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Name the most obscure anime shows out there in the deep dark reaches of the internet that most people don’t know about
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>eve no jikan
Its weird no one I have talked to have ever seen it but it should be pretty main stream? Or am I just really out there>


>Sailor Moon
>level 2
That should be on the first one. Conversely I'd add Doremi at 2 or 3


You gotta be careful by what you refer to as "obscure". I mean some anime that is unknown by modern day normies in the west may have been a popular anime in Japan at the time it was released like Lupin. Even some of that old anime can be rediscovered by normies and used as posturing to show how they are "true" anime aficionados. Every anime fan I've met in real life is a pompous asshole, feels like you need to study Japanese in order to appreciate anime, which is why I usually avoid forums like /a/.

On the other end you have shit amateur animations post on vimeo that is art house shit masquerading as an anime tribute. Speaking of which what the fuck happened to the picture from post 33181? The shit it was describing at the bottom was what I was referring to.


File: 1590010953557.jpg (31.11 KB, 600x315, 40:21, 3103c712f5bcdf4e29370b9a50….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How do you guys even summon the will to care about what is or isn't obscure, or who is or isn't a "real" anime fan anymore? It's all so much pettiness and doesn't matter in the slightest.


Idolmaster isn't obscure, it is just very few people are into that shit (though the ones the are tend to be super into it).


I thought he was called giant?


File: 1590184001051.jpg (27.69 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 32586935.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There's really no such thing as an "obscure anime", unless it's genuine lost media brought to no one's attention. If there are otaku's that drool over the most obscure old-as-mammoth's shit bargain bin tokusatsu films that even the film directors forgot existed, chances are your precious "hidden gem" you watched on kissanime is not so obscure and special after all.


File: 1590267078627.jpg (79.44 KB, 630x1200, 21:40, MV5BNjg2ZjUyMGYtNGQzMi00ND….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Shiki is super good, and it's actually on Hulu buy I have never heard a person other than me mention that it exists. Struck a deep chord with me because it dwells heavily on death and people's reactions/philosophies about it and that's the biggest thing I'm scared of.

Not sure how "obscure" I'd say it is. Level 4/5 maybe? I know most of the stuff in 4 and above and not much below it


I wanted to like it, but didn't.
The premise I heard was nice, how humans can also act like monsters and how both sides could be cruel and animalistic. But I think anime prolonged too long
-too many characters whose names I forgot
-too much attention on figuring out what was going on
Wish it was more focused on the premise. It had its golden moments yes, but I wouldn't rewatch it.


> I have never heard a person other than me mention that it exists.
So you don't lurk in anime communities or this board much then.
It isn't obscure at all and is brought up whenever anime involving darker plots or vampires are the subject.

While I liked the show it had major pacing problems in the middle that dragged down the watching experience for me.


It's one of the most well known horror anime around anon, it's just not discussed much because horror isn't a popular genre in the medium


It's probably obscure to surface level anime watchers but if you go on imageboards etc it's not very obscure.

According to the chart the most obscure thing I've seen is Mononoke. I've also seen the original Idolmaster anime but that has to be some sort of joke on the chart.

I've also seen this anime called "Yugo the Negotiator" that I've never seen anyone ever discuss. Maybe one other person. That might be mine.


>Yugo the Negotiator
Would you rec?


Bit late, but are all these of the same series or are they similar different shows? Also, where should I start?


They’re all magical succubus shows meant for 10 year old Japanese succubi that people pretend are high art as a joke.


Was I the only one who viewed this anime as an attempt to explore the issue of young people leaving rural villages for the city through an analogous anime story? I found it almost to be distracting.


If the anime has been localized then it's not obscure


That isn't really true of most of the weird stuff that came out during the vhs era.


I'm like ~30 episodes into Aikatsu and so far it's good.


File: 1598821497047.mp4 (1.21 MB, 480x360, 4:3, output2.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

platonic chain
Although not dark thone its kinda good, not sure if it fails into the definition of obscure anime as every episode is 4 minutes length but even so


Ewww… bad 3DCG


Pripara and Aikatsu are actually pretty good


File: 1599568479598.webm (3.21 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 33.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Obscure? Like Macross Love Live in September?


>Even some of that old anime can be rediscovered by normies and used as posturing to show how they are "true" anime aficionados. Every anime fan I've met in real life is a pompous asshole, feels like you need to study Japanese in order to appreciate anime, which is why I usually avoid forums like /a/.
This has been much more common in recent years with people's obsession with the 80's, which I admit is an interest to me as well and I don't know how to feel about it.
I do think knowing Japanese gives you more credit, there's a lot things out there that I want my hands on but will never be translated, and I hate when monolinguals act like they've touched everything anime(or any medium) has to offer. I can barely grasp English, so I'll never get there.
Obscure is a loose term and you are right. And there have been anime that had notable popularity, even in the west, that are no virtually forgotten, Project A-ko comes to mind.


I have Darkstalkers downloaded but untouched.
It is a weird one because I wouldn't call it obscure, it's based on a fighting game series from the 90's that still has a cult following now, who spawned characters that still appear everywhere now. But at the same time, a series that hasn't had a new game in more that 20 years and probably won't ever have one. The anime is well known but only in that small culture. I wouldn't call it obscure, but more niche.
Doomed Megapolis/Teito Monogatari, same story, I have it but still haven't watched it. Teito Monogatari I think is why "obscure" is a flimsy word in this case. It's virtually unknown here, but based huge hit novel series in Japan that is practically responsible for sparking an interest in the occult over there and influenced tons of media, everything from SMT to arguably Street Fighter.


