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the problem with YouTubers who make videos about Japan is that they spoil Japan for you like someone could spoil a film for you. they show all the facets of Japan. everything is discovered, nothing is hidden so that once in the country, you will be amazed by things that you did not know about Japan. Japanese youtubers are worse than weeaboos.


stop watching there breadtube videos problem solve


I'd be more worried about the amount of gaijin normies in nipland right now, ruining the country's subcultures.


File: 1712085014226.jpg (110.65 KB, 850x843, 850:843, sample_4a8219755437d1b1513….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>ruining the country's subcultures.
can you develop, please? because to me, subcultures live and die, new comes around, and evolve even if there isn't foreigners in japan. so I need you to answer why
yeah you're kind of right. it's my fault to go and watch videos about japan and get mad at it


I went to Japan 2 weeks ago and while it’s true that it seems to cater more to tourists now it’s doing so without losing its own spirit, they’re trying to absorb tourists on their own culture (and milk their money) instead of changing their ways.

But yes I can see why for some people going to Akiba and verifying that most people there are actually Americans or Chinese (instead of japs) could make people nervous.


japan is ruining themselves by wanting more immigrants. I guess the country is over


what you fid there? were the foreigners you saw in japan behaving good or not? examples?


have ceased to exist in the always-online anytime anywhere era of cool kid youtubers and "influencers" looking for things to exploit.


Don't worry, all successful countries will eventually self-destruct with immigration. Because the rich elites get money from such workforce and don't have to carry the burden of living next to them, they'll always make the choice to put their interest first(money) before the interest of the countrymen(safety).


>Don't worry, all successful countries will eventually self-destruct with immigration.
joke on you, even if I don't lile immigrants because, according to me, it ruins a country, yet I still believe immigration is good for a country and will save the country. paradoxal I know haha
internet killed the subcultures of late 1990' and beggining 2000'


We still had subcultures in the 00s. I think they ended towards the end of the decade.


not OP but when I was there i saw some retarded indian guy feeding deer his trash (and that was one of many bad experiences with other tourists)


File: 1712424727386.jpg (67.58 KB, 341x512, 341:512, unnamed (4).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Will you tell me all of them please?


Many aren't specific, just tourists being loud, disrespectful, obstructing walkways to take photos (especially bad at Fushimi Inari). I hate being on camera so some spots like Gion were stressful. To add to Akiba stories, I did see a lot of clueless tourists falling for obvious tourist traps which is always funny to see


what are the tourist traps in japan? it could be helpful if I go there one day


The one I saw most people fall for are succubi handing out flyers in Akiba, Dotonbori and Nipponbashi. They get you to go into their cafe/club where they will try to extort as much money out of you as they can. If you're into figures and go to Akihabara, a lot of the shops you find on the main road will be upcharging a lot. For example I found a berserk figure being sold for 300, not too far away but off the main road was the same figure for 80.


oh ok thank you. so it is not worth it to buy figures in japan or goodies


It isn't worth it at bigger shops, but if you know where to look it aboslutely is. For example, I got a figure for 20 dollars that would've cost 200 online. Nipponbashi has really good stores with some pretty reasonable prices. Even akiba has some good ones in the side streets


File: 1712428680529.png (896.46 KB, 1372x1952, 343:488, 8fab11ec4fb47edd1c5ab14edd….png) ImgOps iqdb

ok thank you for the store. I take note✍️
I like hearing other's travel in japan. so c1n you tell what you did there please haha. were you alone?


I don't have many crazy stories, it was all pretty standard, I won't get into specifics it isn't too interesting. I went with my brother though. I want to go again in the future alone when I can speak Japanese a little better


File: 1712430535176.jpg (186.93 KB, 850x726, 425:363, sample_719fd9a4a64d1a73f17….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>when I can speak Japanese a little better
are you learning? can you tell me how? books? schooling? internet? apps?
also do you have some pics of your travel to share?


I am learning right now. I am just going through the Genki series right now, are you intrested in learning? Have you learned languages before?

Also I don't have any photos avaliable to share, sorry


yeah I learned mostly english with 4chad. but yeah I want to learn japanese too haha
no problems for the photos


What is your first language? Your english is pretty good


>What is your first language?
>Your english is pretty good
haha no it's not that good, I lack vocabulory. everytime I post on /b/ I get called ESL brown brazilian


It's pretty good for being self taught. You could easily learn Japanese, you just need to start. You won't find anyone agree on what is best so just do what you enjoy the most. Genki is good because you can find it all online if you look for it


thank you for your kind message. bur I think I'll begin by buying some books on japanese👍


I definitely recommend "Genki" if you can get it. After the first chapter you will be able to construct simple sentences.


I'll try it thank you


When I was in Akiba I found some good 2nd hand shit at respectable prices at Traders and surugaya, the amiami on radio kaikan was dissapointing, they have much more shit on their website.

But the worst by far was animate, I don't even know why its still called like that, almost everything they sell is garbage.


Oh and yes if you ever go to akiba don't fall for the succubi giving you fliers, just ignore them like everyone else.

If you want to go to a maid cafe you have to choose between @home and maidreaming and it will be expensive anyway and the food is not so great, and they will try to get more money from you selling you extras, at least the menus are in english.

I would say it's worth it just one time or two, I was able to have some fun and paid for a little show of the succubi singing one of my favorite songs, and it was good, like a mini idol event, but the price is high.

Also it was one of the few places where I saw even more pathetic guys than me, there was this fatass that just kept asking for songs, and on other day there was this faggot that looked like the japanese version of the glasses kid from polar express, he paid for like 9 songs, and was ordering more and more coffee and food, and when the show started he bought like 10 of those light sticks, like dude wtf if you want to keep giving them money just do a donation for $1000 to the maids, yeesh.


Agreed, and it's always some shitty white people benefiting off Japan, making $$$ off them by being like, look how different they are. It's worse than colonization.


their videos are shallow most of the time


is english your first language by the way?


File: 1712525599947.jpg (64.26 KB, 680x685, 136:137, 837.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sure, Japan isn't perfect, but I've been trying to learn the language for years. I quit, but 9 to 10 years later I return.
Even if I quit now it is still verified I'll return to it a decade from now like I did anyway.

Otherwise I'll at least try to write 2,200 kanji (which is what is known by average) if not more.


>I would say it's worth it just one time or two, I was able to have some fun and paid for a little show of the succubi singing one of my favorite songs, and it was good, like a mini idol event, but the price is high.

….seems blasphemous for post-2014 wizchan.


Same except I quit only for a few months then try learning it again.
Made a lot of progress these two last years.


anyone who also hate these guys with guts

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