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Im having a growing fascination with Japanese classical theatrical arts (kabuki, puppet shows, etc) which, trough foot work and dance, paved the way for martial arts- specially what's taught today in Bujinkan Ninjitsu. Or in Kyudo and Kobudo schools.
the topics of modern ascetic monk sects (shingon, tendai, shinto yamabushi) is also captivating and inspiring.
Anyone else feel the same about these topics? If I was rich enough to travel ,to japan, id try to make a point of visiting the Sokujushinbutsu shrines, attend shinto festivals \shrine processions, and take extensive pilgrimages and hiking tours in temple-plenty mountain and roads.


Visiting shrines is one of the best parts of japan. They are usually secluded and have few people around, so they are nice places for a wizard to visit and do the little ritual. The big ones in the cities are nice in their own way, as they tend to host holidays and such.


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Regarding sokujushinbutsu (the monks themselves are sokuJUshinbutsu- sokushinbutsu is the mummification process..most people get this wrong), it seems only 2 are "real" and the rest of mummies received post-mortem treatment. Its a topic which oddly fascinated me– the Willpower and Firmness of will to accomplish self-mummification is: well, if they had a green lantern ring , they could beat the anti-monitor
The process involved eating (after already fasting+diet) only pine needles , tree bark, foraged wood types etc, for 1000 days ,then drinking lacquer tea at times, THEN a final fast for only salt and water. Some even have limestone or river stones in their bellies. the urushi tea and water with arsenic seemed to counter-attack the putrefaction of the corpse.
(they werent really buried alive tho, forensic research showed that…the guy who cut off his crotch and benis also had it cut off post-mortem. Just a nice legend about celibacy determination)

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