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Honestly, what's wrong with depopulation?
It's good for the average jap. They will finally be able to buy a home at a good price. Same for us in the western world.
Why are the elite forcing that shitty propaganda? there's no such thing as infinite growth. All the ressources on earth are getting scarce, some will disappear this century.


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they want more immigrants coming to japan. I don't like it, I want japan to stay 100% pure from filthy foreigners (even whites). but alas, japan is going to open its border to more foreigners in following years. They need workforce, that's why japan wants foreigners to come. it will become a shithole like the western world, sad but true. I wish to got to japan before it happens



>Why are the elite forcing that shitty propaganda?
The aim is likely to rearm Japan against China, while depriving them of the ethnic basis for imperialism, so they remain a US vassal state. Both the economic and population arguments are just PR, as you no doubt know examples of depopulated towns and abandoned industries in your own country which the same people argued in favor of


The elite need fresh need cattle to keep the system going, new drone worker and consoomers to keep them rich and powerful, less people = less profit and cattle to control

Capitalism is to blame


>the ELITE
>Capitalism is to blame

Your UCLA professors must be very proud.


This is more from urbanization than population decline. I mean the population is declining but that doesn't cause a threat to towns, what does is when all the young people in small towns move to tokyo in addition to the population decline. After it gets to a critical point of too many old people it just drives off the young people even faster and the towns go into decline. There was some sort of vampire anime that was a metaphor for this phenmomenon but I can't remember what it is right now.


it's only a threat to the rich whose empires depend on stable consumer demand. Mass migration is a complete grift


wise words


normies are so utterly mind poisoned on the population issue



>Honestly, what's wrong with depopulation?
Nothing. Japan is overpopulated if anything and having the country shrink only worries people who know nothing of population trends and >>41954.


>there's no such thing as infinite growth

It's such an obvious truth that no one wants to acknowledge. Complete insanity. I think Japan could be fairly reasonable about it if not for the influence of the great satan.


>Honestly, what's wrong with depopulation?
It shrinks the base of productive class while dependents who rely on the excess production of the productive class to be supported.

If social services and the like weren't structured like a ponzi scheme then it might still be a issue but it would be a purely social issue rather than a state/governmental issue.

With a shrinking working population there are less and less young people that are required to provide for more and more old retired people.

There was a hope that Japan, of all places, would inovate there way out of the problem with technology to boost the productivity of the the productive class and provide for the dependent class such as robotic care workers and the the like.
But that didn't happen. Japan's long slow stagnation has significantly slowed it's ability to invoate it's self out of the problem. Now it appears they are using the same (imo stupid) tactic of importing outsiders hoping for them to be a new underclass to prop up the system. So far this tactic hasn't worked for anyone who has tried it. And I suspect it will be detrimental to Japan if they go forward with it.

Still, depopulation is a complicated and compounding issue. One that there are no easy solutions to. At least none that anyone is willing to actually implement.


I agree it would be bad if Japan went completely extinct, but maybe the population is just regulating itself to a proper amount for the environment?


It is. One of the reasons Japan invaded China was because the islands were getting overpopulated.


>Honestly, what's wrong with depopulation?
I'm pretty sure that depends on what kind of society it is. Like how much can it's society sustain it's particular way of life with a decreasing workforce.


Correct. Unfortunately they aren't set up to take care of the growing aging population nor provide a decent future for the young so that they are invested in society.

No easy answer though. I hope Japan figures it out though.


I think they would rather Japan disappear than be invaded by foreigners (but I would say the second option is the one that will happen)


Thing is it wouldn't disappear, but they would have to deal with basically a generation of hardship until the dependents die off and the inefficient parts of the government and economy collapse.
It would be bad, like really bad, but it wouldn't be the end of Japan.

That said, mass importation of foreigners just might. Or at least fundamentally change it for the worse and damage it in ways it will never be able to recover from.


I agree, japan will never recover from the billion foreigners coming in the country to work. western countries are used to nowdays, not japan


It's like that population is actively being raped. I do not want to see the headlines in 20 years, I hope mishima rises from the grave to tenno Heika banzai the invaders into oblivion


Japan is really a victim of it's own success. If they didn't have one of the highest life expentacy in the world, they wouldn't be in the situation they're in right now.




The problem is that literally the Japanese race is becoming extinct. Too many foreigners going in and diluting the blood line. Soon, it will just be full of weird looking hybrids and the real Japanese will all be gone. The world will lose more of its biodiversity.


>The problem is that literally the Japanese race is becoming extinct
Lets not be hyperbolic.
There are still 126 million of them. They are in no danger of going extinct.


