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does the positive portrayal of school in a lot of anime ever get under your skin to the point where it's annoying/upsetting?
this has been happening to me a lot lately and i have no idea how to deal with it


Maybe stop watching cartoons for children.


I don't watch anime, but I imagine it would be frustrating. Seeing romance in TV makes me sad and angry and suicidal.


just stop watching anime about fucking school life


The few anime have watched in the last few months that even included school settings weren't really about school life.
None were overly positive or cheery about school ether. It was just a place that the characters had to go since they were school aged and it wasn't a high fantasy show or something.
A example is mob psycho (great show btw). Has a lot of scenes in the first season in or around school but is very much not about school or school life. It just where someone the protagonist age is expected to spend time at. Especially since a subplot is him coming to terms with not being "normal" but that if he tries he can still form meaningful connections with people.
Thus school becomes a setting to explore such ideas as well as present their counterpoints.


Gee, it's almost like the biggest domestic demographic for anime is Japanese schoolchildren.


In half the anime I know of, the school kids get bullied or end up killing other school kids.



It took me longer than I wanted to admit to figure that one out. I still hear the cooks at work 'sperging out with anime phrases… they're all in their 20's and 30's… I was the same - I regret going full weeb, but look forward to a future more grounded in reality.


Wrong. If you don't know what you're talking about is best to shup up.


My favorite school anime is Watamote,so no


everyone is sweet and polite to watamote-chan she just doesn't see it


Fiction is supposed to be idealistic so no I don't mind.

It does make me wish I could've been an exchange student.

I especially like the variety of clubs shown. I'd like to believe at some well-funded private school some of the more exotic ones exist together. If I were a teacher, I'd definitely be the advisor for the computing club despite having no aptitude for it myself.


>does the positive portrayal of school in a lot of anime ever get under your skin to the point where it's annoying/upsetting?
I was homeschooled growing up, but sometimes seeing school animes where the characters have friends and have fun outside makes me seethe in jealousy.


The heavy emphasis for school in anime is because it's the only world Japanese kids know which is due to boomers protesting lax changes in the education system in the 80s, there was a screencap I saw which I don't possess anymore that went over it in more detail. Also Japanese school life isn't terrible like it is in America and eastern Europe or whatever example you wish to use. Also notice how anime is escapism while Japanese film is usually somber or depressing, and if it's even a happy family there's no sugar-coating and romanticization of that happiness.


It's basically >>40068
In Japan school is looked back fondly by both normalfags and otakus, and is heaven compared to the high expectations and high conformity of Japanese adult life.


It's not looked on fondly, maybe in relative to the rest of their lives but school sucks there too and what bullying does occur can be as cruel as Russian bullying.


Anime isn't real my nigga


take your ebonics back to /b/ will you?


you just started watching anime pig face


The positive portrayal of life and humans in general in anime gets under my skin.


In what way?


Not that anon, but: I've been getting into Anime recently, and every single one is sexist against males. It also portrays people with friends who enjoy being alive, which I cannot relate to atall.


The answers I was expecting from him were that it either showed no empathy to his life experiences and that it felt fake to him, or that it bothered him to see happy experiences for whatever reason like not getting to enjoy those things. Not that I'm scrutinizing that point of view but anime is not made for people like us in mind.
>every single one is sexist against males
This also bothers me. Dopey plain beta male gets punched in the nose by a succubus who accidentally sees her panties. Kyon smacks the fuck out of Haruhi in the manga if you want to see payback for all the times a succubus smacks a guy, Kyon in general is not a pushover self-insert protagonist. If you want more mature stories about loner men that aren't soggy emos or late bloomer normalfags I suggest not to find it in anime or manga, and read a book instead specifically one from Russia or Germany as they have many characters and premises you would find relatable.


This, but literally any happier or better world.
It's poison to my brain.

I don't know how people do it.


YWNBARN (You Will Never Be A Real Normie)


Same reason I stopped watching anime, movies, series or TV years ago.
I cannot stand looking at romance or flirting scenes.

A mix of jealousy, anger and frustration engulfs my heart.


There's anime that depicts also the darkest things in life.

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