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It seems to me that many NEET wizzies do nothing but watch anime all day. That would be tens of episodes a day. How do you guys not run out of stuff to watch? Where do you find new shows?


Don't you have a ZOOM meeting to attend to? There's like 12 new shows a week in Japan, and torrent sites have all of them.


>How do you guys not run out of stuff to watch?
There are around 50 new shows coming out each season, it's almost impossible to run out of anime at this point.
>Where do you find new shows?
nyaa.si or crunchyroll if you wanna stream


Nearly all anime that comes out is trash.


that's just an offhand dismissal because you're too lazy to watch anything


I do not understand what you're upset about, emotionally fragile wizzie.

Thanks, that answers my question precisely.


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>There are around 50 new shows coming out each season, it's almost impossible to run out of anime at this point.
we truly live in an age of information overload.

I stopped caring about "seasonal anime" long ago.
What's the point of endlessly consuming the same cycle of repetitive trash. But still sometimes I come across a gem, sometimes just the mediocre stuff and then it makes me wonder on how much stuff we miss out, completely forgotten, especially when I find some obscure mid 2000s anime.


Any in particular you care to recommend?


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right now I'm watching "sketchbook full colors", it's your typical slow paced SoL anime.
Otherwise there is also "Key the Metal Idol" and although much more popular than the other too I mentioned, I also watched "Haibane Renmei" recently.
Then another typical romance SoL is "Ai Yori Aoshi".
Just some random anime I happened to remember, there are many more of course.

Just look up shows in specific years on myanimelist - 2003 for example if you want the early y2k aesthetic - just look for things that seem interesting to you. They can be sorted by genre.

There is just some special atmosphere about those forgotten things that is strangely appealing to me.


>There are around 50 new shows coming out each season
Also this is a grave underestimation


im not worth a you


I took a bit of a hiatus from anime but I just came back to it recently. I'm starting to go back and look for old 80's anime to watch. Then I plan to go through 90's and 2000's. While also watching seasonal anime if I feel like it. Myanimelist or similar sites are probably a good way to find anime. Just make a big 'plan to watch' list.


Not if you understand the anime market. Japan stopped selling shows and started selling character designs. Every show is now designed around what succubi it can include and what gets green lit depends on that season's succubus selection. Instead of asking how to make a character interesting they ask how many Rei and Asuka clones they have wearing glasses or with short hair. It's the era of database anime, you select your character profiles from a database knowing otaku will hunt out their fetishists and watch no matter how bad a show is. Slice of life is the cheapest way to do it and so that's the most produced genre.


I use free steaming sites.
Just use a web search that isn't google and you can find loads of sites that have more anime then you will ever watch + up to date releases in HD.
It really ain't hard.


You say that yet every season there are male focused action shows with few to no notable females or mascot characters.

Anime is a big enough market that there is usually something for every taste every season. If you don't like moe blobs or harem non-sense there are plenty of other things that are likely more to your taste.

That said I personally don't keep up with currently airing stuff and watch most things a year or two late once the hype has died down.


Those male focused shows still have stronk womyn and bullshit pushed into them.

I like mecha. Mecha doesn't exist outside of OAVs any more. You get toddler toy commercials and CGI harem animes now. The days of a masculine mecha show are over because Japan is full of soy boys buying PVC junk from china.


>Those male focused shows still have stronk womyn and bullshit pushed into them.
Not usually.


Your information is a bit outdated, slice of life and moe is a declining trend in anime, the industry is pushing big action franchises that can appeal to audiences outside of Japan these days, giving them movie adaptations


He probably will still complain about those too since they usually still have females in them at some point.

He want shows that are exclusively about and involving men, but probably would feel a certain way about the shows that are like that which do come out almost every season because they are super gay.


while you all mentioned it I've been seeing a lot of anime with "netflix" in their intros and every single one I watch turns out to be utter dreck, iirc netflix is american company

the "west" should keep their grubby hands outta anime, they're turning it to shit


BNA was pretty good, and I hear Castlevania was also good but I haven't seen it for myself.

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