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geniune question, why I can't enjoy video games anymore? do you have a theory or an answer on why one stop enjoying video games?
(I don't know if it's the good board to talk about it)
I believe it must be linked to my depression


can't eat shit forever


Depression tends to get worse overtime, so your mild depression in the past has progressed into a more extreme version. These all make pleasurable activities less pleasurable.

There's also a habit of thinking nothing is worth doing which can inhibit your ability to enjoy things because you have already disregarded the possibility of enjoyment in your own head


I stopped playing because there are a lot of bots and cheaters


Because brain degenerate over time, less neurons, less neurons connections. As result, reaction become slower, we cannot recipient games as children do.


Could be simply burnout, its not unheard of. Not like videogames are at a high point right now either. What about other hobbies, this has been happening to you?


same with reading and watching anime. I don't have the feel to continue/ start watching/reading them


Same reason why a baby after some years stops suckling and beings to eat actual food.
It's now time to move on and find a new hobby.


Is movie-watching considered a hobby? How about TV-watching? Music-listening? Do people ever really stop watching movies and television, stop listening to music?


Why do you think your parents or female siblings didn't obsessively play video games when you grew up? And it was just you in front of the TV doing it? It's because that stuff only appeals to male kids.

It's because the feedback loops that video games exploit are pretty rudimentary and obvious, it's just to a kid's mind they're not. A basic introductory course to programming will also break the facade and you'll see how dull games actually are, just arbitrary if/else statements you navigate through to raise a number in some int variable, before a flag is triggered, and you repeat the process.


Interests change over time. It could be depression or it could be you no longer finding them interesting anymore.

Don't listen to the fools saying that games are for children. That is just projection. Playing video games to pass time is a completely valid thing to do.


the second argument suits me well. I only played few games in my life, maybe 20 games or so and I feel like I've played all. the game available. maybe I don't need to play video games again after playing few games


You're probably just suffering from both a burnout and depression. What I usually do is take peroidic breaks from vidya and try doing other things that keep me occupied for a few weeks, then I return to them afterwards and I feel fully refreshed and entertained again.


it's been 1-2 years I didn't play video games…


I like to browse internet while americans are asleep.



so, when i was a little boy i Loved chocolate puddin. it was my favorite. One year, went on a vacation, to place w/ an all day buffet. i was like WTF i can eat as much choc. puddin as i want? everyday? all day?

at the end of stay i wanted to gag when i saw it,

you can also say videos games are worse and worse and worse,

its both really. no one in game industry wanted you to build your life around it.

and industry imploded. and games will be worse and worse soon


Have you played elden ring? I also dont enjoy video games anymore but I've liked elden ring so far, even though it's vastly overhyped


I have the game on my steam account. I've played it and have only under 50-100 hours played. and I am bored of the game, I don't want to play it anymore and I paid full price


normies will never understand what video games mean to real losers
when you tell us to stop playing games it's like saying stop breathing


This. Games, even good AAA titles with gigantic universes and immense detailing like Ocarina of Time or Witcher were ultimately meant to do nothing but be cash crops for the studios that published them.

They were never meant to be an actual alternative to a social life or existing in the real world - but they were to millions of very lonely people.

A neurotypical will never understand how depressing it was for a young wizard to complete 100,00% of a game with absolutely nothing else to do. A normie just moved on at 42% completion, the wizard was crushed for months or even cried because of it.

My ultimate dream was that the games and universes I loved got endless updates. Obviously it never happened, and I had to wait 4-10 years between titles, during which my depression just got worse and worse.

And now it got to the point I felt so bad, all my feelings just died. I'm completely dead mentally, and can't enjoy games anymore, the only outlet to another, better universe. The primary thought left is the longing for that lost childhood where games felt magical, and the desire to die.


Have you tried smoking marijuana? I got a medical card and it helps me enjoy video games again. You have to learn how to see games from the perspective of a kid again. All of the wonder goes away when you get older and you just see it as a stupid, predictable game, not as a world to explore.


everyone has days where they are just bored. I always return to my vidya.


>It's like doing menial tasks for the sake of nothing.
This is how I feel. Every time I try to play a game it feels like a chore after a few minutes.


