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Post the saddest images you have/have seen on the internet, it can be drawing or 3D


scanned images of my diary tbqh


File: 1689952284993.jpg (328.45 KB, 1482x2048, 741:1024, ec19b7e7838b4b4d2226ebac9a….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

agree with the wiz above. the oppic has nothing to do with sadness.


This is sad until you realize a succubus like this probably has a boyfriend and like 30 personal simps on discord while still reposting femcel memes. succubi can't be losers.


I don't know, you know it reminds me of that feeling that no matter what you consume, your life will always be boring.


thats just life anon, people who have everything get bored and still feel sad. no one wins in this game


Probably the video of a retarded dude with Down syndrome or something being burned alive in Africa because they thought he was a witch, dude had a tire on fire around him, stoned to death, and then corpse burned. Dude was just a weird retard and got the mob justice death. Maybe some of the American lynchings are sadder because we can relate to the mob more and expected more from them.
That imagery of the mentally incompetent being killed for the retardation of the mob, is pretty sad.


File: 1689954430869.jpg (226.36 KB, 1134x1001, 162:143, Kramskoi_Christ_dans_le_dé….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1689954888759.jpg (1.04 MB, 724x7228, 181:1807, CC67977E7500DED52A97BD61F1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


what a nice art you found!


File: 1689956596037.jpg (955.26 KB, 2444x1716, 47:33, 1393608519419.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1689956668996.jpg (47.74 KB, 499x488, 499:488, 0854864265.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1689956710576.jpg (48.97 KB, 746x590, 373:295, hu975e67d.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1689956758326.jpg (54.74 KB, 460x371, 460:371, preview.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1689956819722.jpg (76.72 KB, 561x553, 561:553, 842844656501.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1689956866993.jpg (3.38 MB, 5230x4563, 5230:4563, 1587640418978652.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1689956918571.jpg (22.01 KB, 503x359, 503:359, 1513715390512.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1689956978419.jpg (463.54 KB, 1032x782, 516:391, 1688229877134.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


3DPD =/= 2d
dumb failed normalfaggot


You can easily tell apart manga style illustration intended as idealistic depiction of succubi to be fawned over (such as porn or moe anime) and illustration intended as art delivering some kind message. It's silly to compare characters in series like to love ru or gochiusa with real succubi. On the other hand, why shouldn't we compare characters written to be realistic with real people? Should characters in Berserk or Vinland Saga be taken at face value without any reference to reality because they're also 2d? That's also silly. I am allowed to call the succubi from shigurui whores because that's what they're written as. I think OP's picture belong to the second category of art. It isn't drawn to be sexy or moe to appeal to otakus. It's an art that depicts a grounded picture of a person who can't move past her childhood dreams and fruitlessly persist in fantasy. It has the kind of cutesy hello kitty aesthetic that succubi likes so I assume the artist is a succubus drawing from her personal experiences. Hence my criticism of her through her 2d character which is an extension of her real life self. I didn't call the character a whore because I am some kind of outsider normalfag boogeyman trying to invade your sacred hobby so I can make anime woke and post ironic weebs memes on discord or whatever it is you're angry about these days. I can't believe you made me spell all of this out for you. "Old guard" elitist weebs and their undeserved sense of self-superiority are so obliviously embarrassing.


File: 1689965544623.png (133.7 KB, 457x450, 457:450, 1524252396318.png) ImgOps iqdb

That's a lot of butthurt
>"Old guard" elitist weebs and their undeserved sense of self-superiority are so obliviously embarrassing.
Lol, you got gatekept by real anime fans and it's working


I agree. There are so many tryhards that get offended over cartoons.


File: 1689966834789.jpg (37 KB, 702x658, 351:329, 1684336592604156.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>is so insecure that he needs to write up an entire wall of text replying to a 5 word post + samefagging


>if someone agrees with post i dont like it's samefagging


best in thread


File: 1689987708916.jpg (278.73 KB, 700x932, 175:233, before-after-syrian-civil-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>saddest image in the world
>OP is some tumblrina redditor twitter only a female would found sad


based and high iq


Getting insulted for small things is just imageboard culture. Just because you feel camaraderie with an anonymous wizard at some point in time doesn't mean you can't get insulted by another at another point.

>what the hell happened to this place?

I have been here for years and honestly don't think anything has changed. Sorry if I came off a little bit too harsh earlier.


