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I miss old anime communities. Used to be many of them. Now almost all are gone or abandoned.


is there an equivalent to anime today?
by equivalent, i mean something that's exotic and liked by weirdos.
(preferably not from japan)


no, anime is unparalleled in human history


There are no more nerds, no more geeks, no more otaku, no more anoraks.

The modern equivalents of the aforemention people have been scattered to the wind.


we could create a anime community what do you think?


File: 1670276124051.png (33.12 KB, 600x600, 1:1, you ruin things.png) ImgOps iqdb

>muh pastel netcore
Y'know, /jp/ (not our /jp/) & sites like wakachan used to have some pretty good offshoot boards that captured the old otaku spirit perfectly, around the early 2010s. Then le hatsune_miku-backrooms-digicam-ps1-lowpoly_shader-chromatic_aberration-glamcore got popularized by semi-niche crowds on tumblr, later popularized by tiktok and twatter. Now you can't have a space that feels like an old newsgroup/bbs/forum/whathaveyou, without it being heavily saturated with fake-niceness syndrome, where people act like ironic retards that use babyspeak, and when they break away from that to have a serious discussion, they constantly overuse adverbs like "genuinely" and "unironically".



That and couple of other articles have been seared into my mind for some years now.


What are you even rambling about? Nothing of what you said makes sense, probably because you're attacking people that only exist in your head.


>That and couple of other articles
Care to share some of those?




There's a response by someone else to it that's pretty good.




Ebin gaslighting dood


>spasticated zoomer monkey
He's talking (indirectly) of Baudrillard, Mark Fisher, you know? Hyperreal and Hauntology -type shit. Copies of copies that no longer have references to the real.

"Social Gentrification"

Another one that much broader in scope called "The Death of Subculture".


There was a couple more, that more in line with the first article and "Geeks, MOPs and sociopaths" but I'd need to find my bookmarks. Can't remember where I backed it up to.


>Baudrillard, Mark Fisher, you know?
I don't spend my time obsessing about people I don't care about. Have you tried that?

Thanks for the articles anyway. I'm reading the first and is going on point, but when he repeats that "is for the greater good" sounds like cheap justification, because the destruction of outcast culture resulted in the death of culture in general.

Will keep reading.


Read the first article. See that in the comments some people are pointing out the dubious point about greater good too. Going for the second. If you find the other articles you bookmarked posting them would be nice.


>I don't spend my time obsessing about people I don't care about. Have you tried that?
I know your zoomer attention-spans are really fucking short even compared to us millennials but Jean Baudrillard and Mark Fisher are relevant enough to the discussion.

Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard

Ghosts of my Life by Mark Fisher (though really only the first chapter is relevant).

>greater good
I don't agree with that bullshit claim either but I *think* he puts that point forward because he needs to justify his specific point of view on politics (even though it clashes with the rest of his article).

>If you find the other articles you bookmarked posting them would be nice.

I'll try and find them.


The second article is not bad, but since is a compilation of short opinions doesn't dive deep enough. I think it massively overlooks the factor of bad actors intentionally destroying subcultures.


I really can't fathom caring about this bullshit any longer.


Why you posted this then?


There's additional parts to the article if you want to keep reading with 3rd and 6th parts touching on poverty and social class and the commodification of subcultures.

>I think it massively overlooks the factor of bad actors intentionally destroying subcultures.


The death of the gatekeepers and the lowered barriers to entry of geekdom (and probably all subcultures in general) have allowed people with ill intentions and faux love to take over.


The first link is down


Gatekeeping was the most important thing people could have done. But alas


File: 1670894265340.webm (1.09 MB, 720x432, 5:3, Pew Pew.webm) ImgOps iqdb


we tend to look up to our childhood memories.
but people grew, some have kids, some have busy jobs, some have simply outgrown this hobby.

and the otaku community died.

such is the fate of any community really.
doe, i do agree … the kind of loneliness you feel being the last of your kind is heartbreaking.


>and the otaku community died.
There isn't one singular otaku community, you dilapidated barge brain.


there were many manga focused imageboard which had quality posts back in the beginning of the 2000.


>but people grew, some have kids, some have busy jobs, some have simply outgrown this hobby.

I don't buy that. Sure people grow and just leave the hobby but forums back in those had people in their 30s (and very very early 40s).


I don't know if you're still here, this reply comes a bit late. But since you posted cool articles I feel like I should respond anyways.