I don't want to try drug haha


dont, doesn't really help as much anyways, gets boring and pointless after awhile


Just burnout from playing to much game, give a rest for a time and you will find that gaming is fun again.


but it's been a year and half. I think I'm just bored of video games, they're all the same


Oh boy a locked door guess I need to hunt down a key haha. Maybe behind the door there will be an item that will let me progress to the next locked door…


in minecraft there are no locked doors come and check it out haha!


Yeah man I hate when problems have solutions. I like real life where there's a door, it's locked, there's no key, but everyone keeps saying the key is in the next hallway.


No, in games you have a lock and a key exists somewhere for it. In real life there is no lock and there is no key. There’s just a closed door, and no matter how you’ve opened it there’s no right or wrong way.


Solving the same problem over and over becomes tedious and just feels like a chore.


Other people open the door and understand something about it that you don't. You can give up and live with not knowing the answer, but it exists.


I feel as though you're reading into this more than I intended.



in hindsight, this is also what i hate about video games.

it put this silly idea in my head every problem must and does have a logical solution for it.

real life: you have a set of problems, everyone does.

and solutions come from: your family class, your parents class, how you were born looks wise, IQ, random attributes, good genetics, etc…..

^ Above, despite all social BS, are where keys to open said locked doors in hallway come from.

in scenario for a lot of us, we got completely shafted, and are in a hallway lookin down a long corridor of all locked doors. we re all thinkin ummm geeeez, must be a logical solution to open one of these and get loot to carry on adventure. but we dont even have keys to open a single door. and its not like someone will loan us a key if we have zero. but they will sit an gas lite you a key to door is quite simple really, i just Worked For Said key, w/ help of a few rich relatives.

so you try every door all the way down, and none opened.

it took me decades to get this idea every problem has a solution BS idea out of my brain. every problem may have a solution, doesnt mean you will be allowed anywhere near solution. Also, you probably arent a main character, just some sad NPC does a dumb rando task and no one ever notices or cares.


this aligns very well with my observations.


I think the key difference is the consequences. It's not that people don't have options available to them which might work out, it's that in real life there are consequences and costs to everything so people are much more hesitant to try out potential solutions. It's a lot easier to fail and end up really fucked instead of just respawning and getting to retry. Starving migrants in africa can hop on a boat and head to Italy, and they might make it and just start living a new life there, or they could be apprehended and sent to a camp, or their boat could capsize and they could drown. There are way more potential outcomes. It's not that the ones that lead to success aren't there, it's that they're surrounded by a sea of failure outcomes many of which are extremely bad and people don't have the confidence to navigate towards the good outcomes while avoiding the bad ones, so they gravitate towards staying in ruts which provide a level of safety and meeting of one's personal needs even if the state they are in provides suffering in other ways. Once one has been conditioned to believe that risk taking will result in failure, they will no longer take risks and will no longer have a chance of succeeding.


this is very true as well. you're not really keen to dive headfirst in shit when it could potentially lead into a disaster much gruesome than the one you're already into. it is really about taking chances. i don't like however that you make it sound like every solution is just about having to risk a failure. often times you're just so screwed that no solution actually solves anything merely because you were unlucky enough to be born in the wrong place in the wrong time


nah he's right, if you are a real wiz type you will only last at a job for maybe a year or two doing the silent guy thing before normies catch on and start treating you a subhuman
it's even worse because they are justified for it and they do have better lives to flex and show off to you on the spot unlike people just bragging online
the real life heckling and passive aggressive remarks about your appearance of habits by normies to your face will scar you for life and basically your only cope is to be a drug addict neet so you can try to fry your brain to forget the trauma and use neet time for escapism
ill pretty much never heal from a couple of weeks of nonstop screaming by normies at work that i just stopped showing up and didn't even take my last paycheck


what you describe is a defeat. i fantasize about being the warlock type in that i can't bear defeat. it is worse suicide. i believe you should grow balls and learn to defend from normies. instead you're falling in the infinite loop of self-pity and fear. this is wrong. don't let the world beat you. if there's a smallest thing you can do to become stronger and more resistant do it. the wizarda didn't win the fools during the lost battles but they didn't allow to bully themselves. don't you give up.


worse -> worth
point is, don't fall for self pity and fear. always pick up the battle if you can't do any more than nothing. it's about your mentality. i don't believe i can change your inborn thinking patterns, but if by any chance you're more durable than you think you really shouldn't allow them to make you miserable

holy shit what the fuck am i rambling about. just kill me. i feel so fucking desperately robbed. i just want a fucking gun and somebody i hate to shoot.


if -> even if


>what you describe is a defeat. i fantasize about being the warlock type in that i can't bear defeat.

