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thread for vocaloids

last thread: https://wizchan.org/music/archive/res/1773.html



shit vieo


always click when this shows up in recommends


new Len



I swear you just make this thread for yourself so you can post your husbando.


Crusher-P ft. Hatsune Miku - Propaganda!


Again - Crusher-P


Megurine Luka "Circus Monster" Original Song

Old as shit but still pretty good.


The Immoral Memory, The Lost Memory by natsuP & haku

More normal J-rock in this one.
Also pretty old.


Copycat - VocaCircus

Comes up in my playlist on spotify almost every day.
It's pretty good.


SOOOO - Happppy song / Kagamine Len

How do you like your husbando now?
He is so happy in this song. lol.


I post what I like


It isn't what you like that is being made fun of.
It's why you like it that's suspect.
It would be one thing if you made these threads because you had interest in the genre, it's another thing to do it just because you find the cartoon boy mascot for one of the software programs attractive regardless of producer or music quality.
It should be about the music. Not about what gives you the tingles in your jingles.


>It should be about the music. Not about what gives you the tingles in your jingles.
Indeed, but he clearly cares more about the characters looking gay or boyish or sexual appealing to him, so his major motivation is the fact they can be confused as gay or play into his sexual fantasies, than the music itself.
Sad shit if you ask me, but he's probably going to keep posting more Len and Kaito MMD videos.

Here's a solid vocaloid rock album by Hikarisyuyo, a guitar genius known for producing End of Solitude, for real vocaloid fans.


taste is subjective, stop complaining and post what you like if you think you've got anything better


You're not denying that you post him just cause you're a fag.


I haven't heard of him before but this album is damn good and a example of one of the things I like about vocaloid.
It gives artist who aren't singers a way of expressing themselves in additional ways, which was made use of really well here.


I like deeper voices in vocaloid, I personally find most of the high pitched female vocals grating on my ears. Being a "fag" doesn't even matter, I just post stuff that I like. Yeah I like Len and Kaito, and Oliver, and Fukase, but I also like Flower because she has a pretty deep voice for a female vocaloid, and I don't care if her character is a girl I like her voice for what it is.

Here is some Flower, she sounds amazing.


God you are so full of shit.


File: 1619863480335.png (343.33 KB, 957x756, 319:252, lol.png) ImgOps iqdb

This thread is just for you at the end of the day and you made it that way the moment you opened it with a gay MMD, it's uninviting to anyone who isn't gay and really likes vocaloid. Taste is subjective, sure, what is not subjective or an opinion is the fact that you're inconsiderate to the rest of the userbase and create threads solely for yourself where you spam little boys, and share things only you like, basically avatarfagging.
Saying that, enjoy your thread that you made for yourself.
I already shared what I like here >>39529 but this thread is not for that, it's so you can spam and avatarfag a little more. Have a good day.


>boohoo I don’t like the OP video so I’m not gonna use the thread
Yeah right, you weren’t going to use the thread either way, that’s just an excuse you made up to pretend you’re sincere


Fallacious argument as to be expected.


Crusher-P - Sleepless Nights

Ignoring the drama and posting more music.


File: 1620008517630-0.mp3 (5.14 MB, if ye love me.mp3)

File: 1620008517630-1.mp3 (5.32 MB, jauchzet_vocaloid.mp3)

File: 1620008517630-2.pdf (166.15 KB, IMSLP150554-WIMA.d249-01-J….pdf)

I played around with vocaloid back in 2017 and transposed 2 baroque motets. Was cleaning up my files and found these things. Figured might as well share em. I remember it was tough getting the German pronounciations right using the English voices.

The if ye one, the voices went too high to the point it almost hurts but I was lazy when I realized it and just said fuck it.


Is this a attempt to use vocaloid for Gregorian chant?
Can't say I am a fan.






Okame-p and otetsu are fantastic. I enjoy their music very much


PinocchioP - I'm glad you're evil too


nice, I like it







Do yourself a favor and turn on the CC.
Seriously WTF material.

Kikuo - I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry "Gomenne gomenne"



The composition of this one is quite interesting and like few things I have heard before without sounding messy, but the lyrics are unsettling.


I have this in my trip playlist and this is amazing for smoking DMT to.
It is very strange all around and quite fitting to the visual shitshow of DMT.





Carol of the Bells



Y'all people who keep just posting the video without putting the tittle or anything in writing are making it real hard to check if something is already posted before posting something.
It takes like 2 seconds to copy and paste the tittle but it saves others several minutes.


who cares if it was posted already, just post it again






Circus-P released a new album called yellow.

It's pretty damn good if you already like CircusP's stuff. Though if you don't I doubt it will convert you into a new fan.



I really like this one


Miku, English, good


File: 1672165642399.jpg (568.69 KB, 3743x4096, 3743:4096, Fk6ZVPjaYAAw3sN.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Happy birthday Rin! Rin turns 15 today!




Ah I did the thing wrong oh well

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