This was fucking stupid


And then piglet got long haul covid


post or shut up


File: 1690744205304.jpg (1.17 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1623301590205.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

tl;dr coming up:

I once had a dream about a place like this picture. Except the stone islands were rising from a black primordial ocean, there was a never-ending thunderstorm with extremely violent winds, and the stone islands had no little people/creatures nor fires. They were completely empty.

I fell into this world after falling through a seemingly bottomless pit in an empty ruined cathedral. The winds pulled me around through the air and allowed me to barely control to where I hovered down. I knew that if I didn't land on an island, I would fall into the endless empty ocean and surely die.

I missed landing on an island and fell into the waters. The currents were even stronger than the winds. I was pulled helplessly around the ocean surface, was slammed into the sides of various stone islands, and inevitably was sucked down deep, deep, deeper and deeper until I was in the ultimate black waters of chaos or something like that. I couldn't move under the immense water pressure, couldn't breathe, I knew I was about to die and kept focusing on that feeling, that there was absolutely no other ending to this situation other than death.
I could not possibly save myself. Nobody could possibly save me. There was no divine intervention to rescue me. No random chance would save me. I was going to die and there was absolutely nothing at all that could change that, and I had no other action to take but to try and accept the inevitable fate waiting for me.

Oddly I was extremely turned on by this. The rocky-ocean-storm world made me feel strangely at peace and I enjoyed the whole experience. When I feel overwhelmed I like to imagine this place and it calms me down. I want to go there so bad.


File: 1690859847313.webm (2.98 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1689279035387.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Can it be a video? It's gore.


Yes god is so loving and the world is completely fair! At this point, life is only about survival and having the fittest thrive. It will always be like this no matter how much has changed about our world.


>If God good, why bad thing happen?

Are you imitating some cartoon character or something?


File: 1690860969822.png (1.14 MB, 1274x792, 637:396, E21FE03BF6201A1D0F3163F1C9….png) ImgOps iqdb



No, god literally isn't good or simply put he just doesn't exist. I think our universe is formed by itself and we are at the mercy of everything terrible or good. "God" doesn't make any difference or changes in our lives, he's just a idea that's been preached since the dawn of time because people have nothing better to do.


File: 1690870511254.jpg (1.62 MB, 1425x2406, 475:802, SmartSelect_20230801_00144….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This one always gets me.


To be fair this is a completely valid question if such a god claims to be just and omnibenevolent. I don't know why it became a meme.

Sakyamuni Buddha will just lay it out as life is fucking uncomfortable and lay the groundwork to deal with it.


>…and lay the groundwork to deal with it.
Yeah right. What are these Buddhist teachings for dealing with it? Sit down and rot until you stop breathing? Develop such a weak body that your newfound physical ailments outpain whatever you felt sad about prior?

Life isn't objectively awful as you preach. It's every individual's responsibility to rectify the discomforts in his life, whether or not he's responsible for causing them in the first place. A simple change of outlook can only do so much; beyond that, the LDAR philosophy of Buddhism will only leave a man sickly and unfulfilled.

And no, the question is not valid. God, neither Biblical or any other really, has ever claimed that suffering is impossible on this Earth, that life ought to be heaven before heaven is reached. No endeavor of self-preservation is without the consequence of infringing on another being's capacity to endure as well. This is the objective nature of choosing to exist further on a planet with limited space and resources. But is this reality bad? Is it evil? Is it worth opting out of life for, choosing instead to exist as a mere stone in the desert? Of course not. Every time you, in an act to fulfill your desires, infringe on another being's methods of doing the same, you widen the path towards growth for that being. Equally, when other beings inflict hardship unto you in their task to fulfill their desires, you must take that opportunity to do the same by using the circumstances to further your wishes too.

I bet you actually enjoy the band "Nirvana".


I know life isn't all doom and gloom but I don't wanna believe or worship a entity that made this senseless existence of consuming and reproducing into nothing. Many unexplainable and incontrollable forces hurt good people and bad people get away with so much. I'm tired of sucking up to your fake idiotic religions, the world the way it is just by mere chance, everything is RNG and there isn't much too it then that.


>struggle, struggle, struggle until you "make your life comfy"
you sound like normie. no amount of hardship is gonna change anything. you'll just end up being a wagie. to put yourself in control of your well being you need to have enough intelligence to tell junk and worthy people apart and then team up with worthy and manipulate the junk. basically you need to become half sociopath, where your sociopathic part is for maintaining your well being and your normal part is for people you care about if there are such


File: 1690877453409.jpg (338.91 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, Fyf4a0ZaEAEB-Me.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>this senseless existence
This is why you fail. Human existence may be directionless at the time of birth (save for some hormonal and instinctual desires) but through imagination, foresight, training, and introspection are we to make our own purpose in life, and strive to fulfill it. This is the sentient human condition. To find out what makes us smile as individuals, and then work until we smile brighter than we did the last time. The purpose of life is to make purpose.