Giving up is actually freeing. Once you give up, you can be happy.


It's not as if I don't think there can't be people born into situations that completely fuck them. If you are born mentally retarded, or horribly crippled it will be a lot harder if not impossible to do a bunch of stuff. On the other hand, didn't hotwheels get laid? He was a cripple and apparently having sex was a goal for him, he didn't let it stop him. He expended a lot of effort though doing things that raised his status into a D-list internet celebrity which was apparently all it takes for a crazy hoe to give up her pussy. It's not just about risk tolerance, but about how much effort you are willing to put into things and how many chances you take. I have observed that the ones in life who get what they want are those who are very motivated and willing to do whatever is necessary. Those who are truly born fucked with no options in life are very few. You can have worse odds in life and decide that you will just lose if you try, but that is what ends up fucking people. The ones who try usually get something for their efforts after enough tries. Thing is you need to have attainable goals. People too often point to outliers as things to aspire to. I'm not talking about that, I just mean a normal successful life. That is in reach for most people. I see ugly fat stupid people reproducing and living happily enough every day. Whatever excuse people want to point to for why they can't get what they want out of life you can point to some example of a person out there that is like them in that regard who has what they want. Part of it is luck and part of it is effort. The idea that you get what you deserve is both true and it is false.


I think it's because most of us have nothing else going in our lives. The older you get, the less dopamine you get from playing games, and your brain starts to crave some more mentally stimulating/fulfilling activity.


This. Marijuana works for me. It is effective against anhedonia. I take low doses of edibles and it is very cheap. You don't even have to get 'high'. At some dose I remain productive but everything becomes just a little more interesting



no he's the example of a wiz who maintains sanity and adequacy through avoidance of drugs. there's nothing more valuable than a brain not damaged by such disastrous habits



go be an annoying soberfag somewhere, i dont care if its disastrous, its my life cunt


>its my life cunt
see? your brain is damaged and you even fail to see that you're the cunt, because you insult people who refuse to live your lifestyle while i merely pointed out that you can't insult people just because they don't want to destroy their brain


Agreed. Marijuana is the wizard's ultimate drug. You can escape into any fantasy world with just one hit of the pipe. It's the most amazing thing on existence.


marijuana actually heals your brain it treats depression, anhedonia, mood disorders, and even pain.

You shouldn't talk about things you have no idea about.


didnt i say dont care if you're sober? im fine with you not taking the drug but you always shit on people who use it cause its "BAD AND MAKE U LAZY >:((" like a petulant child who won't mind their business


>you always shit on people
i didn't shit on you i just said that it's impolite to call others idiots because they don't smoke weed


and justified it by saying that drugs do no good to your overall health. and i'm not taking it out my ass i've seen enough drug addicts


You are objectively an idiot if you think marijuana destroys the brain. Being unable to comprehend basic scientific literature means low intelligence.

>taking it out my ass
No idea what that means. Maybe you mean the idiom "talking out my ass"? If i understand your broken english correctly, making a judgement like that from anecdotally seeing "drug addicts" is very unintelligent. There is huge difference between correlation and causation. Dosage can also make the difference between whether something is effectively medicine or poison. There is no doubt that there are many dumb normies that do it too much, but it bears no relevance to this discussion


haven't heard of people who cured themselves with drugs, so links are welcome


burnout, just give a time for yourself.


Video games are for children and adolescents. The reason you don't enjoy video games is the same reason anybody above the age of 5 doesn't get much satisfaction out of nursery rhymes or playing with blocks.



I personally don't enjoy anything anymore. I just waste my days doing nothing. Watching youtube and listening to music. That's it.

Most things I do (video games, anime, tv shows), I quit before finishing them. I have been this way since I was child. Even watching 12 episodes is too much.

Nothing is fun anymore. The best you get is apathy.


So being an adult I literally just suffer all the time? Can't enjoy anything and only exist to work and die? What a scam


No, he is talking out his ass. Depression is the reason, not growing up. Plenty of adults still enjoy video games.


Nah, you just derive enjoyment from more adult things. You favorite breakfast when you were 5 was probably pancakes with a gallon of syrup, but maybe as an adult you just smoke a ciggie with dark coffee and contemplate when vaxxies are gonna drop dead.

