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File: 1700760364690.png (278.83 KB, 412x578, 206:289, Sad Wizard.png) ImgOps iqdb


Does anyone else often get ridiculed for their appearance by random strangers when going out for a walk?


Yes a group of people once laughed at me because I had a hole in my shoe.


Do you guys life in a village, a bad neighborhood or 3rd world?


File: 1700763698482.jpeg (156.46 KB, 1024x480, 32:15, A0D0D6C0-E011-491F-AE50-B….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Los Angeles


when normies see someone that looks fucked up or weird they see a walking target for insults and bullying. Even if your gait is off or awkward they can target you because they know that you have no recourse to do anything to them. Chads and brads don't get picked on because they can/could out norm even a group of people. Its already laid out in their head what they will say or do and even if they don't it doesn't hurt them because they have very little insecurities and don't really have to prove anything.

I've been teased by people while walking and it heavily bothered me for days, weeks, even years because I know how impotent i am and how fucked up they are. This is like a real misfit thing.


Absolutely fucking pathetic that you wizzies allow normscum mockery to have influence over your minds. This was all just a joke right? Imagine even granting the merest ounce of respect to normans' judgement that their insults seep sufficiently enough into your mind to make you doubt yourself! Really?
That drawing of a downtrodden wizard made me angry. Wiz, if you're reading this, you must learn to hit back against normies with even greater force than they hit you. By this I do not necessarily mean physically, but within your own cogitation when such attacks are made against you, your first instinct is to recall the respect you have for yourself, and to conceive of this as a diamond barrier through which no mockery can pass. If you really understood what these "people" are internally, what drives them to make fun of another person, would you really give a shit what they are saying or doing? Of course you wouldn't. Someone who is sufficient within himself does not seek to hurt others. Yet normies are not "sufficient", nor are they any other positive thing that could elevate them to having conscience, they are a soulless wave of human mimics governed by some shared negative force that animates them one and all towards behaviors of brutality and meanness. How, understanding that normals aren't even human, can you allow yourself to be moved by their words?


>just don't have emotions bro!
>you were bullied in your work and felt bad about it, lol you let normalfags win what's wrong with you?!
why even bother with people like you. You live in a bubble.


i'm face blind so i can't tell
what a bliss


>How, understanding that normals aren't even human, can you allow yourself to be moved by their words?
knowing how trash they are doesn't change anything.


yeah, he is being delusional because he's never been in a situation where he is being picked on and attacked. There is no way to act like some stoic idiot when you are being the target of angry wolves.


Yeah some guy honked and shouted at me once when I was walking to the automotive shop for a fishing rod. I flipped him off the bird with my middle finger. Fag was jealous of my pump.

Why is it that every time someone makes a post expressing how their emotional state isn't dependent on the tone of noise being broadcast by faceless nobodies on the street, you reply with
>Uuh actually, random nobody's feelings about how cute I am DO matter you coping larper
it wasn't an argument last Thursday, it's not an argument now.


they prey on weakness and would not have targeted you if you didn't look weak. even if you swung on them you would still look like a weak cuck because its coming from a place of weakness and inferiority.

theres always potential for some spontaneous reaction or razzle dazzle shit that makes them go away. Even i've had my moments where i've scared them off. But one bone i have to pick with conventional wisdom is that standing up to bullies = never getting bullied again. They can still fuck with you and make your life hell. In fact. come to think of it. only chuck norris watching boomers ever talk about badass 'standing up to bullies' stories where some shrimp or weirdo suddenly becomes a chad and rightfully defeats his oppressors.


Lets see.
i was walking home from work and i crossed a fast food restaurant. a guy half a block away yelled "FAGGOT" the moment he saw me walking over the small hill

a person once honked their horn and said something i don't understand. same happened recently and he laughed at me. neither bothered me too much.

one time i was biking in a rich neighborhood and rich kids on a golf cart called me a faggot and a ginger as they sped around. they later confronted me, said nothing and got back in their golf cart. i had thoughs of flipping their cart, popping their tires and doing niggerish things to them. that one still haunts me to this day.


in america. theres a big normie shoe culture around keeping your shoes looking 'fresh' and clean. So if you had a hole in your shoe its even worse over here. are you in europe?


No I live in the US.


depends who bullies you. most of the time you really just can't do anything. especially if it is a succubus with a big fucker protecting her. the best you can do is to shoot them. if no shooting, you only really can suffer and not much else. you can try learning martial arts in hopes that will make them think twice. mentality also matters a lot and it's x100 times harder to fix than to learn punching faces. it's not impossible to stand up to bullies. it's just that you'll likely never do it.


