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thinking of becoming a luxury long distance bus driver in Japan for Le comfy feelz

how fucked is my imagination or is it actually feasible?

related vid:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lToLTrFnPrw


"thinking of"? Well how hard have you been thinking of it? What have you learned on the subject and what is some backstory to your interest? That's the point of a thread, to share your thoughts and experiences, so go for it. That YouTube link is just front-page algorithm bait.
>how fucked is my imagination or is it actually feasible?
Tell us why you might think it feasible and also some hurdles you've considered. This isn't /advice/. Why a cartoon facebook meme on /jp/? Why Reddit spacing? If I didn't know better I'd also say you don't know to capitalize the first letters in a sentence.




i havent learned shit but im just guessing and hoping i can make it through sheer will power and dedication, please advice desu


hory shittu~~
watafaka des(u)???


Sounds very hard to achieve, nips likely have no reason to hire a foreginer over a japanese person for something like that.
Bear in mind that most jobs foreigners in japan do are either teaching, translating or programming related.
In any case say you would want to prepare you would need to:
-know japanese at a level where you can easily communicate with natives
-know your way around japanese cities and highways
and somehow convince them to hire you, a gaijin, instead of someone born and raised in japan
Sounds like a pipe dream wizzie, something like going to japan to be a teacher is way more feasible.


You don't have the capacity, it is clear by your behaviour in this thread


Just do it.


You could be a driver in any other country in theory, in Japan it is somewhat complicated, although they will have to slowly open the borders within this decade due to their birth rates, I think that if you learned Japanese and managed to move your cards you could achieve something similar>>39299


>although they will have to slowly open the borders within this decade due to their birth rates
"magic soil" fallacy. No country with low birthrates needs to import anyone for any reason.


Check this out.
You need to be a legal resident already though and the wages are low.
Japans birthrates are the exact same as the average in Europe.


sounds comfy OP go for it! go work in japan and deive bus and do THE DRIFUTO!!!


yes and europe has no immigration….


Europe doesn't need immigration.
Europe doesn't want immigration.
Europe was never asked.


If you want it, do it.


Virtually not feasible at all. There is no situation in which a Japanese bus company is going to trust such a role to some random ass gaijin out of country.

Now if you lived in Japan on PR, had conversational Japanese and were already a bus driver (also very unlikely) then maybe but there's no chance of any of that happening for you, let's be real. Get a similar job in your own country. Getting a job in Japan is very difficult unless you work for an international company willing to transfer you or you want to be a teacher working the equivalent of minimum wage in Japan.


I saw that getchu was hiring both part timers and full time employees, for easy shit as repackaging stuff.

I would be ok with a job like that, packaging and sending eroge and dakis to people similar to me from all over japan, but they would never hire gaijin to do this.


Being a legal resident is such a massive blocker, ironically the easiest way to be legal would be to marry a japanese citizen.

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