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Instead of trying to save japan's population through robots or immigration. Why doesn't japan just downsize their economy and all their assets to suit a smaller country and return to being a national backwaters? It'd be the most based thing to do and it'd stop them from being globohomo'd into oblivion.


Amazing. Why don't they just print more money?


no, what i'm saying is why don't they just go back to being a 3rd world country?


cant they just become a south korea?




a smaller version of japan, same tech/econ, half the pop

just need to get rid of the elderly



they need to do it for the glory of japan.
but part of me kind of hates how japan can't support itself. It relies very heavily on foreign imports for food. If japan was suddenly cut off from the rest of the world. catastrophic levels of suffering would occur there.


I read a guide to Japan that presented it as still a very isolated nation, which contradicts all the weebs there. although the book is early 2000s.

but i visited the smallest of the main islands in 2017. japan doesnt have any special meaning to me the way it does to many wiz. its actually one of the least interesting countries to me. the same way i dont like fantasy literature, its timelessness makes its history boring to me.

but anyway in this quiet less developed part of japan, i found it very peaceful, clean and orderly and enjoyed my stay, despite not having any expectations coming in.



This is the book. It does "otherize" how different, Japan is. But its a cozy picture where the entire neighborhood block will go on a bus tour of France together.


>japan doesnt have any special meaning to me the way it does to many wiz. its actually one of the least interesting countries to me

I've heard accounts of western weebs as far back as the late 1800s with americans wanting to move there. Consulting the child version of me. The one who didn't know anime or anything japanese and assumed anime was american made. I saw japan as just another asian country no different than tibet or vietnam. I do still think it has a charm or special meaning though. I hate how every asian culture has overly ornate, elaborate architecture. japan is very visually pleasing to my mind which likes neatness and orderliness.


This is the future of Japan if they don't wake the fuck up and quick. The best I can do is trust Japan. They are the guys that can stay isolated, peaceful and stagnant for hundreds of years, then just transform into efficient and ruthless killing machines without any regard for human life. I feel that at Japan's next turn they will do shit that I can't even conceive of right now.


Japan's debt is like 300% of their gdp and the yen is like 66% of what it was prior to global hyperinflation. Post-collapse Japan will still be safer than a typical American city.


Debt is only Dept if the party you're indebted to has the will and power to take back what they're owed. This is why "debt" to China means jack spit. China will never sail over the Pacific to storm our vaults for enough gold to pay them back for the all of the rare earth and steel we've leased, so why even entertain the idea that we owe them anything?


1st world countries have went bankrupt. if you default to any of your creditors, then none of them will ever trust you again.


>then none of them will ever trust you again.
GOOD!! We shouldn't have to rely on other continents for what we can produce at home, and what we can't, we should proudly pay for upfront. Some people are debtslaves due to poor choices or bad luck. A country doesn't get unlucky, so its only through awful administration does an entire nation ended up in "debt" to some third world shithole where the people don't even wipe their asses.


all the way back in the 1780s, Alexander Hamilton discovered that national debt isn't like personal debt, and can actually be a good thing


>little over 100 chim chim ooga booga tourists having a bongo party in japan
that is a significant amount. this doesn't mean that japan has fallen yet. most immigrants are other asians like koreans which could assimilate more easily in one generation. crackers and beaners like us will never be japanese and so not many should be imported for no reason.


It's not without reason, Japan spread to subhuman lands when they were fucked and bred with local beasts. Now the creatures return taking the jungle with them. That's no small deal, it's pretty much how the story of the flood begins in the Bible. The solution is execution, preferably in public and in exemplary ways, or isolation into some far secluded island, where they may be dropped to live lawlessly. If any people can be trusted to do that it's the Japanese.


>The solution is execution, preferably in public and in exemplary ways, or isolation into some far secluded island, where they may be dropped to live lawlessly

with todays modern, egalitarian principles that could never happen. It sucks how people can't just see that an entire ethnic group can be bad for a society. I would be a really racist person if whites were actually better than everyone else. and by better i mean nicer, more moral, pure. But i've been around too many bad whites, just as bad as niggers treat eachother. Nasty, rotten little white kids, white trash adults. Keep in mind that europe for a lot of its history was a backwaters and that even germans and english were at many points, savage barbarians. Hypothetically there could be a society of browns who are better than the rest. but i've never seen one.

Importing immigrants like middle easterners who make rape cases skyrocket and tout shariah law is beyond retarded. In japan's case. Importing any westerners except for rich whites would be disasterous for their nation. Blacks will bring moral decay, beaners will bring drugs and crime, middle easterners and indians will bring rape, lots of rape. They have to import other asians


it's their problem, not mine


>But how does this affect us PERSONALLY?

If you like anime and would like to see more quality Japanese games, then yeah, Japan's societal issues are your issues to.


anime is boring


File: 1695704880547.jpg (250.41 KB, 1650x2000, 33:40, Fanwe0CVEAEX2On.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It is not.


There's an hypothesis that Western Europe selected genetically against personal violence through centuries of death penalty, where almost 1% of the males in each generation were executed. Of course it didn't get rid of every case, and it's possible that whites who left Europe before the cultural perception of capital punishment fully changed would still be more violent, as in mostly the ones in America being worse than the ones in Europe. I've heard that one of the authors of this research wrote a book where he makes some similar or equivalent speculation about the Chinese, except it would be throughout a much longer time period, and might explain the orderliness and conformism of East Asian cultures.

I do think whites would be detrimental do Japan, but in another way. Using the Big 5 model of personality traits, it's possible that whites are excessively open to experience. About the rest of East Asia, I'd still be cautious. I'm not that much of an extremist and I believe one or two blacks or Arabs at a time might be assimilated, the problem is always mass immigration, and that might be an issue even for Koreans or Chinese. Ideally Japan would close itself for a few years. The economic results might be temporarily disastrous, but not nearly as a bad as the devastation of losing the last war, and nothing that they couldn't manage in a few more years.


I live in america and the bad whites i was referring to were not just trailer trash or skin heads. Rich white kids are utterly vile human beings. The stacys are the worst and the chads are no joke either. they are incredibally arrogant and it killed my faith in the idea that the white race was somehow more pure than the rest. Not. the only N word to be concerned about is Normies. Normies are savages.

>Using the Big 5 model of personality traits

stopped reading. That pop psychology bullshit isn't valid. Though east asians are supposedly genetically inclined to take less risks and be more reserved. I made another post on here talking about why its the only way their societies could be so orderly.


Americans are psychotic and retarded because it's where the trash of Europe was sent. In Quebec there were so little succubi for the colonists that the French government had to send some because they were all criminals. In Norway and Sweden they sent all lunatics and drunkards on a boat. The first settlers of the country were religious extremists (as drastic as that term may be). Look at the mafia. The further west you go the more mentally odd or introverted the people become as it's where the antisocial, outcasts, ill-fitting puzzle pieces and psychopaths went to escape society.


population decline is a meme and only the concern of boomer govt and their taxes
less people = more resources to go around


i see you've found another thread in which to interject your "evil boomers" nothingburgers again


Because most countries have this retarded economic system where there must be constant growth, in population and gdp, to fuel ever-increasing taxes and debt. You can't stop the growth or it will all collapse, which is inevitable because constant growth is impossible, but the public, politicians and rich demand it anyway because they care more about short-term profits than long-term stability. So the beatings will continue until morale improves.

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