The soyboys everyone makes fun of? 10 chore stickers before the wifey lets me play in my man cave etc. Depression is preferably to being "that".


Let’s say you played right in the middle of 50 to 100 hours, so you played 75 hours. I think Elden Ring was 60 dollars at release so each hour of play cost less than a dollar. If you enjoyed most of the time you played it would be worth it dollar wise at the very least instead of buying a movie off iTunes for 20 dollars and only getting 2 to 3 hours of entertainment (I must also say the last time I didn’t pirate a movie or watch one using a streaming service of some kind has been close to a decade so I maybe wrong on the price point there). Your tastes have probably changed when I was younger I couldn’t stand turn-based RPGs but now I love them more than action based ones like Elden Ring. Maybe try a game you never thought you’d like before but have some interest in, you discover you just don’t care for certain genres as much anymore.


unfounded hate towards vidya for no reason
soyboy reddit answer
only good answer so far and its not even an answer.


obsessed with cuckoldry and vaccines
back to /pol/cel


>unfounded hate towards vidya for no reason
of course, my personal opinion is sure "unfounded hate". what did i have to say? sorry, i didn't use social media (including 4chan) for 6 years, so i'm not really into the most popular trends. what is the most modern and correct answer to the opquestion? enlighten me. or you know what? fuck you.


I want to play single player games with interesting stories my whole life, but I always end up playing the same shitty multiplayer games that I hate. Why am I like this?


File: 1702010448343.jpg (1.04 MB, 2349x2102, 2349:2102, Swanage_Punch_&_Judy.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

Entertainment wasn't ever supposed to be your entire life, you weren't ever supposed to be entertained at every moment. In the olden days you'd go see a bard, a minstrel show, a theater production or whatever once or twice a week at most, usually with other people, and it'd be a social event where you'd share snacks and talk about it afterwards.

I see so many wizards insisting that just consuming entertainment is all a man needs to do to be happy, and they'll react with anger at the suggestion that one day you'll wake up and find that it's not enough.


hmm my theory about this is that you're suffering from over-exposure. i'm suffering from it too, and have been for the past few years…

in my opinion, when you have unlimited time to chase your hobbies they lose their color: they're no longer precious things to be done in your free time because you *lack free time*, you just have time. you can do anything, so you do nothing, and the things you can do don't make you feel anything.

i'm hoping the pressure of a job now that i'm out of school will encourage me to spend my "free time" better. i won't go "i have nothing to do this week, i'll get to my figure studies and my kanji reps later" i'll go "oh shit, i won't have a chance to do this crap until i get off of work tomorrow, better make the best of this time for now".


>A basic introductory course to programming will also break the facade and you'll see how dull games actually are, just arbitrary if/else statements you navigate through to raise a number in some int variable, before a flag is triggered, and you repeat the process.
and eating is basically chew, good feefees, swallow and shit. That doesn't make food taste bad though. And if you knew more and programming than the very basics you'd know games are more than conditional statements.
Anyway, to answer OP - I think you're just depressed or bored with them. You played too many shitty games and you don't find them fun anymore. Try doing something else. I had this issue in my early 20s but I quickly got over it.


>life is supposed to be boring, painful and shitty
No thanks.


You have grown up. I'm in my 30's and I still play videogames but my life doesn't revolve around them like it did when I was a kid or a teenager. I play for like an hour, then I have to take a rest watching a youtube or something. I also can't play new games with a steep learning curve. There comes a time where videogames will feel like a waste of time, and that's because they actually are.


>There comes a time where videogames will feel like a waste of time, and that's because they actually are.
This, but not just this. Because all entertainment is a "waste of time," but videogames stop being entertaining when you feel this way. Videogames are achievement simulators, you perform some manageable task and feel accomplished after, that's what makes them fun. If you don't view beating a videogame as a worthwhile endeavor, there's no longer any fun to be had, it's just work; not worth the effort if the game is too hard, drudgery if it isn't.



After spending my entire childhood, teens and 20s in front of a screen playing games, watching anime, browsing the internet I believe I am getting to a stage where I can't take it anymore. The other day I boot my PC, force myself to play, then turned it off after 20 minutes, only to literally stare at the wall for close to an hour, went to sleep because there's absolutely nothing I wanted to do. Slept for 8 hours, woke up and went right back to sleep for another 4 hours.

