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909732daydreaming I wish I was a NEET hikikomori 30 year old wizard living 1lone and doing cryptocurrency to sustain myself while staying at home 24h/7days all week! I would order groceries through a company that deliver you food directly at home after you ordered on their website in internet (yes those companies do exist). I would order ubert eats for fast food whenever I want and drink beers and smoke [View]
871733 .[View]
855824WIZ /B/ STUDY MIX i joked about the idea last night but i think it would[View]
577759 firest post of a new year[View]
566934 Myers-Wizz Type Indicator[View]
561625 if there are any females here I will sniff you out and rat you, don’t think you are safe for even a second, the moment you let your guard down I’ll have your head on a pike, another femskull to add to my pile[View]
561291 Can we get some more insight on how someone "proves" himself to be a man? I didn't see that happen anywhere on-site so are we assuming this happened on some clique shittery offsite discord? I'm just curious, if for example I got banned for being accused of being a succubus or a nonvirgin could I theoretically prove my virginity by posting a facebook account with like 3 friends and no succubi in an[View]
553981 '''''utopian art deco themed subterranean vault entirely constructed of plastic, metal and concrete materials and populated by genetically engineered and cloned fem-boy elf people, operating on a synthesized economy in terms of a token economic system with digital credit underpinnings and governed by Imperial Government clockworkers/enforment agents. a cia funded clandestine experiment to create [View]
491117Scarface- NEET life Up early in the morning lacin up my pc lights[View]
489768 —What are you doing outside?[View]
483761wiz brain Normal brain reaction to a sexy succubus:[View]
482497 Is this illegal to post on this domain?[View]
478583 —Hey the other day Jimmy told me something weird about you, he said that you’re a virgin? He was joking, right? You’re what? 60 years old?[View]
461430 Hello, Wizchan! How are my favorite people doing tonight? Oh wait a sec, you’re not people. I’m sorry. Because people, that term is used to refer to normalfags, right? Therefore you’re actually not people, or maybe you are people, but people who aren’t as people as them. If you were a sex having person then I’d call you people, because on this digital era with all these smartphones and[View]
414688 Whale[View]
362023 I was originally going to 1. Post this in /music/ and 2. Just throw this list away due to a meltdown I cant just control that easily.[View]
278234You're still here? Don't make them sad! Go now! >Wolf shoujo, fox shoujo, loli-chans, headpatties,[View]
127502nice thread be nice[View]