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Is this series any good? I love the games and I love anime, so is it worth a watch?



I did not like it at all beyond the fights, which were probably the only good thing about it.

The dialogue was incredibly mediocre, as if it had been written by teenagers who think adding multiple random swear words in every sentence makes everything sound badass and funny. The attempts at humor all fell flat. Most of the characters were unlikable or treated poorly (like Hector and Alucard). I found Saint Germain intriguing in season 3, but he turned out to be a disappointment in season 4, and beyond that, his whole character was ruined with a single line that was a thoroughly unfunny "joke".

IIRC, the creator never even played a single Castlevania game and only read the wiki pages.

If you liked anime, I don't see anything about it that you'd like. There's nothing anime-y about it.

In the end, all you need to know is that redditors loved it.


I see, thank you for that insight. Is there a castlevania like anime that's better?


Hellsing Ultimate


I didnt like it at all, contrary to the other wiz I thought the fights were awful, also they butchered bloody tears and dracula was a huge pushover whiny emo boy that gets replaced by 3 unlikeable lesbian vampires, also alucard gets raped for some reason, probably some weird tumblrina yaoi fantasy


Vampire Hunter D


I liked the first season, it gave me a 90's anime ova feel in how it was a straightforward action gory series
Second season was boring and went from fun vampire slaying to pseudo game of thrones politics


Probably because it's netflix shit aimed at americans.
The only thing they did after Order of Ecclesia was that Judgment game on the Wii, anything after that doesn't exist.


Not japanese and it shows. Movement animation looks like flash animation from ebaums world


Very well summed up anon. I couldn't have worded it better. Dialogue feel so unnatural, trying to be cool too hard. Just ends up cringe.

My favourite version, agree Netflix butchered it


this is not anime, dumbass


How irony I am watching it right now, one thing I liked it for sure the fighting styles mixed martial arts with weapon mastery espeically the Mystic whip used by trevor and figthing scenes is pretty accurate unlike other animes can't catch the fighting movments.


they made alucard gay. I watched an ep with some weebs and it was just shit for children. Stawp

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