This week I've slept for 12 hours and the same today, am I depressed? I don't believe so, I'm just so sick of everything I spent my entire life doing. I hate gaming culture, I hate twitch, I hate modern anime culture, I hate social media.

I wonder if it's possible to play so many games and consume so much anime that you've satiated your urge for it for the rest of your life.


read books wiz they are a the salvation. you might even read something technical, but with low entry threshold. really helps to get over this stupid trance sometimes


totally agree i was stealing technical books but now it seems princess elkyban is not able to carry libgen anymore :(


have used libgen just a while ago with very sweet results. clarify, please


I thought it stopped being updated but I just checked and there are uploads from this year, my apologies I was wrong


I recommend actually acquiring physical books. With an ebook you're just going to be looking into a screen like before.


Are you trying to mitigate against eye strain? I prefer ebooks because they're less bulky and I can search through them, but I can understand why some people would prefer physical books.


Quality ereaders are surprisingly comfortable to read on compared to a computer screen. It's so much cheaper and convenient. Some of them sound fucked with DRM but mine i just drag any file from libgen onto it.

But it is true that it is still a screen. And it is still just consuming content created by another human.

"Variety is the spice of life"
I have a similar feeling. I hate technology and feel disconnected from nature. But reconnecting is made almost impossible by society. We are have been raised in a poisoned, industrial nightmare.


real and true.

i really like physical books because damn they feel so comfy! also old school true printed books had an index for themselves which is a super useful thing. when i read a book carefully i remember where is something, but finding exact page is tedious and the index has never failed me so far.

but ereaders are also damn comfy, you just have to find a good one that is not ridden by drm scum and is comfy to use and supports fucking slanted/bold fontfaces lol because mine doesn't.

both solutions are super nice and are much much comfier than computer. really choose whatever is affordable and makes your skin crawl from pleasure.

but still i'd prefer physical books. i don't know why. there is some subtle feeling of magic about them which i really just can't resist. computers are not the same.


The other anon seemed like he wanted to spend less time looking into screens. An ereader is definitely better than a computer screen but it's still a screen. I do think there's something valuable about holding a physical book in your hand, turning pages, etc.


File: 1705053274114.gif (1.99 MB, 500x685, 100:137, tumblr_4fbb9bb6ca9191acd2c….gif) ImgOps iqdb

I used to think I'd be a gamer but the reality is I only played very few games throughout my life, the thing is the game I really liked and played for hours long stopped being so great, CSGO btw, now that they updated the game it's no longer fun, it doesn't feel like it was a few years ago, it was the only online game that I really liked after moving on from AAAs and consoles, now it's just suck, that's life I guess


Baldurs Gate 3 was the one that did it. Everyone seems to love it and calls it the greatest game ever. I just don't fucking see it. It's a mid-tier RPG and a mid-tier game with high production values (except for that third act lmao).

I can't help but feel that the only ones praising it are those who rarely play games or have next to no experience with RPG's. It is nothing special at all. I was so bored while playing and only due to sheer autism and stubborness did I finish the game. I genuinely got more fun out of a fucking Mario game and I LOVE RPG's. I just don't know what is wrong with modern video games.


It's the only good looking rpg we got recently besides what fucking elden ring? There's just not enough games to play or enjoy anymore, nothing new just some indie shit and movie games.


> Everyone seems to love it and calls it the greatest game ever.
Because compared to the slop that comes out these it is. I'm guessing you're a zoomer and don't know how bad we have it that this looks good.


this. The bar is so low that anything average is good and also was a woke mess, but because was not that bad, they praised it like best game ever. Same for indie games, generic shit reskinning old games


It's not a bad game, it's not the greatest game of all time either. Like others have stated all the things that make it great, or least great in this day and age, are things that used to come as standard, such as split-screen or a full featured game that hasn't anything intentionally cut out to sell at a later date.


Zoomer? Far from it. I'm 30. All I've spent my free time doing since I was 5 is play video games. I'm well aware that compared to most mainstream games it blows them out of the water. But that's why it is baffling to me. Because it IS a thoroughly mediocre game and the overwhelming praise for it, many going so far as to call it one of the greatest games of all time, is gross.



