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I do enjoy watching OVAs and movies, but long TV shows I can't get around anymore. Anything more than 26 episodes I just don't even bother starting anymore.
Is this ADD? Did I ever like actually anime? why do I still like anime, especially old 80s/90s OVAs but can't sit through new TV series anymore?


>It's another crypto "New anime bad, old CLASSIC 80s ANIME good!" thread

OP your not actually looking for advice. You never even read the Akira manga.


>why do I like X but dislike Y? Can you explain my own taste to myself, please?

Buddy you're too intellectually disabled to make threads, you don't understand what a question even is. Try /b/ next time.


I cant even watch anime entierly, look I was watching gunslinger succubi and stopped at ep 6, too tired to finish an episode now…I can't watch anime anymore


Take a break. That's what I do, I cycle between different hobbies throughout the year to keep them fresh and enjoyable.


>New anime bad, old CLASSIC 80s ANIME good
errmm, maybe not entirely(plotwise, characterwise) but visually? 100% yes the older anime looks way better, this is not even debatable.
The strong economy of 80s japan made it so that they could actually animate shit, with unique visuals. 99% of anime looks the same nowadays, with very rigid animation.


File: 1683894252812.webm (2 MB, 320x236, 80:59, Cat-canon.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>The strong economy of 80s japan made it so that they could actually animate shit, with unique visuals. 99% of anime looks the same nowadays, with very rigid animation.

Maybe, but I'm beginning to think that hand-drawn animation being replaced by quick, easy and cheap digital animation is part of it. A lot of other animation has this problem now.


You are delusional. Modern anime look way better and it's not even close.


I've read the Akira manga and yeah, older anime is better


the anime feeled rushed, didn't read the manga, is it better to read the it?


Not really. The art is great but the plot and characters are essentially the same as the movie, just more dragged out.


Stop being retarded, it has nothing to do with budget or economies or whatever the fuck you idiots are regurgitating from some uninformed youtube essay. It's literally always been about talent. Talented animators and writers make anime great. Anime has literally been made the same way for decades, it isnt like american cartoons where only the storyboards are done inhouse, and then everything else is shipped off to corea or injya where they draw the art assets to toonboom puppet rig them


I have the same issue a lot, it helps me to just watch shows as they air, easier to watch one episode a week than try to marathon shows sometimes.


sounds like it feels like a chore to u rn. watch some sol play some vns something easy to do, challenge your taste, watch stuff you never would, imo if you can't watch any type of anime, from any era, you don't like anime






File: 1703675305661.jpg (193 KB, 850x1021, 850:1021, 20231228.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Watch something good


File: 1703855833387.jpg (51.86 KB, 1408x1080, 176:135, 20220204_012457.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Watch something good
>posts prettyboy FOTM adaptions with korean animators


yeah sure anime is all about talent
no really
there is so much wisdom in it
so deep
so many hidden cues
and animation is so striking, the best animation in the world
especially 3d, when i see it i get stricken dead by its beauty
anime has some of the best plot arcs ever written in media, including all available literature
there is nothing that even nearly compares to anime
don't take me wrong, your reply is funny, but i fully agree that anime is all about talent
if it wasn't for the extreme talent of those creating it…
anime is the best thing ever invented
i have never enjoyed anything this much
and plot, man, the plot, it's so amazing. i have not seen any single writer who would even nearly compare to japanese storytellers
holy shit i'm so hyped right now
anime is so good
it must have been created by the god
and may the god multiply the talents of people making it even further


Who hurt you?

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