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I need all your notable knowledge on japan, or more intersting facts, thank you
I can begin with japan being the most comfy country on earth


Japan isolatted itself!



>japan being the most comfy country on earth
ingorant gaijin


what country is way more comfier than japan then?


Finland. Or probably any of the Nordic countries:
- Their prisons are comfier than our actual normal day-to-day lives. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suomenlinna_prison
- Finland is famous for hating socialization, small talk, and appreciating personal space and solitude. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Culture_of_Finland#Etiquette
- Ridiculously large social welfare programs to NEET off of. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welfare_in_Finland
Also, Tolkein based Elvish off of Finnish.


as a weeb I cant agree with you, to me japan is the most comfy country on earth, you can't change my mind sorry



but I can make an effort and say 'hey indeed finland is also comfy' you have my points


May I interest you in 90s Moomins, at least?


very comfy indeed


Japan is very beautiful and it's not as shit as normalfags who equate it to Korea and China say but it has serious first-world problems, and unless I live in the countryside and/or was Japanese I wouldn't recommend living there.


>equate it to Korea and China
Im glad someone saw this through normalfags, they tend to blend everything together


theres more migrants in scandies countries than japan I guess. but yeah you see more or less migrants in rural places I guess


Denmark puts lithium in its water and is taxed to high hell, according to Varg the Norwegian government also gouges money out of you via taxes and tollbooths to where they subsidize bread for poor families, you're never going to move to Iceland, and Finnish is a hard language to learn which is getting similarily pozzed to Sweden because Finnish "nationalism and progress" is just doing what Sweden does akin to Australia doing whatever the UK does.
>Tokyo is hellish
Tokyo despite its size manages to feel smaller and less dehumanizing than other metropolises, and the air may be cleaner too than American cities let alone places like China or Pakistan.




I agree fin welfare is unbelievable, you can literally live on that shit and still have plenty of money to do whatever fun stuff you want. Prisons are daycare centers too. That being said, naturally immigrant criminals take advantage of that shit and they're basically ruining finnish culture, which chaps a lot of finnish folk's frostbitten asses, but like most eurocountries they wont do jack shit about it.
Here's a cool factoid about finland: its one of the last countries in the entire world where you can fuck animals, legally. Most bestiality porn comes from that ice hole of a country. Neato, huh?


>That being said, naturally immigrant criminals take advantage of that shit

European welfare systems always get ruined by criminal immigrants lolol


Countryside is infinitely worse as a non-native, Japanese countryside even discriminates against Japanese people who move from other areas.


File: 1680251363914.jpg (93.29 KB, 1093x481, 1093:481, JapanRevenge.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anime is a WWII propaganda


Can confirm. One time, whilst visiting Matsue, this small Japanese succubus with reddish highlights in her hair performed nigiripe on me (dont look it up). Shit fucked me up for weeks, it felt like I had super COVID and strep throat after the effects had kicked in


You were, by all definitions layed out by the eldars, raped by a phantom succubus of the Hitoriyama. The burning in your chest was your eternalist soul escaping out of your heart. You are a mere mortal now.


Lithium in the water is an interesting idea. It increases bone density and decreases depression and other mental illness. Not a bad idea on its face.


File: 1680653743553.jpg (26.98 KB, 300x433, 300:433, 1Q84bookcover.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Technically it counts that I'm currently almost finished with this.

It's nothing like what you expect (and you can probably even expect something better) but it's still all right and insightful when it's not being morbid af.


My first Murakami. It's pretty good. His books have an addictive quality to them; they're simultaneously comfy and intriguing. They're definitely all the same though.


I was originally meant to start with First Person Singular, but the baboon on the cover was more interesting than the first two pages.


File: 1680757657394.jpg (153.91 KB, 614x625, 614:625, image (2).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

And people tell me to relax


without my glasses this book cover looks like an obscure Soyjak


File: 1680905976890.jpg (21.96 KB, 620x445, 124:89, eyv3z.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Took my glasses off.
Meh, obscure indeed.


Lithium eats your brain like SSRIs and the pollution it will cause will be incomparably worse than what oil has done. Depression is not a sickness that should be cured away either.


>I can begin with japan being the most comfy country on earth
Its not the most comfy country on earth. There are many spots and places on earth that are just as if not more comfy. Japan is the most based country on earth. With its isolation, love of culture and aesthetics and hatred of outsiders. Japan is the NEET otaku of the world. Japan is a NEET nation. It's because its an island nation of the most whitest asians on earth. supposedly, far east asians are genetically inclined to not take risks, to not open trade ports, accept immigrants, do crime, or even question authority. That is part of what makes japan work. You could absolutely NOT have a japan without japanese people, if it were all whites they would have turned it into mutt central by now, it it were all blacks or browns they would still be fighting with sticks, maybe indians could hold up the culture but not really. you need an isolated island of 'soulless bug people' to make a nation similar to japan

With all the talk of declining birthrates i'm not worried of what will happen to japan. I'd much rather see it become a poor backwater of a nation than a globohomo hotspot of immigrants. if japan remains true and based. It will sink back down to its medieval roots pre-industrialization.


would rather kms than take lithium

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