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I fucking hate MAL for their treatment of digital-only written media. Anilist's been having better criteria for it and only now (after denying plethora of submissions FOR YEARS) they've decided to allow non-printed webtoons recently and still shit like pic related. Despite the fact of belonging to the notable franchise. It's part of one title and one-shots are allowed. WTF.

2 years and still some novel submissions are in queue.


MAL was always a site for normgroids and even groidnorms to earn coolkid points by showing how many anime they've watch.

Your watches should't be quantifiable to a number, but to a list of ways watching anime has bettered you as a person.

It's time to stop watching anime and instead start "watching" "anime".

Besides if you have problem with Website.com then go to Website.com/forums to complain.


There's no rules against discussions of sad current state of affairs. Culture in general doesn't change people and certainly doesn't make people better. Otherwise Hitler wouldn't succeed.


i use mal only for anime because it is synced into the thing i use to watch anime. i don't track manga, i used to just have bookmarks but over the years with pc changes idk where they are. i use mangaupdates to find manga though


Mal manga mods are terrible
I have submitted lots of stuff in anilist and they get it done in two weeks or two or four months at worst


Watch them all and decide for yourself…

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