiba wouldn't loose back in season 1.
also have you watched vrains? if so, what are your thoughts on it? the last season in my opinion was good but, the animation, oh boy. if i'm not mistaken it was supposed to be about 20 eps longer but konami killed vrains off early so it was a bit rushed, but the ending was still good. i won't spoil it. sadly vrains was not profitable enough for it to even get a manga version, unlike every other YGO spin off before it


I didn't like vrains because it uses a speed duel format, the same from that phone yugi game duel links. I forced myself to watch 31 episodes and then dropped it. I did enjoy playing ygo pro with trickstar and gouki decks


yeah, personally i'm not a big fan of the speed duels, but i like the characters.
also, do you remember when yugioh bam was a thing?
and yeah, i also am not a big fan of duel links, if i want to play YGO then i usually just play through dueling nexus.


Cowboy Bebop was boring and overhyped.

The English dub is completely overrated and shit by modern standards.


I am sure these are your totally sincere feelings and aren't just being said to be a contrarian because it's popular, highly regarded, and extremely influential when it comes to the global spread of anime.


I thought that the first time i watched it, when i was young. Now im 30 and thought it was great when i watched it again recently

I can't comprehend why you would care about the English dub or why that would affect your opinion


Cowboy Bebop is a classic. Here's your (You)


I agree. The show suffers from being in an era where everything was mostly episodic and serialization was more of an afterthought. It has a few really good episodes but overall taken as a whole the show is shit because the overall story it tells is shit.


every anime I try to watch is dissapointing and I can never finish anything. I think the problem may be me.


one mental exercise to help could be to see if you could design something that is better than what there is.


Sailor Moon season 5 was pretty underwhelming, the budget cut is noticeable with the sloppy animation and off model characters, and overall, it totally jumped the shark.


Still better than Crystal tbh fam


File: 1679186324623.jpg (658.52 KB, 1550x2206, 775:1103, 67bc138d079b4169d171d05c0b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Luminous Witches (2d)

It's the latest in the World Witches Series which was spearheaded by Strike Witches, an action-packed, dramatic, dangerous, near hentai that encapsulated the spirit of pre-2010s "for otaku" anime. LW was the second installment in the anime series to not focus on the 501st. While this would have given the same opportunity to expand upon characters established in the written works in the same way Brave Witches did, LW rather includes just a few de-powered side characters responsible for coordinating some new but bland characters. While SW had an episode centered around each member's unique abilities, experiences, and how they've been effected by the war… LW just has one unique character who's only different because she is brown and stupid.

It's an Idol Anime. This entire unique world, with crazy witch powers, war, divided people, aliens, mecha, wizard(?!?)… And instead we get a pop-up Akihabara idol group that can fly. There's no action, drama, lorebuilding, parallels to reality, or even a single up-skirt shot or cleavage bath scene. The only thing we learn about Witches from this anime is that they can change the colour of their magic shield, and now their familiars are retconned to being these ethereal beings intangible to anyone besides Witches.

This anime was funded by the Japanese Military, which is why there were no boobies. Now, if the series directors wanted to have an installment that didn't have any real action, sexyness, or drama, then they could have done something still relevant to the universe and in line with the previous series' goal of recreating real wartime events but adjusted to relate to the unique world. They could have been field medic witches saving soldiers and people, deriving from accounts of reality. They could have been research witches responsible for learning more about the enemy.. They could have been test pilots challenged by the rapidly developing technology of the 1940s.. But no, Akihabara pop-up idol group.

I do not recommend this series. If you like the World Witches series, you can skip it. If you like Idol anime, you will just be let down by the scraps of WW that do manage to interfere with the singing.


File: 1679187989365.png (345.3 KB, 875x671, 875:671, 1565919460653-1.png) ImgOps iqdb

Mysterious Girlfriend X, I really wanted to like it. I was hoping for a mystery adventure or horror anime between a goth succubus and aloof everyman or beta dope but it was just a drool fetish romcom that progresses nowhere. The male lead is an obnoxious wimp and the female lead's personality is that she's mysterious and shrouded in mystery. Goth is a dead genre, on another note.


File: 1679189926378.png (822.02 KB, 640x960, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb




I liked it. The German dub was very good


there's no way you liked this poece of pain in the ass anime with that ending


Claymore. Dissapointing overhyped ending that achieved nothing. Whiny bitch ass side character (raki).

Wierd incestual mother and son emulating relationship. Drawn out and obnoxious and still an OVA basically


Serial Experiments Lain

I feel like I watched a shit anime that tried to be 2deep4u, but I have to pretend that I like it, because if I don't, weebs will jump to say that I got filtered because I'm too stupid to get it. But honestly it sucked, I had to force myself to watch it. The only good thing it had was the opening.


I wonder if the reason why I liked/still like Lain so much is because it was one of the most silent things I've ever watched. I can't find the scene now, but one of the episodes you come to just appreciate this calming, powerline hum in the background. In a world of laugh tracks, loud OSTs, and vulgar presentations, Lain felt like a welcome reprieve.


Texhnolyze is just my kind of anime. Storywise I am really into the agonizing and slowly paced first half and, as things get going, the increasing body horror to the end. Visually it's impressive as well, through the backgrounds the underground city really comes to life with all it's facets: Dark, grey, dirty, rusty, drab and mysterious, but never in itself lifeless. The music is good too, especially the opening always gets me hyped and the ending theme leaves me thoughtful. And, as I said, the German dub did it for me, but I guess most are not concerned with that.

Serial Experiments Lain is a similar experience to me. I guess if you want to you can think really hard about all the dialogue and themes, and that's a nice thing, but you don't have to to enjoy the anime. It also builds a somber and chill atmosphere with enough weirdness that it's intriguing and that just really speaks to me.

The most disappointing anime I have watched was Tokyo ghoul. One of the biggest problems for me is that the change of character of the main character at the end was way too abrupt.


SEL was pain in the ass to watch too


Are you talking just about the claymore anime, or the manga as well? Because while I am a fan of both I do, objectively, think that the manga has many advantages that the anime does not have.


I enjoy my anime like savouring wine, no bad experiences at all


this might not really count but when i tried to watch neon genesis evangelion i only made it like 2 episodes in because shinji is such an insufferable pussy faggot. maybe the show really is the masterpiece people always say it is but im not willing to endure such a cringe inducing main character in order to find out.


Hideaki Anno is the Terry Gilliam of Japan..


Hope your still around. Anime

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