You may attempt to fulfill your desires in a way that doesn't infringe on another being, you may take as much time as you need, and as many breaks as you feel appropriate… But to reject your desires entirely and succumb to the lie that they are without value… To allow someone to withhold your fulfillment while you grovel underfoot for another piece of "wisdom", another lie, about how you are in the right for ignoring what your heart tells you…. That is the teaching of Buddha.

>everything is RNG and there isn't much too it then that.

If you're cold and have a blanket by your side, do you rely on "RNG" to throw the blanket over you? The random, seemingly inexplicable acts of the smallest atomic vibrations and the largest cosmic eruptions are certainly capable of changing the course of our lives for better or worse, but it's no reason to feel defeated in the grand scheme of your quest for fulfillment. And even if something totally beyond your control puts a bump in your path, the solution is to just walk it off and keep on going. We're not powerless to change the direction of our lives in a way that makes us happy, so please stop suggesting that before somebody actually listens.

I have a desire to drink a tasty drink. I will do everything I can to ensure that I may, even if I have to stomp a few roaches en route to the cupboard. I will smile when my tea is brewed and enjoyed. I may trip on my garbage pile on the way, but even if I do, the reward will still be worth it.

You sound like someone who only processes existence in terms of what's NORMAL and what's Sadboy-Crabcore-SailorMoon-Tumblr certified. You sound like a faggot.


That's dismal. For me it was maybe one from Brazil. A teenager maybe 15 or 16yrs old, this gang of slightly older kids are driving in a car with him. They are taunting him that killed his older brother some time before, laughing at him and i believe also hittinf him, and threatening how he is next. They eventually stop the car somewhere and unload bullets into him. One of the saddest things i saw in my years watching gore.


>Sit down and rot until you stop breathing?
In my mind, this is the only respectable reaction to existence. That or suicide.


>Even though life is complete shit, you must struggle and strive even though you probably won't ever succeed and many forces will keep you from trying!

This fucking pull your bootstrap shit is so exhausting, why are you people like this instead of putting that power in helping people and making the world a better place? No, you must work retardedly hard and you'll have a chance to earn a piece of bread from the people fucking you over! FUCK you, I hope one day the normies will wake up and crash this shitty way of life and make a new era of peace and prosperity.


>Sit down and rot until you stop breathing?
Complete misunderstanding.


I "loved" that picture. It really invites you to imagine the lifes of those poor creatures and how futile their existence is. And when you think it's just a depressing fantasy, you realize the whole thing it's just a miniature version of our lifes.
This is truly depressing, but on the other hand, nature often works in strange ways. Who knows how long that little animal could have lived without its mother.


t. jew troll


>It really invites you to imagine the lifes of those poor creatures and how futile their existence is. And when you think it's just a depressing fantasy, you realize the whole thing it's just a miniature version of our lifes.
Maybe i'm just shallow, but reading this was really profound for me. I've seen that image many times before and never really thought much of it beyond "looks gloomy/miserable". After reading your post I now see it in a whole new way. Thanks for that. I rarely enjoy that sensation, of seeing a new layer beyond the ostensible, immediate appearance.


t. komodo dragon


File: 1691272181857.jpg (108.5 KB, 824x928, 103:116, 1688438646858053.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I definitely wouldn't call this the saddest image in the world but it still tears me apart for some reason.


Well, for starters, she has money if she has all that anime trash laying around. She is a cute young succubus, the most privileged group on the face of the earth. She's crying, but that's what females do all the time.

Why should I feel sad about this image again?


Go back to Q Research, fucking boomer…


I think he just needed an image of someone being sad to start the thread. I doubt OP was implying that was even an exceptionally depressing image…


Most wizardly christcuck


Money is not always equals happiness, unless you are normgroid.


This image is funny and wholesome. I bet his grandma just really wanted to make a fun project.


Fucking touching


Yes. My eyes went wet while reading.


This is cringe fr no cap


I stopped feeling this way somewhere around 2014. 4chan changed too much. The boards I frequented changed. The people changed. I don't relate to anyone there anymore. It feels like the oldguard have been fully phased out and replaced by Gen Z-ers who might as well just be alien to me. I'll always have fond memories of the old days but that's all they are now. What's left of that site is a rotting corpse that should have been buried a decade ago.