>But that's why it is baffling to me. Because it IS a thoroughly mediocre game and the overwhelming praise for it, many going so far as to call it one of the greatest games of all time, is gross.

You're answering your own question.


93 actually and if you genuinely call that remotely zoomer then you're just being ridiculous and reducing the value of words. Which is something zoomers ironically do.


Proto-zoomer, touchy nigger, not actual zoomer.


zoomer = younger than me
boomer = older than me


Gen Z = roughly 96-95 date date.
Millennial = roughly 81-96 birth date


Modern games are straight trash anyways, I haven't gotten hyped up for a new game or console in ages. And it gets boring to replay all the old stuff all the time. I still play vydia sometimes, but nowhere near as much as I did as a teenager.


I don't know about you but is it
>Play game
>Fucking masterpiece
>Start to feel immense regret because work ethic is shot from being a shut in even as a wee lad
>Too lazy to improve my art, learn to code, and how to make music in order to make my dream game a reality
>Admire most vidya protags because but feel regret that failed to become my best self like them
>Even fucking Travis Touchdown is at least a hypercompetent assassin when tail is on the line
>Just get to soured to do anything but walk, bike, or daydream in my room while listening to vidya and anime music


because new video games suck dick, and you get tired of the old ones. I don't think it's even debatable that new video games are horrendous. that is the main reason.


The only recent game I've genuinely enjoyed playing is Tyranny by Obsidian.


I don't even play that many games but here are some I really enjoyed from 2020 on in no particular order
-The Citadel
-Crusader Kings III
-Pocky Rocky Reshrined
-Robocop Rogue City
-Age of Empires 4
-Sakuna rice and ruin
-Kirby and the Forgotten Land

I honestly don't know how you can say "new video games are bad". Do you know how many games are getting released every day? You're lumping thousands of games together without giving them a fair chance. That statement makes even less sense now when we have piracy around and you can try an enormous amounts of games for free. I think you guys just want to be angry at the world.


I don't like modern games because none of them do anything new
Super Mario Bros, Mario 64, or Half-Life 2 were legendary because they experimented with core mechanics like game physics, whereas games now put very little emphasis on these areas, and in some ways we're regressing (like how Apex Legends simplified the gameplay of Titanfall 2). Instead, the real focus is on progression systems designed to hook you & make it as addictive as possible. The focus is all on "meta gameplay" stuff like rare loot drops, battle passes, leveling up, upgrading your base, and hording gear as opposed to just… playing a fucking game. Quake was 30 years ago and it still has some of the best movement in FPS. Smash Bros Melee is 20 years old and unsurpassed. F-Zero GX is still the best racing game. RE2 is still the best horror game. 2D platformers peaked with Super Mario Bros 3 or Yoshi's Island – since then, they've gotten way too "baby mode", NSMB in particular ruined this genre. And don't even talk about how many games are trying to be Super Metroid.

Every game feels like an inferior version of a game from 20 or 30 years ago. But instead of trying to improve the basic gameplay, they slap extra shit on top of the 30 year old formula, put some ethnic people in it, and charge you $70. No wonder people are bored of this hobby


Because you're no longer a child and video games are basically shit.


Here's my answer. As we age our desire for exploration decreases. I swear I saw a study that said this a few years ago but sadly can't find it. Found this one though from 2021 that shows negative correlation between age and intellectual curiosity, which may be in the same vein as exploration.


But basically my understanding generally is that you reach a point where there's a paradigm shift, this shift signaling the end of youth, whereby you go from wanting to explore the world (in this case various video games, especially rpgs and the like) to preferring to stay home and let the next generation go out and explore (in this case not playing video games, or at lease the exploration ones, simple games like card games I would say don't count as most people in my experience who say they can't play games are referring to larger, more involved games such as rpgs or shooters and the like). So yeah in a nutshell, you're no longer "youthful" and don't feel like exercising youthful behaviors like exploration and intellectual curiosity.


IMO this happens because finding cool new stuff becomes incredibly tough as you get older. Hell even in my mid 20's I lost most of my musical curiosity, because it feels like I've already discovered 90% of the coolest stuff music has to offer. Judging by music sites, most people the same way. That's why most people who describe themselves as "music fans" are like 16-24 years old, past that age most music feels like a "Been there done that" type of thing. You have to put in waaaay more work for the same feelings you got effortlessly at age 16.