File: 1599596255142.png (2.08 MB, 1450x1080, 145:108, 234209272349.png) ImgOps iqdb

I am really obsessed with the Cat Soup mangaka, she told others that she would kill herself when she hit 30, and well she did


when talented people like her or actors, musicians and what not who have it all, money, fame whatever one could wish; if even those people are suiciding themselves, how is an average nobody supposed to make it then? Someone like me who is devoid of any talent or marketable skill. For example this club 27 of musicians one better than the other and all offed themselves at age 27 or died of overdose. If this world was a nice place, people would not pump themselves up with drugs so they die from it.


that is bad reasoning


Only 0.01% or some shit died by suicide. The average make it by living their usual life.


File: 1599599296856.png (1.14 MB, 1436x1080, 359:270, ep2.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I have no idea why famous people off themselves (seemingly?) more often, maybe they believe that they already achieved everything, while not feeling that much better than normal people, I don't know

anyway, in the case of Catsoups Nekojiru, if any of you are interested, her editor wrote a long letter after she died, seems they were friends, his wife also killed herself after:


To me it seems like in her case she didn't really find a place in the world, she seemed somehow asocial, got famous and couldn't cope with the stress and expectations they put on her


File: 1599601893280.png (869.07 KB, 1785x1989, 35:39, 1234.png) ImgOps iqdb

I read some but it was too grim for me. I'm grim enough as is, it definitely crossed the line where a piece of work stops being escapism and becomes a reminder of sad things.


>she told others that she would kill herself when she hit 30, and well she did
source? i tried finding anything to back that up but couldn't find anything, also it was 31. it seems like no one really knows.


I gotta agree. It was just too much bald faced cynicism.


Nice to see someone linking Anipages.


Sorry I was way too drunk while writing that, think I pulled the "death by 30" out of my ass, can't find any source, no idea where I got that from

Reading the linked article it says that she told her editor
>"You'll be dead at 35."
>I went completely pale.
>Why am I going to be dead at 35?
>A drug overdose? A hit and run?
>I don't want to die.
>I couldn't stop thinking about her ominous prediction.
>She had seen the shadow of death hovering over me.
>But her premonition, it turns out, had in fact been directed at herself.

she also tried commiting suicide before:
>Having attempted to commit suicide in the past, Nekojiru had written wills on a number of occasions.
>Her last extant will in fact dated from several years prior.

her manga also seemed to tell awful much about herself, like the first one, Nekojiru Udon Ch. 11, where the cat wants to become invisible
>I wanted to go and see the other shore myself, but for some reason I was scared and couldn't do it..
>But one day, I just felt like I had to go see the other shore. I couldn't bear it any longer


I saw Shiki on DVDs a year ago so I don't think it's that obscure.
What I am surprised is that it was written by the same person as Twelve Kingdoms, which I very much enjoyed but never see anyone talk about.


that is weird, i guess twelve kingdoms is too old? it's certainly better than most stuff airing these days.


What is this?


File: 1622299328811.png (670.22 KB, 550x550, 1:1, m@@.png) ImgOps iqdb

I recently watched malice@doll. Really liked the cg artstyle


File: 1622354483838.jpg (443.42 KB, 561x804, 187:268, 15644085_p0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The second season of a very popular, fun, and cute show. It's directed by Satou Junichi, if that means anything to you.


Angels egg is my biggest inspiration, someday I hope to make film that at least half as good as this one.


Doremi is mildly obscure in the west, but super popular in Japan.


File: 1622885187104.png (1.2 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at ….png) ImgOps iqdb

in what fucking world are the faggots who watch naruto and sword art online also watching legend of the galactic heroes?!

i know sandwiching legend of the galactic heroes between sword art online and attack on titan is just bait, but i'm still fucking triggered. OP your pic is completely distracting me from the purpose of your thread.

fucking sage, jesus christ


>in what fucking world are the faggots who watch naruto and sword art online also watching legend of the galactic heroes?!
This one. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news about your favorite shitty meme show, but LotGH is unironically reddits favorite anime. Do you need further explanation for how this audience's tastes could overlap with Naruto and SAO?


File: 1623698796254.jpg (13.17 KB, 188x268, 47:67, yobi the five tailed fox.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Where do you guys go to find torrents for really obscure anime? Trying to find pic related and Nyaa has failed me, yet there is also no other link on the internet unless I want to become a streamfag. Which might be what I'm forced to become at this rate since private trackers are extremely autistic and nigh impossible to get into.


Nyaa tends be purist, so you probably won’t find anything Korean or Chinese.


Yea it kind-of is, you can still find a lot of the more popular or recent ones though. Technically Yobi The Five Tailed Fox is on Nyaa, but it has literally 0 seeders and was last posted 8 fucking years ago.


They're not purist, they have a healthy sense of self-preservation. For stuff that doesn't come with a massive, cancerous fanbase attached, they're fine. They still have all the wakfu shit. Because the French are not threatening to overrun the site and pervert its purpose.


That seems to be a Korean cartoon, so not anime. Only Japan makes anime.



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