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Most western popular mainstream/tiktok anime 14+ is boring, extremely autistic, or cringe in a bad way. I never liked anime due to thinking it was going to turn me into a retard. eg pokemon, digimon, my hero academia, naruto, spy x family, demonslayer, hunter x hunter you get the idea lol. There are alot that are Watchable, but far from good due to the sheer cringe. Its like the majority of anime people watch in the west is cursed or made for children. Dragon ball is only watchable due to the fights, even though the lore doesn't make jack shit sense. But i found some i could call my favorites and overall satisfactory.


the problem is with how accessible and digestible it is nowadays there is almost no filter to who is watching it, the pool has been too diluted


It’s sad to me that this board pretty much only receives low effort bait posting nowadays.


Then go and make some high-quality soulposts on thisaday.


waste of time


no it's not.


how is this bait you think any of the anime's i mentioned aren't made for children with extreme autism?


File: 1682206169902.jpg (124.97 KB, 800x857, 800:857, 1662206088100.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

you were supposed to let him fill up the first page with new breads before pointing that out


File: 1682410983995.jpg (78.35 KB, 424x600, 53:75, Akemi.Homura.600.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

the backbone of this place is fucking gone, you can tell from how dead /jp/ is, all that's left are the illiterate subhumans like OP that can barely speak english and see anime as "cringe" or whatever the fuck because they look at it through the lens of modern internet culture


>the backbone of this place is fucking gone
This site is amazing. When you people say things like this, it makes me wonder if using this site used to be orgasmic, or if you guys are simply looking at it with rose tinted glasses, as they say.


>When you people say things like this
When people say this, and they begin to explain why, it usually boils down to them being upset that the owners banned discussions about wanting a GF. The "crab in a bucket" mindset is a violent and unwavering one. Wizchan is indeed nice and good, even almost as good as "that" board which shan't be named.


nice strawmann.


Unfavorable opinions about you, the kind of person you are, and the things you say is not a "strawman".
>Defending someone who lols at crabs on nocrabschan
Makes my greasy neckbeard glisten with joy.


personal attacks aren't valid arguments despite what you might see on 4chan


File: 1682786419442.jpg (134.06 KB, 974x599, 974:599, Ed9DZtkVoAAtRsP.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If someone wonders what's wrong with /jp/, and I then someone says it's the bitter crabs, and then you consider that a personal insult.. Goes to show what exactly you are!


>If someone wonders what's wrong with /jp/, and I then someone says it's the bitter crabs,
That's preposterous therefore an invalid argument.
> and then you consider that a personal insult
The real insult here is that you think you got an argument when all you have is a ridiculous grudge against crabs that aren't even present.




>because they look at it through the lens of modern internet culture
what fucking lens should I watch anime through to perceive it as something worth my time? I spent fucking years trying again and again and every time I decide to give anime an n-th chance I regret it.






What anime are you watching? Like the weeb fantasy harem anime shit? Repetitive high school bullshit? Or…whatever bucket Lain/YKK/the one with the really small forest sprites/Mushishi/Kino's Journey fall into?


You should try getting into chinese CG animation. So far there are 4 good shows:
Doupo cangqiong
Fanren xiu xian chuan
Tunshi Xingkong
Douluo Dalu


It looks soulless


Pretty much has become another version of /a/ but instead of shitposting is just dead.


read description / look at poster. then watch. then get dissapointed


Guy is obviously underage if he's on tiktok all day


Anime is literally made for children and young adults.

Those complex themes that you remember in anime only seem complex because you watched it when you were an inexperienced teen and anything would've blown your mind.



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