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After being bullied out of anime for 4 years , I've just got back into the genre, my favorite thing I've watched in this current come back is madoka magica, does anyone have recommendations for animes I should watch next?


What sort of shows do you like? You have to give us more to go on. There is a wide range of stuff out there. I would try and go off of what you've given us but I didn't really like madoka and don't watch many shows like it but I'm sure I've watched something you would enjoy.




>After being bullied out of anime
Explain how this could possibly happen


Families, schools and places of employment are generally full of neurotypicals who hate anime and anyone who watches it.


Ok…? "Neurotypicalfags don't typically enjoy anime" isn't any good reason for someone who does want to watch anime to not watch any.


File: 1711406507469.jpg (132.09 KB, 850x850, 1:1, sample_9e199ea4e72eaf88527….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>gunslinger succubi
>witch hunter robin
>galaxy express 999
>kino no tabi
>serial experiment lain
>welcome to the nhk
>ergo proxy
>bible black


>serial experiment lain
Purposely make no sense, have no story or character development, and are slideshows

But hey, they're popular among "ironic" weeaboos so they must be worth something


what anime do you suggest?


Was it a personal attack or a comment that did not concern me?


File: 1711411962511.jpg (168.17 KB, 1535x2048, 1535:2048, GEUGL3Ea4AAj7XH.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

OP has yet to give any idea as to what kind of person he is or what he's in to, aside from his adoration of Madoka Magica. This displays a lack of any self-identity or awareness that he even ought to have one. He deserved to be "bullied out of anime" if he views anime as a singular homogenous entity without regarding different styles or genres enough to even make any semblance of such a distinction when asking so broadly for "anime recommendations". Because of this, I suggest he cleanses his pallet with somethings decent that lacks the melodrama and glittery non-substance of Madoka Magica. Somethings such as:

TTGL for super-robo action
Macross Frontier for regular robo action
Tetsuwan Birdy and Cowboy Bebopfor sci-fi action
Samurai Champloo for historical action
Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryoukou, Spice And Wolf, and Kino No Tabi for relaxing succubi walking withs
Cardcaptor Sakura and Lyical Nonoha for magical succubi nice times
Suzumia Haruhi No Yuutsu for Surrealist drama
Arakawa Under The Bridge and Sakigake! Chromartie Koukuo for surrealist comedy
Soul Eater for surrealist action

Thee are the SAME anime I've been recommending to NEWFAGS for YEARS and nobody has EVER told me they REGRET watching what I'VE TOLD THEM TO. You might as well leave the board if you disagree with any of it.


you forgot durarara


Code Geass
psycho pass
hunter x hunter
kimetsu no yaiba
mushoku no tensei
fate/stay night
Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Blue lock
gyakkou burai kaiji ultimate survivor
Magi: the labyrinth of magic
Sword Art Online (only s1 tho)
No game no life
Vinland Saga
succubi & panzer
shokugeki no souma
golden kamuy
detroit metal city
ergo proxy
GTO (great teacher onizuka)
Hajime no ippo
History's strongest disciple kenichi
Ghost in the shell stand alone complex
kage no jitsurokyusha ni nariakute
kemono no souja erin
tokyo revengers
shingeki no kyojin
Vivy: flourite's eye song
Kusuriya no hitorigoto
seirei no moribito
shigurui: death frenzy
cyberpunk: edgerunners
3-gatsu no lion
spy x family

this is all the shows I can think of that were good before I got tired of trying to think of more shows

idk how to not get this flood detected. I accidentally posted it as a new thread when I meant to reply to this one. Maybe adding this text will do it


these are actually really good suggestions considering the personality type that enjoys madoka. Not anything I would pick myself but OP probably would enjoy them


also paranoia agent maybe. It's been a while since I watched it but I remember thinking it was good at the time although a bit of a mixed bag. From masterful to mediocre.


File: 1711414986931.jpg (294.76 KB, 735x1000, 147:200, 2632687feb38b3d1dc31ea241b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

hell succubus


>"I consider what is best with Mexican males aged 14-22 to be the best that anime has to offer"


okay then, let's see your list


don't get trolled, this is literally the list of "reddit's top 50 anime" with the SOL stuff taken out


>psycho pass
>tokyo revengers
almost all of those are complete trash for actual teenagers.
you probably just asked chatgpt like many younger zoomers like to do nowadays (ooh wow look at me Im so stupid but this jew shit chatbot is really useful!!!). Should be considered a bot post imo.


waiting to see your list…


If you like Madoka i would Recommend
Ojamojo Doremi there very little alike but they are both Magical succubus shows and can get a bit "dark" as the Youtubers and cool kids say


how can legend of the galactic heroes be right next to naruto on a recommendation list? lol i want an explanation from you


it was a fair question. what do you recommend?

you know, we do need more to go on to make recommendations. >>41793 had a point when stating anime is a diverse, and if you want good recommendations we need more to go on. madoka magica is popular with massive amount of people amongst whom there are a spectrum of different anime preferences. its like saying you want a metal recommendation but only mention you like slipknot.

i recommend you watch sousou no frieren. like madoka magica, it has broad appeal but it is also well made and is a rare instance of a show that is both good and very popular. like madoka magica, it is also an anime that "feels like anime" unlike something like LoGH.


Naruto is great. It's not a masterpiece like LOGH which is a deeply philosophical work, but it has really good fantasy as well as some of the best fighting application of said fantasy. Basically the jutsus are cool as fuck, the fights are cool as fuck. The concept of these hidden ninja villages which provide military support to the nations is cool as fuck. Even the writing and overall plot and stuff was good. Naruto is a good hero, an outcast class clown character. Sasuke has a decent backstory and I don't mind him being an edgelord. He clearly had trauma and was pushing away people who were trying to forge connections with him with the reasoning that he had to cast them aside to seek power to exact his revenge. It actually is a realistic depiction of the fucked up thinking that comes from trauma. Overall it's just good and solid with few flaws. I do have to admit that I never finished shippuden though. I will someday probably.


SpyxFamily is genuinely one of the best things I’ve seen in some time, is probably one of the few shows that I would watch with my family and recommend to anyone.

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