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What do you think of this american WW2 film about japan? Its an hour long but a lot of it still rings true.


Is what true? What is that video? its title? Why didn't you embed it?


i don't know what you are getting at. Are you suggesting that the link goes to something bad or are you implying that im a newfag? well sorry but in my 7 years here i never learned or i forgot to imbed. the link goes right to it so it doesn't really matter.


>it doesn't really matter.
Yes it does. You killed a thread with images and conversation to ask a vague question about something you're not even interested in enough to post the title of. Your thread will die because harly anybody is going to other to click an nondescript Youtube link and then post their opinions about it when you yourself haven't even done that.



I read this book, and he had some interesting ideas on why Soviet, 3rd world, and corrupt armies do bad.

But his favorite final answer was because of the unique aspects of Arab, shame-based, authoritian, conformist culture. And I was thinking this could have been written about Japan. And yet Arab and Japanese culture are so far apart.

So if you compare nonwestern cultures to the west, everything different is going to appear strange and exotic.

I think you really only get a sense of what is unique when you compare nonwestern cultures to other nonwestern cultures, and see what is different between them.


wizards are such snobs.


You can fuck off then.


You don't want your palace guards to be able to coup you.

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