But really, humans absolutely need to keep discovering new things to stay healthy. If you can't find new music, switch to a different hobby and so on


I tried FF7 (the og Ps1 version) recently because I never had the occasion to play it when I was younger.
It sucked. The fighting system is archaic and has no depth, the controls are weird. The scenario is banal, etc. Didn’t even make it past the first part (the train thing).
This is weird because JRPG is my favorite genre. I’m pretty sure that had I played it while I was a child, I would have loved it.
In 2024 though? Unplayable.


The agepill is one of the most brutal things of life.


When I was 13 I was so unfathomably obsessed with Final Fantasy VII, everyone used to make fun of me over it. I thought about it constantly, thought the world was so cool and the writing was so deep. I played it at just the right age to start enjoying adult narratives but young enough to not notice the shonen anime bullshit.

It's imagination that makes these games, it's not so much the setting itself, it's all the putty it gives you to let your imagination run wild. People misunderstand why kids love JRPGs like Final Fantasy, it's the power fantasy of going into an area, exploring, fucking up monsters and being an elite team that brushes so many monsters aside. It's why even at 7 years old I got crazy over it, even though I had no idea what was happening narrative wise.


Exactly the same happened to me at the same age, but with a different Final Fantasy. I think im on the autism spectrum and wonder if that was part of it.


I like old games but have played them so much that they are not fun any more. Now, there is a void new games cannot fill.

The target audience changed for games. They were made by nerds for nerds that would value good gameplay. But nowadays games became big business (and woke) and are made for normies and became more and more shallow. They take the old games and 'professionalize' them, meaning they make them shit for a large target group. And small indie games don't have enough manpower to to something great. It's like social media and the internet. Everything turns to shit.


I agree and I have been a huge FF fan for decades.

FF7 is objectively an awful game.

One of the only replayable in 2024- games of that era is Ocarina of time despite its blocky polygon graphics.


>despite its blocky polygon graphics.
It was a graphical marvel for its time.
Official (3DS remake) and unofficial fan patches exist to make it more pleasant to look at without violating core artistic style or gameplay.


Ocarina has aged terribly and there are plenty of games from that era that are absolutely replayable, what are you even saying.


how come? i still play oot on emulator in 2024.

its such a vast, fun world that i never get tired.

so is majoras mask, but i need to be in the right mindset to deal with the timer (moon crash) so its not as relaxing, but its also a vast and mystical world full of secret easter eggs


>aged terribly
Suck off. Games, or any art, don't age. It looked swell for when it was released and so it looks swell now.
>there are plenty of games from that era that are absolutely replayable
Any examples?
>what are you even saying.
Was that a question?


>Suck off. Games, or any art, don't age. It looked swell for when it was released and so it looks swell now.
Not him but are you mentally ill? Zelda 64 and Majora's Mask have aged decently graphics-wise but to claim games don't age is absolutely retarded. You should kill yourself.


Damn what an idiot, kys tag loving semen gulper


Some examples maybe???


replayable games from the late 90s??? too many to count, some still put to shame stuff released today. are you for real or were you born in 2006?


Im just looking for games, most of them are predictable with similar boring platforming gameplay, romhacking/modding interests me too, patching gcn windwaker for example.


>So being an adult I literally just suffer all the time? Can't enjoy anything and only exist to work and die?
You're implying there's nothing other than video games…

See e.g.: >>286699


After delving my emotions (with proper techniques, including bodily stuff) I concluded that is a deep change of worldwiew what makes us enter this state. It is all like a chore, and there are things we should be doing for we live in a shitty world but it is so shitty we cannot even move a finger about it and the illusion of games does not fulfill our need of this anymore.


Because video games are for children


>most of them are predictable with similar boring platforming gameplay
I agree, that's why I don't really like video games anymore


I agree with you. companies must make money so they need a bigger audience. that's why they make video games for normals


gen z: 1998-nowdays
millenium: 1985-1997


youre learning japanese?


Because modern video games are pure dog shit. I still enjoy older games though. I recently replayed Fallout 1 and it reminded me that I do actually still enjoy video games. Just not as many of them, I guess.


>Just not as many of them, I guess.
This. I have a tiny amount of games I play once a year or two, always enjoy them. Don't care for pretty much anything else.


sorry I told you bullshit, I only played between 10-20 hours. The level I went so far is the water level

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