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I see a lot of people being hyped about this anime. what makes it good? what males people watch it?


pretty elf gurl, idk
watch a video essay on it if you don't have ur own opinions


I'm watching it right now. It's not a bad show but I'm not overly impressed by it either. I think the bar for anime is just very low right now. It looks visually genuinely good (haven't seen any CG so far) and lacks typical unfunny writing tropes, that is enough to make it seem like a masterpiece when compared to most of the trash that gets released now. To say it's the best anime ever made (it has the highest score on MyAnimelist right now) is an overstatement, it still has nothing on something like Evangelion or Akira.


>it has the highest score on MyAnimelist right now
MyAnimeList is authored and used by people who don't watch anime. It's one of the great 13 ironies of the Milky Way Galaxy.


How do you know that?


>Evangelion or Akira.
NGE is trash.


File: 1710556945963-0.png (2.27 MB, 1200x2000, 3:5, Screenshot_20240316-033404….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1710556945963-1.png (2.33 MB, 1200x2000, 3:5, Screenshot_20240316-033213….png) ImgOps iqdb

Frieren is an insufferable hag that I can absolutely not respect for being so high on her horse. The world builds around her and her succubi disciplines, all men are pathetic soft sidecharacters that bow to succubi. The mana system is not very well though out as this is not what the story focuses on, it focuses on frieren and her suffering for being too smart. Im sure that would attract a lot of edgy zoomers that would all go "nigga, thats literally me" and project themselves onto that bitch whore. Its a work that was made for age ranges between 14 to 17 so I stopped reading after chapter 10. The manga was definetily written by a roastie whore (just looked it up it was), at it encaptures female fantasies of empowerment (See picrel no. 2, it shows an "asthetic" image of frierenhag walking in an edgy way with an apple). Frierens motives are shallow but if you are still stupid and 16 years old you will fall into the trap of trying to relate to it (like in picrel she says she only relates to magic "somewhat" as if it is special to only care about a thing a little bit).


i feel like anime is starting to hire their own shill farms.


Epic contrarian take that was never posted before. Whatever you think of the series, it's objectively one of the best works in the medium. If it's trash, then that says more about the medium of anime itself than about Evangelion.



The fact that you put it into the same category as Akira, which honestly is world class animation as opposed to anime, is bonkers.


File: 1710779407549.gif (2.28 MB, 426x240, 71:40, anime miyazaki.gif) ImgOps iqdb

The problem is Sturgeons law is extreme when it comes to anime.

Instead of 90% being crud and 10% being good, only like 1% of anime has an actual plot or good writing.
The rest is fanservice to otaku weeaboos and awkward loners.


>awkward loners
Yeah, don't see many of those here on wizchan, no, definitely not.
You can't make a post like this without also giving at least a few examples of stuff you consider good. One or two can be based on personal enjoyment, not asking for only masterpieces.
I don't even necessarily disagree with your overall point. But 99/100 of those who go out of their way to say this have genuinely trash-tier taste.


when an anime is being shilled i know it's better not to watch it at least while it's still popular otherwise you will get normies posting spoilers the moment it airs in japan
i also don't like the light color tranny scheme it has going on which makes it seem like those C tier shows from mid 2000s
Elf's just don't look right without shading or higher quality visuals


>i know! - i'll spite them by depriving myself of fun!


i just don't like the corporate artstyle


> (haven't seen any CG so far)
I have bad news for you, the cg is so good now its in all anime. The high budget ones have it so good that you cant realize it until you have an eye for it or dabbled into 3d animation yourself. Fucking ALL of the shows have it even for main characters often.


what does that even mean? Can you tell me the hallmarks of the "corporate" artstyle?


I haven't watched the anime, but I really enjoy the manga. I like the casual adventures, nice art and good pacing.

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