This image is silly. Replace her with a balding 3X year old guy and it might be more relatable and realistic. A cute, young succubus just doesn't quite hit the same.


Wait till you're 70


the saddest image was andrew tate getting put in jail. but by gods will he was saved to lead the revolution.


She lacks being oppressed, succubi love being opressed, you never see a opressed succubus complaining


they were never oppressed in the first place, so of course you dont


>I bet you actually enjoy the band "Nirvana".
I hate it when normies write full-length paragraphs then end their rant with le ebin 1 sentence (or even 1 word) long conclusion. Fucking EBIN brooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
I bet you like



Yes lil normie, long covid dementia! You need to be very fearful and depressed because your life is over.


"Bleach" is good. Dave Grohl was a helluva drummer


>he hates
Good, good. Hate leads to suffering, suffering leads to damage, damage to recovery, recovery to growth. Let the hate flow through you, person who has a "The Smiths" t-shirt.


File: 1697512591338.gif (79.2 KB, 500x390, 50:39, VludSWr.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Why don't you punch yourself in the head and give yourself more pain and growth, faggot?


I do! I lift heavy things and throw my fists at other things until I'm sore all over. Now I can lift heavier things and beat on things harder! I'd punch your Greenday album if it were within reach!


You guys are like stand up comedians, very cool


Name of the manga?


File: 1697592766034.jpg (192.92 KB, 1024x1016, 128:127, 1447716838094.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


You better not still be here WHEN I COME AROUND bud..




File: 1699241336957.png (294 KB, 629x1600, 629:1600, 13892433746.png) ImgOps iqdb

Easy mode would to just post something from /r9k/ or here.


this is less sad and more inspiring that anything else.


Wasnt this made cause of the SOPA shit?


File: 1699562963130.jpg (418.83 KB, 2048x1209, 2048:1209, F9rzJAOXsAAFhHN.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Would be sadder if she was an adult OL


I started browsing /a/ in 2006, this one got me. I left 4chan years ago after the normalfags ruined it


This one would be a wake up call to realize you got people giving a fuck about you.


The place no longer exists, but not in the sense grandpa meant, 4chan is a completely different place now, the fact that the only site that was proud of being different is now the exact same as any other but in a dying decadent and stagnant format like image boards is quite ironic.

The power of entropy is just too strong, there’s absolutely nothing that escapes from mediocrity and then just plain degradation, it kinda makes you be careful with the few nice things that still exist in the world, because enough know that it won’t last forever, they will eventually decay, and that state of is much worse than just giving it a mercy kill.


imageboards are still one of the best site formats. there is nothing better than good old forum, because good old forums (+imageboards) are very simple and unobtrusive. i'm not aware of any single forum implementation that is not good and old and doesn't suck as well.


Looking at the state of 4ch/r9k/ makes me sad.
Whenever i get hit by nostalgia and visit it once every two years.

I miss when it was the virgins place back in 2014, it was less serious than this place and there were many inside jokes understood only by the outcasts.


File: 1701816577104.jpg (219.65 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, Bonobo_sexual_behavior_1 (….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Reminds of comparison of animal sex and human sex, although more connotations of almost existential horror and trauma of filth from Pornography by The Cure.


This is sadder if you imagine her stimming, on the ground lost in her own inner magical succubus world, wasting the days away in an imagination brainrot slump


It is sad that I cannot beat this succubus to death.


God forbid a young gal enjoy cartoons made for young gals to enjoy. Bully!!!


File: 1703680672696.png (76.69 KB, 1258x1901, 1258:1901, 90-year human life in week….png) ImgOps iqdb

This one is unbeatable, imo.
Anyone who sees this image and still is optimistic and thinks that life is any meaningful or good, is at a level of super-delusion and so non-self-aware that it's pointless to even discuss with him trying to put reason into him.


I printed this one when I first saw it, it's a nifty idea.


Humans having a shorter lifespan than that of a sea turtle is no indicator of life being meaningless and bad.


>Anyone who sees this image and still is optimistic and thinks that life is any meaningful or good, is at a level of super-delusion and so non-self-aware that it's pointless to even discuss with him trying to put reason into him.
Such assumptions. Maybe I'm happy that I get to die at some point, ever think of that?


Its fucking beautiful that most of that chart is filled with school/work, I fucking hate society so much, why do we treat ourselves like farm animals?


