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Have you noted that there are more and more people with low power level in anime community than ever? I mean, even here almost every recent thread is filled with people who don't know what they're talking about, let alone can give some deep insight in any matter.

People who can't say anything very interesting about the plot of an anime, nor discuss something about it for more than 2 minutes because he doesn't know what he is talking about. You would expect this to be the case in normalgroid sites, that's a given, but I'm seeing this even in places where there are supposed to be people who are at least interested in anime and otaku culture. Honestly is very boring that there are no people who like to know about their favorite things.


Not sure if I can speak for others but personally I lack the energy to discuss anything in depth in general even if I have the ability to do so but I think you are talking about ironic weebs?


Ironic weebs are of course included in this category, but they're not the only ones. A lot of people seem to lack a lot of information about otaku culture and are not even being 'ironic' about it.


I'm going to enjoy anime and discuss anime in exactly the way that I choose. Your meta thread is of no consequence.


Read the Notenki Memoirs unless you want to languish in your ignorance forever.


Of course, you can do that if you want. But then don't pretend like people don't have the right to call out your ignorance.

Interesting recommendation, thanks. Will take a look.


File: 1621044526804.gif (3.04 MB, 500x385, 100:77, 955.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I believe it's a consequence of two things, both related.
Firstly, young dumbass normalfags are superficially getting into anime at increasingly higher rates for cultural tourism hipster-cred. As everyone knows, they are barely one step above inanimate objects and thus incapable of having higher thought processes or deep understanding of anything they perceive, let alone being capable of adequately expressing themselves.
Secondly, as traditional childhood gave way to zoomers who primarily matured with their full focus glued to a screen, mindsets, attitudes, and ultimately thoughts, are being shaped and sculpted increasingly by memes, and memes alone. What were some of the prevailing anime memes of said era (roughly 2007-2015) when these youngsters would be in their formulative impressionable years?

>Moe is shit/ruining anime. Old REAL anime was superior in all ways. I only watch manly anime for manly people like me. Mecha is dead.

And any number of retarded shit I forgot. Pick or chose whichever you please, but in interacting with these nu-fans you'll find that they absolutely and vehemently believe in at least one of them. Even when they begin to consider themselves 'real' fans after watching their 50th show (lmao), these attitudes are still self-evident. Some will even safely cruise their way onto their 500th total show, all battle shounen, while still proudly declaiming moe as dogshit and how it ruins the industry and blah blah blah, though they've maybe seen just one example.


Required reading for anyone with even a passing interest in otaku culture and the anime industry.


The birth of a lolcow. This'll go down in the history books and screencaps, I'm telling you.


I don't know. Like I said, yes, is a given that normalgroids won't say anything interesting, you can expect that from normalgroid sites and that's the reason you avoid them. But again, look around in the most recent threads here, a lot of people having pretty inane discussions in the best of the cases but in a lot talking about things they don't know a little thing about. I remember not so long ago from time to time someone will go into a thread about whatever subject and give everyone there who was talking bullocks a lesson because that person just happens to be really into that, knowing it deeply and into detail, or just would enter and contribute for the sake of it and make other anons well aware and teach them something.

But now you see more and more people talking bullocks, and little no one giving some lessons.


Normally a nice post, but you have the wrong target friend. Most likely this is just the person who was very upset when I said Magical succubus as a genre was intended and made for little succubi. Could be someone else, but that is my best guess anyways.


Time's are changing. Have you ever considered that the zoomer menace just might be reaching the site, or the greater internet at large? Not everyone can be elder lich tier knowledgeable and autistic enough to keep up the fight as the years drag on and on. Most just move on or keep to themselves. It's very tiresome to correct certain types of retards endlessly when it's beyond obvious they don't know what the fuck they're talking about.

>Most likely this is just the person who was very upset
Nice revisionism, but you're still objectively incorrect and will remain so.


So I guessed right, really must have rustled your jimmies if you made an entire thread about it lol. Anyways enjoy the your auto-fellatio in this thread, I only came to correct the other poster.


>I only came to correct the other poster.
I'm not OP, but alright man. It's important to be right at least once in your life maybe you'll actually manage it someday


File: 1621051754063.png (673.77 KB, 600x779, 600:779, 1846516546.png) ImgOps iqdb

No, I don't think so. There must be other reasons. If it was just only zoomers it could be controlled, because the other generations are still presented on the Internet and they are the majority still.

I'm OP. No, that anon and I are two different people. But I can guess he gave you some lessons in other thread and you still have that inside of you. Saying that Mahou Shoujo is a genre dedicated to little succubi is a very ignorant thing to say afterall.


Well why didn't you say so then silly.

uh.. yea sure lol


You vastly overestimate the population of the older anime-speaking community, and especially the complete weirdos who make it their life's pursuit. Even back in the yesteryears, I recall tripfags and namefags considered "pro" for having seen 400 titles. That ain't shit. Even if you give them the benefit of the doubt and assume those 400 titles comprise every single genre, that's still not even close to enough be considered any sort of expert once you break it down by category.

The sort of walking encyclopedia of anime knowledge you're referring to is a rare breed, and with the zoomer and normalfag tourism of anime going on now a days, they're vastly outnumbered by >>36396 these sorts.


I don't really interact with the "community" other then occasionally reading the comment section of streaming sites or watching anime related videos on youtube by fans.

I do know that anime and manga are both exploding in popularity so it's obvious that logically that means there are more newbies then ever.
As long as they aren't posers or authoritarians out to destroy everything to make it fit their morals and sensibilities, it's not bad.


I primarily blame streaming services, it really lowered the bar of entry before you at least had to know how to torrent or pay out for a DVD to watch anime


Netflix anime fans are conditioned to excuse horrible CGI in fact fuck Netflix for animating good manga into unwatchable shit


I can't imagine watching 200 anime then wanting to watch 200 more.


Is there really that much of a difference between younger and older anime fans?


youngfags are sort of privileged and entitled and take a lot of shit for granted
for example someone only 5 years younger than me can start watching any anime, any time, any where which is something oldfags couldn't really experience
youngfags get to pick and choose what to watch instead of only having vhs or airing TV anime available at early morning outside of japan
this will in turn lead them to eventually see more anime since they can consume almost infinitely up to 2000 titles in 5 years time while ill still be here with my 500 titles over 20 years


What do you mean exactly? Do you want to talk about the history of anime, directors animators and all that stuff or are you saying that people just don't watch much anime anymore and just watch whatever is popular? I would like to talk about anime history and all that but nowadays I can't even remember shit I did 5 hours ago.

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