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Anyone else come here to escape from the horde? Maybe we can give this secret board some life.


*hisses at you then runs on all fours in to the shadows*


Not a bad idea actually. /dep/ is for crabs, /lounge/ is full of wizkids. Just make sure not to make this a /meta/burger thread, complaining about wizchan all the time.
Shall we make it fit the theme of past /v9k/?


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I am looking forward to another lonely Christmas. I think this will be the first year that I will actually miss summer.


Sometimes, but sadly it seems like most of the wizards who remember v9k are long gone.


there is barely anywhere left for me to go on the internet but i'm afraid to give up my only form of social context and collectivity. i don't want to actually be alone.



Reporting in. 2012/2013. I can't even remember most of those days though. I can't remember wizardchan or its culture any more. It's all a hazy memory.


im just dancing all the time


i remember


good idea


Life fucking sucks


We all die


Not everyone lives


I wanna die

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