The other day I started making an image based on that exact chart, with different colours for the periods I would have committed suicide and how many weeks I wouldn’t have had to live. When I first start thinking about it at 13, at 21, and so on.
I didn’t finish it thought because lazy


Now that I'm a mid 30s, schoolwork seems like a tiny % of life. Like the 4 years of HS and college were a huge deal. But now 4 years just keeps sliding by like its nothing.


File: 1705051344737.png (248.47 KB, 1276x488, 319:122, 1651727929195.png) ImgOps iqdb

Well I'm going to post some rare screenshots or so I think it's rare


File: 1705051378051.png (237.36 KB, 908x827, 908:827, 1651729261406.png) ImgOps iqdb


This was posted when I was 16 and now i'm 22. Yep dude was right too the fucking T.


How is anything that is posted 2017 "rare"?


Are there ANY actual 30+ year old wizards on this site???


Wow, couldn't finish reading it from how hard it was hitting. Judging by the date and post number, it was made on this very same /dep/ board. It's a shame there are no archives of this place.

Me. Virgin, 32, but I've held jobs on and off so not completely "dysfunctional" yet…


I don't know if anyone feels that way at that moment but here goes.

As these magicians have written, life is just chemical reactions, so why don't you do the actions that generate more chemicals of "happiness", it will sound stupid, but a percentage of your sadness comes from the fact that you don't expose yourself to the sun, you don't use your body to its true capacity, etc. and in general you don't enjoy life.

You live watching on the computer the life you would like to have, take advantage of it brother, there are experiences that are worth it, when you get out of the shit hole you will see how everything improves even a little.



Yes, it is.

I can't wait to die. That doesn't invalidate the effect of that picture.

So true. You have to take away from that picture:
- the years you already lived
- the years you sleep
- what you said about school/work
What's left is really laughable.


Very few.


Tried, did that, had my normalfag moments.
I was still depressed.
I guess there's no escape for me.
I don't regret anything, though.


I mean think about it. Are you as a 30 year old going to be regularly using let alone posting? Probably not.


In my case, I also hate communities in general because I am schizoid, so…
I still sometimes lurk because sometimes there are some cool posts.
And because there are not many places focused on nihilism and pessimism.
But at the same time, this board has huge obvious issues, so you need to be pretty detached from it.


>I don't know why it became a meme.
eChristians turned it into an ironic meme because they can't refute it.


File: 1705580084997.jpg (36.28 KB, 500x338, 250:169, tumblr_o9i61ryV2b1s73tqio1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1705600079013.png (303.27 KB, 869x1236, 869:1236, moot and anon shitposting.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1705782860086.jpeg (90 KB, 800x598, 400:299, K8NFX0q.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

This is literally the polite of many of those that are neurodivergent, this isn't THAT rare.
Still tho, it fucking sucks it's like you're living in Fuminori's world in Saya No Uta. Denpa, right? Yeah that.
I turn 29 soon, I come here every once in several months or a year or two during periods of deep depression. Mostly because I know most people are way younger than 30 and I've already read variations of all these overtly introspective posts several years ago on here barely touching my 20s. It's really boring coming here.


yeah it's way better to watch media, engage in some hobbies, etc.
imageboards and wizchan in particular are boring, when not even just trolling/flaming


/hob/ was(not sure now compared to then) a great subboard to browse. I remember reading from other places how normalfags would larp as the site's demographic just to take part in the quality /hob/ threads. That's probably the only reason I'd come regularly. You can only sadpost so much until you realize just how bad things will get for you if you mindlessly continue refreshing away. Then, you've reached the age bracket where you seriously start feeling alienated from most of this userbase.


I quit /r9k/ in 2021. Once succubi started posted there without retribution from the replies, I knew the board was over.


File: 1711306995426.jpg (98.54 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1638314577590.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I bet this pic will remember many of wiz a lot of days smoking


I loved all the fake brands.


The saddest images in the world are the ones that the fucking fed faggots keep posting on every single board I use. Holy shit, fuck off.


File: 1712029042417.jpg (25.37 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 1538336158061.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Can someone supply me that image of the succubus with her fist in the wall



File: 1712380390532.jpg (99.73 KB, 800x680, 20:17, 1561488397884.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


found it with imgops. I think this is the original that thet op's pic was cropped from: https://safebooru.org/images/790/1f7cffc9395ee0483978833c71774f6c51b527b9.jpg

posting a link to the thing since wizadmins want me to disable vpn for the arguable luxury of uploading it here. thanks niggers


File: 1712551328204.jpg (102.13 KB, 603x767, 603:767, 1647076154054.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


the anime succubus with amputated limbs and teddy bear in hospital
that shit is just horrible


most people don't know the image that comes before that one

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