I just want to be a cool badass who always knows what to say and do and leaves my enemies BTFO'd on the floor. Why doesn't god give the good guys the power?


It has happened in the past, I avoid going outside when there’s lots of schoolchildren coming home or to school. I don’t really like to think about it.


Western big cities are the most status focused and shallow, not third world countries where people are much more accepting of someone looking a bit worn out or having a hole in their shoes.

People are visual creatures and go by what they see. The average normie is not a philosophical or thinking person, they are an animal who judges other people by what they look like.

The best way to avoid interacting with these normies (both male and female) is by blending in as much as you can with the average normie looks-wise.


This one time I was walking through a field/park and passed this group of teens, a succubus said "Look at his hair!" and laughed (at me), the rest of the group didn't react but as I got to the end of the field I turned around and flipped them off, briefly, then walked home. Felt pretty cool.


Is this an American/Anglo thing? Genuinely curious
I only ever hear about it happening in those countries
I for one have never heard or seen it in mine.


The Netherlands. There's a saying here: be normal, that's crazy enough. Dutch people scold eachother with: act normal! When Dutch people are surprised or indignant they say: that's not normal!
Random people give me the look and snicker everytime I go outside. When I talk to people I know about it they kind of ignore it. I never get any recognition for what I experience when I open up to people.

Anyway I understand that people may not like my appearance but I don't get why they need to put me down and why there are so many of them too. You can meme about npc's but seriously now…
..it's so absurd to me. I'm an atheist, not diagnosed with anything but it's almost as if there are literal demons and please consider: even mountains erode from friction over time. It's a reverse halo-effect.


I feel like I had an impression/suspicion I was being ridiculed more often rather than it was actually the case. But yeah it did happen at least few times, sometimes it felt bad but usually I'm not bothered.


succubi sometimes flinch when they first look at my face, sometimes there's a flicker of disgust before they quickly correct themselves, but other than that, not really. But then again, I rarely go outside anyway, especially not to crowded areas.


No. My appearance is fine.
I can even pass as a normalfag in social situations. Very easy for me to act. Happens seldomly, though, the more years pass because I'm living as a recluse and I have no reason to go outside.


I get ridiculed when I go out a lot. The very first insult in my country is "Have you seen your face?", so there are a lot of things that I can't say because I am short and ugly so I don't have the physique to back up my opinions, even if those said opinions had nothing to do with my physique.

I am 22 and I look a lot older like 32 lol, once a compounder asked for my age while I was going for a medical test, and I said 22, she laughed right at my face, she was an objectively 0/10 pajeeta while I mogged her into oblivion despite being a truecel. But the sheer audacity of the bitch to life in my face.

I am short, so I frequently get the question "Why are you so short?", like idk man, why are you a motherfucking faggot. There were also incidents like this in college where a succubus sitting infront of me turned back, and was genuinely scared and disgusted like she has seen a cockroach, and later said, "Hey, I didn't mean to do that, it's just you know….". The entire class laughed.

And the teachers used to make fun of my looks as well indirectly, they let other kids do whatever they wanted to and there was a moment where a fair skinned jeet was against me in the classroom, and he was bullying me, so I BTFO'd him by spiting right in his fucking face (one of the highlights of my life), regardless I faced greater bullying, and despite him starting conflicts with me multiple times teachers always sided with him. And of course he has a girlfriend, a good life, and is adored by all.

I was also beaten a lot in school by teachers compared to other kids, and in general they targeted ugly jeets like me. (Yes, in Pajeetland teachers regularly beat students in front of the class and you're supposed to obey and if you don't well then you get fucked by the entire school's administration and your own parents will support the teacher, and brag about how easy we have and how good they had it)

It still happens in road rages which are frequent in India, where I am just supposed to cower and know my place because of my weak appearance. And in family functions almost everyone leaves me out for photos, and all my "friends" ask me to take their photos but never want to have me included in one.

I am poor so I can't afford good clothes and a healthy diet either and that already helps to put off people faster than anything.


I look like crap and in my school days i used to be made fun of.


999/1000 times when interacting with someone in public they treat me poorly. When those 1/1000 times happen I'm so surprised by it I don't know how to react lol. Try to go out as little as possible


One time I was walking home and some guy drove by and yelled out his window "IT'S NOT UNUUUUSUAUL TO BE LOVED BY ANYONE".


Why didn’t you immediately scream “FAGGOT!”?


