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Mushoku Tensei is my favorite Anime, and I think it should be very relatable to wizards. Its where a Wizard gets reincarnated as a literal Wizard.


Isekai is trash but I do agree that Mushoku Tensei is the best one of them


My gripe with Mushoku Tensei is that there is no way a loser NEET will suddenly become hardworking just because he is reborn as a baby, unless you're using the argument that he has a different personality now because of his new brain.


Mushoku learned foreign languages quickly because of his new body, so by that logic its possible he retained his "self" while his personality is altered.


>there is no way a loser NEET will suddenly become hardworking just because he is reborn

A good lot of downtrodden young men are as down as they are because of the particulars of Earth and Earthly societies. If a man who despairs among his fellow humans reincarnates among the very same humans, he's unlikely to live any more of a fulfilling life the second time around. If he reincarnates in a place and time where adventure is to be had, evil is to be slayed, cute witches (2d) are to befriend, and strong ale to be chugged among dwarven kings… Then yes, he may find happiness in this new yet somehow more human environment. Even if he wasn't aware that his poor outlook was the fault of those around him, he would still come to love a world closer to one in which the human mind has adapted to over the life age of the Earth. Society as we know it now is a sudden and rapidly deployed experiment. Many of us haven't adapted.


File: 1682759415608.png (29.05 KB, 577x226, 577:226, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb




That show is utter trash, just some late bloomer rubbing it in your face how he gets to hang out with, fondle and fuck a loli.


The biggest NEETs hug hard and hit harder.


yeah, that's the point, that's why i love it. tho it's a bit weird that normals also love it so much considering that it's a hikki neet khhv fantasy.


File: 1683078229423.webm (468.78 KB, 480x300, 8:5, gobble.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>tho it's a bit weird that normals also love it so much
There's a number of reasons, two that come to mind:

1. Normalfags consume without thought. Probably just hoping on bandwagons, I mean, there was a recent Power Rangers special and all the normalfags were raving about in my work group chat. Never mind that after a certain age watching Power Rangers labelled you as a "fucking baby that still watches power rangers".

Normalfags have this delusional belief that they are the underdog in life, I've seen normalfags compare themselves to Arthur Fleck, Travis Bickle, K, the Underground Man, etc people they wouldn't give a second thought or piss on if they were on fire IRL.


>K, the Underground Man
I don't know about these two, would you please link ?
As I found 3 different movies titled the Underground Man>>40515


Blade Runner 2049.

>Underground man

Don't wizards read books anymore?
Notes From Underground


Oh, the Dostoe book.
I tried to read it some years ago but i couldn't since the lengthy descriptions bored me out.
Wish it would be rewritten into a concise novel.


>Wish it would be rewritten into a concise novel.
It's a fucking novella, it's already short.


oh my bad, you're right.
i confused it with "Crime and Punishment" from same author, which is 700 pages long.

i'm gonna read it then, 170 pages is manageable.


>i confused it with "Crime and Punishment" from same author, which is 700 pages long.
That's a good read as well. Less relevant to the thread though.


File: 1685351943232.png (370.88 KB, 588x410, 294:205, gorl.png) ImgOps iqdb

Season two is coming out July 2nd. The first season was split into "Season one core one" and "Season one core two" with six months in between. When I heard season two was going to be released, I was confused, because of this.


>should be very relatable to wizards
I could not bare to watch more than 5 episodes, Mc just turns in to a massive normalfag with a harem of succubi, why a volcel wizard should relate to this?
The only relatable thing is Mc's pre isekai life but it is clearly written by a normalfag for normalfags amusement.
Isekais are in general failed normie\crab cope fantasy, this one is not much different.


It was an OK show, but didn't like how the protagonist wanted to fuck his little sisters and mother and maid and everything else that moved.


Dear anime CEO,
Hello I hate agility succubi please stop making them op thanks.


He never said or implied that he wanted to airwolf his little sisters, IIRC, but his little sister implied (before ever meeting him) that she was worried he would want to airwolf her.


I just finished the first episode of the second season. It was great.


File: 1691222225265.png (338.46 KB, 571x475, 571:475, Screenshot from 2023-08-05….png) ImgOps iqdb


I wish the story explored the psychology of the protagonist more and went in depth into his trauma, personality development etc but there was very little of that. There was a bit where the isekai father confronts his immaturity but not much more than that. I want to see an isekai where the author is brave enough to send the MC back to their original life and reality at the end of the story and see if their isekai experiences and his new worldview will have effect on how how he navigates reality. But I guess in the end Mushoku Tensei is relegated into the library of wish fulfillment and low quality fantasy


Spoiler: there will be more people from Rudy's world that are reincarnated in this one.


The second season was quite boring. We got a generic school setting and basically zero action. It was all drama dealing with rejection, ED, depression etc.


I'm told the school arc is one of the most boring, and that it gets better. The production took a noticeable dive too, but I still have hope. Plus its not like I have anything better to watch nowadays


>Hard work
Those two are not mutually exclusive.


>wish fulfillment

I've noticed that this seems to be becoming more and more common in every type of anime. Korean, Chinese, and Japanese anime are all becoming more wish-fullfillment oriented. Korean and Chinese stuff is almost gratuitous. Chinese MCs act almost like super villains because they are way stronger than everyone and they go around ruthlessly slaughtering people based on small insults and shit.


Season 2 is not finished. There will be a Season 2 part 2 releasing soon.


This trend is cancer. If it airs in a different season, it's a different season.



>Season 2 part 2
Why is this a thing now?


My guess is it has something to do with a push to improve worker conditions in the industry so they are producing fewer episodes over a longer time period to give the staff less insane work schedules. I have absolutely no specific knowledge of this though and it's just speculation.


I thought it was more to anticipate the earnings, then they can even adjust the rest of the production according to the return or lack thereof.


Whatever the reasoning, I'm excitimoso for it.


thank you op for making me discover this anime, it's good


aren't all isekai mcs virgins?


This. Same for me. I don't understand how this could be popular here, aside from the wish fulfillment aspect. The pre-isekai backstory stuff that shows up once in a while and rarely has meaningful bearing on the present story is okay. But, again it's merely window dressing background.
The story itself is nothing more than watching a blessed ubernormalfag Chad born in an ubernormalfag Chad family live an ubernormalfag Chad life.


yes, that is the point of escapist wish fulfillment fantasy shows. To let people (losers) self insert as the MC and enjoy pretending they have the most amazing normalfag life possible.

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