I think I could write a complete essay about this, but a summary would be that subcultures didn't "die" but had a murder attempt that they survived with difficulty and are still in bed trying to recover. Too much attention is given to detached factors like poverty, if anything subcultures should be stronger now than ever because the world feels more divided thanks to all the crap happening lately. This leds to people looking for a "home" or a place to belong. My theory is that there are entities that are actively trying to prevent this from happening, because they want to retain control over culture, information, and so on. A control they gained with the same tactics they used back when all these subcultures were not wounded.

Recalling back, there were this myriad of sites on the Internet even for very specific topics. We're not talking here just about subcultures about anime, books, games, but that inside these existed subgroups and divisions that differentiated themselves from each other and that you were only able to recognize if you were one of them, the in-group variety was boundless. Today almost everyone seems to be on the same page. I think this situation can be reversed and even has started to do so, but this is just the beginning of the 'fight'.



Post more on /jp/?


why did anime turn into such coomerbait
i hate it i hate it i hate it


>turn into
I’m willing to bet gunsmith cats is older than you.


i'm a 28yo apprentice.
i do get there was coomer bait back then, but not the frequency we are witnessing this last decade.

it's just too overwhelming, kinda got me out of the hobby as i felt more alienated and my sexual drive is too abysmal to indulge in coomer bait.


I will only agree that in anime communities it is definitely the main thing anyone ever talks about anymore. Waifu was dead ten years ago and now it's just a corpse, and these gacha games and vtubers make me sick.


what's a vtuber ? what's a gasha game ?
these words didn't exist in my generation


All of geekdom has become so sexualised. I know it's a strange thing to say on an imageboard but it's the only way to describe it.


>Too much attention is given to detached factors like poverty
I would call those factors pretty relevant. Things that determine what things you have access to determine how a subculture develops.


*Things that determine what things you have access to, determine how a subculture develops.


I was never part of a community, even in loose imageboard type communities i felt more like an outsider, and I'm too paranoid or just antisocial to really engage in a community overall, no matter what it's about. Also I get dumber and careless while the others seem to get more hardcore.

I think there is enough space for high functioning autists, tryhards, the real of the real etc.
But I'm mutating to a lowfunctioning sperg that can't even remember names or events of Anime or Jap stuff I'm still into while others seem to be even more and more experts.

Think it's time to stop and embrace the solitude.


are you me? literally me


Fan service has always been a huge part of anime. After all the demographic at one point in time was young Japanese men.


I miss the old days of falling down rabbit holes of obscure websites simply by googling a topic. Before the internet was ultra-commercialized I used to visit dozens of different websites a day for just one topic. But now using the internet in the 2020s to interact with real people on niche topics feels like turning on the TV in the mid 2000s hoping for quality entertainment.


that's how you know something went to shit after getting popular
anime used to be a way for people to tell stories who couldn't make movies or write long books
it's now used mainly for profit to sell to horny teens


Except you can't embrace the solitude no matter what you tell to yourself. You still keep relapsing again and again and again forever. This is fucking horrible. One day I'll cut my internet cable and call it a life. Fuck all of this shit. No matter what I do I soon find myself being disgusting piece of shit that molests everyone. I just can't fucking wrap my head around it. I honestly just want to participate, not asking for much, just not to feel like I am some alien who has been abandoned on a foreign planet. And yet I am this terrible piece of shit not even sure it's autism likely I'm just an asshole and I need to stop because I'm writing it again.


Keep this self-hatred shit in /dep/


I saged on purpose and post was an answer to another, similar, post.


Mainstream companies like Google along with social media killed those communities along with the cultural shift of anime becoming an acceptable hobby. I used to be active in them in the 2000s. Back then it was a bunch of nerds talking about anime we pirated as well as any fun touhou games. The average normalfag with a social life wasn't playing the games we played or watching anime in 2006, he was going outside with his friends/girlfriend to do stuff. Crunchyshit killed most of the old anime streaming websites from the 2000s with chatrooms by making anime more accessible to mainstream audience and then capitalizing on it by charging people money. Now the free internet no longer exists really where everything is subscription based and of course anime has been normalized to the point that even Netflix has it.


What do you think goes through mind of a millennial normalfag who's jumped on the anime bandwagon? There's people watching I know who've never watched anime since school.


>Turn in to coomerbait
It's been that way since AT LEAST the mid 70s or 80s. I kind of see what you mean though. There's a difference between good storytelling with maybe a hot succubus with big tiddies and the whole anime just being fan service.


From what I understand those people like it ironically or only have a surface level interest. Then of course you have the trannies self-inserting as a female lead and spamming clips of that anime all over social media.

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