All your places sound like hellholes. I've seen people stare at others that are weird, even whisper about them but never has anyone gone out of their way to belittle some random in public. Maybe i dont go outside enough or to the right places
Seen it happen many times in workplaces and whatnot but not randomly outside
delete normalfags


If someone disrepects you or insults you, doesn't matter who the fuck they are, you HAVE to confront them about it. Don't be some pussy ass nigga. Be ready to throw hands if you have to, or carry a knife, it's enough to scare people away.


80-90% of normies are vengeful, bitter and subhuman monsters. You just haven't gone out enough.

I work in job with tons of traffic and see thousands of people daily. You wouldn't believe how horrible the average person is.

Stealing from them and defrauding them is easy because I see them as demons, not actual human beings. They also intenselt enjoy antagonizing defenceless folk like disabled or homeless individuals because it gives them a sense of importance.

The more you hang around normies the more you sympathize with those who just lost it and started taking them out one by one before getting caught


>people are bitter and vengeful subhumans
>i'm proud of stealing from people daily

Nice one, retard. Might be time to end it tbh


What? Normies aren't people. Your post lost all validity by not being able to read.


its just not true, everyone is different. a lot of people are weak followers but everyone is not a "vengeful monster" some are, but not everyone, not even 80%.


Based and Blackpilled.


I remember going to the hospital and how the nurse was working was almost an obligation to touch me, the disgust look in her face.


File: 1705680779161.jpg (150.79 KB, 600x526, 300:263, cover.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Sometimes. I was born disfigured.
Used to happen a lot more when I was a teen, but now that I'm older (still not a wiz though) people tend to look at away and stay quiet, I like to stare people back in the eyes too. I'm so fed up with this shit, being treated like a worm for something I had absolutely no control over and all that I had to go through, I don't even care if I get in a fight with some nigger or something like that anymore.


being a wizard indian sounds nightmare, I hope things will change for you for the better


Antisocial people often rationalize their own actions with the belief that everyone is like them, so really they’re no different.
The truth is that most people are sheep, but they aren’t psychopath.


Im confirmed antisocial and had psychopathic tendencies since childhood and I agree with you. One of the most difficult things I had to learn is to not compare others to my own patterns because most people are not psychopaths or "evil" and rather just blend in with the wicked environment and realities.

Most humans are not psychopaths but we live in a hypocritical world that rewards a lot of evil behavior which is caused by many factors and normies just blend in with it. If you're a loner and not partaking in social life then you tend to be less tempted by a lot of evil which is why many loners see normies as evil. The truth is if we had a society that rewards good and condems wicked stuff then normies would also act different than they do now. Things like social media, porn etc. have definitely made things worse.


When I was around 13 years old, I was getting out of the school with a friend then a random succubus who was around 17-18, screamed to my face "you're ugly!" while pointing my face with her finger. There were a lot of people, it was very humiliating and shocking. I didn't know her & I di nothing to this succubus.
It's not even the only case but all the cases only happened when I was a teen or a child, now people don't say such things right to my ugly face.


File: 1706187289271.jpeg (43.28 KB, 280x212, 70:53, IMG_0939.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Ive been called ugly many times. By both friends and enemies. Ive never been called the opposite though (except by my mom and grandma which obv doesnt count).Best Ive got is a euphemistic "lower average".

The day it really stuck with me though was when a random killed pointed me to his dad and said "hes ugly"

You can rationalize friends calling you ugly as banter.
You can rationalize enemies calling you ugly as a useless insult.
You CAN’T rationalize a random child calling you ugly.


strangers calling me ugly was 10 times more painful than friends or ennemies at school doing the same


>Does anyone else often get ridiculed for their appearance by random strangers when going out for a walk?
I do. I don't know if people are looking at me or talking about me/make fun of me. it is a real problem. I am not confident when I walk and there's people crossing. I also have the 'virgin walk' like in the memes you see: I look the ground my head down when someone pass by me and when they're gone I raise my head. when sometimes I am in a panic because there's too much people, I walk lile a robot


I've got the 'group of succubi walks by you and then starts giggling amongst each other' happen time to me multiple times.

>Western big cities are the most status focused and shallow, not third world countries where people are much more accepting of someone looking a bit worn out or having a hole in their shoes.
Colombian here–the above is absolute fucking rubbish. Even in small towns (pueblos) people are just as shallow as anywhere else. This sounds like sex tourism propaganda.


i dont know why all normies have to be so fucking despicable. They all can' t keep their comments to themselves.


File: 1710998296883.png (832.04 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, HD-wallpaper-beautiful-sky….png) ImgOps iqdb

Im not going to read all this bullshit, maybe tomorrow.
The cope, delusion and trolling is at peak
You guys really need to somehow grow up


Go for it. Be even more ridicule.

He might do. That's why he lives healthier than you inside.

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