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i wish there was more uk/irish rep in anime, ik the k-on movie had them go to the uk which is really cool, but i bearly see any irish charcters other than hetaila


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uuuhhh,, most of vinland saga took place in and around london and wales


I thought it took place in iceland.


for like 4 episodes


That's just where the protagonist is from, but it's primarily about the Vikings invading the Isles. I hope the next part is adapted, but I recall it having a much different tone so I'm not sure how it will go with the anime audience if they expect more of the same.


Why? For what purpose? I've known desu since it was a meme and nothing said it was Irish. I never would have known if you hadn't made this post. Why does it make a single bit of difference to generic anime characters?


Suiseiseki is Bavarian


i just watched hellsing and hellsing ultimate (and by 'just' i mean i watched it 4 years ago) and it takes place in Brit'n and the characters have funny accents.


One of the anime that is much better to watch the dub.
God the funny accents makes everything so much better.


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Oh, as for a anime that features Celtic stuff, I would recommend The Ancient Magus' Bride.


Fate/zero has an irish character


Shaman King has characters that are English and Irish, though the Irish one is not that relevant.

Britain is relevant in all installments of Read or Die/Read or Dream, just don't expect a positive representation. Also Code Geass.

Diana Cavendish from Little Witch Academia is British.

Clow Reed from Cardcaptor Sakura had an English father, I'm not sure it's said where he is born.

I think L from Death Note is English, or at least the orphanage he was raised in is in England.

I'm sure there are tons more of minor characters that are from the UK.

I suppose every Fate series has at least one character from the UK.


I'd prefer to see Anglo dubs more than I would Anglo or Celtic characters, it doesn't matter what ethnicity the character is they will still act like an anime character.


Why would you want to see mangled attempts at a British character?


In Gundam ZZ they go to Dublin and some intense shit happens there.


I am always amused by Japan's American characters.
I wouldn't be surprised if other countries feel the same.

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