>the real Japanese
You know they're just another flavour of chink right?


let's save up some money and buy up an abandoned ghost town in Japan


Their birth rates have been falling for decades and continue to fall. Sure, extinct is an exaggeration for the next 50ish years. Doesn't deny the fact that by 2070, about 1/3rd of their population is going to be gone. Worse, Japan has opened its borders and the flood of foreigners and gaijins go there to just fuck their succubi. So, even if their population increases, it begs the question of how many of those are real Japanese.


But some amongst then might know about kalergi plan, may they not? Oh, these conspiracy data are never shared enough by us shut-ins who manage to discover it, even when internet's anonymacy protects our asses from furious imbeciles who would wish to slit our necks for merely knowing such stuff


Foreigners aren't allowed to own and in Japan until they become full citizens, which can take about 16 years


Capitalism is to blame



Dumb work centric culture, having a baby is expensive and enter conflicts with job ambition of the parents, even worst for females. If Japan could change their work culture to a more leisure culture and give free child care since day 1, perhaps they could change the birthrate and avoid importing low IQ indians to destroy their cities.


File: 1716244911383.jpg (711.96 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, GKAWPN-bMAALo17.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>having a baby is expensive
It really isn't.
>give free child care since day 1
They do. The Japanese federal government and especially the Tokyo Metropolitan governing bodies issue significant rebates, assistance, and services for those raising children. A single-worker household with a mortgage is maintained as a viable income to raise two children while saving for post-secondary education and surprise expenses. These policies are in line with pretty much every other G7 country. The main drive for having the mother enter the workforce once the children enter school is so that she may provide for her own parents. Her parents of course, being baby boomers who were adults during a time of exponential post-war economic growth, saw no need to save money for their own retirement. The only difference between Japan and Western nations in this case is that Japanese companies don't actively automatically pay in to retirement funds, nor did the Japanese government tax their income to guarantee them some returns after they've reached retirement age.

>perhaps they could change the birthrate and avoid importing low IQ indians

They don't need to make more babies in order to prevent importing streetshitting niggers. They can just decide to not import niggers. Japan doesn't need to be a high-scorer in the game of GDP. Japan collects enough taxes fro childless day labourors in order to cover the cost of importing food and resources. A low GDP is fine if their cost of living is even lower. Niggers working in a stamping factory may raise the GDP after a generation, but they inflict upon the cost of living more than they put in to it. The only reason Europe, Canada, and Australia """NEED""" to import niggers is to financially sustain the niggers who are already there. Like piling freshly murdered bodies on to the old ones to hide the smell of the old bodies beginning to turn putrid.

>If Japan could change their work culture to a more leisure culture

Of course the "capitalism is to blame" guy is a "just chill out and don't make your people work" hippie.


>Dumb work centric culture
Because that totally isn't a think in any other economic system.
>having a baby is expensive
Which is a issue globally regardless of economic system
>If Japan could change their work culture to a more leisure culture and give free child care since day 1, perhaps they could change the birthrate and avoid importing low IQ indians to destroy their cities
Something only possible with surplus. Surplus is realistically only consistently possible with capitalism.
Alternative systems are making matters worse.


How else would the welfare state survive?
The Japanese going extinct because of a low birth rate is such a stupid thing to say, people will always fuck no matter where and who they are. Japan is already an overpopulated country, part of the reason for the Co-Asian Prosperity Sphere (decimating the rest of Asia in WW2) was because the islands were getting too crowded in relation to resources and technology at the time. This depopulation is actually a good thing in the long-term as it will stabilize at 30,000,000 less people than it has already. The only downside is the short-term, where the current generation and the next is going to have to pay off with little fruit the retirees of the generations above them. All the existentialism about living in a stagnant economy and the meaninglessness of life in the modern world isn't hard data so I won't go into that. Gaijin have also been diluting the bloodline significantly for a while already so it's already bad and now that the yen has weakened tourism has increased.
Capitalism run on wartime economy, market share, and the Bank of Japan dictating who got what funds is what made Japan the country that would've overtaken America as the top economy until the Plaza Accord sabotaged the yen and "traitors" within the Bank of Japan to blow the bubble that burst.


Japan is depopulating while being a 1st world country for two reasons. Japs are responsible and obedient. If you are being treated like shit by those that rule, you overthrow them. This makes a society unstable and violent, but being obedient avoids this but puts the problems back on the populace. Now poor people would eventually die off, but their only avenue to avoid extinction is reproducing. This may not be "responsible" according to a developed 1st world society, but it is the only option you have if you are poor, provided you can find a willing female.

A lower class being obedient and responsible in a capitalistic society is getting pretty interesting to watch as the lower class revolts by simply not having kids. Of course the wealthy try to stopgap this problem with immigration, but with the influx of so many violent fundamentalist muslims they are starting to have their doubts in being ethnically replaced.

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