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i just realised if i bothered to search and know all the pop culture icons and slang with quick internet searches i could have faked my way through my social awkwardness, i didn't know who vanilla ice or anything about whitney houston songs for example.
Everything in life was alien to me because it was schizo tier conversations between normies with an understanding in their shitty tv media meme culture.
Instead i learned about wojaks and pepes.
15 years later i still have to learn shitty normie popculture now and its so dumb


It's not hard to become a normie, it just disagrees with your nature. Any of us could watch TV, parrot the popular libtard sentiment about this or that, swallow a couple blue pills and just focus on fitting in and making people like you. But will any of us do that? I can't think of a worse hell for a wizard then to succeed in that.


As someone who has attempted to blend in with normalfags undercover I can tell you you'd never last because the normalfag derives some kind of pleasure from being around other normalfags and faking it for any extended period time would result in misery for us the likes of which you can not imagine. You would start hating yourself for pretending to be one of them so long, especially if you didn't even gain anything useful for all your effort, which to them by the way is effortless.


Their world is a small vision of Hell. Embrace your 'otherness' my child


You cannot be a normalfag. You are born one. Just like some people are born to be wizards. Normalfags aren't playing some social extroverted persona that loves talking about relationships and what's popular and forming groups, that's who they are. The more social a person is the more normalfag he will be.


Well, did you consider, you just didn't try hard enough?


>Normalfags aren't playing some social extroverted persona that loves talking about relationships and what's popular and forming groups, that's who they are.

No actually, many of them are playing a persona, and many of them are putting up a false mask their entire lives.

Normalfags literally often have such boring inner lives, so devoid of passion, that the game of social hierarchy and who is over who is all they give a single solitary fuck about. Many just spend every waking moment brooding over their status, who said what, who is friends with who.


I think personalities are innate and impossible to fake effectively forever


nope there are at least two yous one internal and one external and they are almost always different. and if you put effort you can create more yous but that's not something you can even in a year


>They are just faking a persona their entire lives normalfags aren't actually like that
Lmao at being this naive. It's a moot point, really, completely irrelevant "what, no. I was just killing for the mafia for 30 years I am not really a piece of shit I am a good father and family man."


The normie will have to mask sometimes but it's as effortless to them as it is for you to solve a captcha. Annoying but a non-issue. For my birthday I told my relatives I didn't want any gifts or wishes and that I'd turn my phone off cos even listening to the normie template wishes wishing me shit normies want not what I want, is too unbearable. Had an argument with my mom because she called a few people to remind them it was my b-day and she said "we all do this, just sit through the call and say thanks". They all know it's a bunch of bullshit platitudes coming from a hollow place but still choose to do them not to lose some kind of normie points I don't give a shit about.


I still get a text from my aunt every year despite never bothering to answer back. Makes me feel really shitty and guilty. Everything in this world makes me hate myself.


I can confirm 100% what you said for personal experience, great post.


Real shit. I can mask effectively too, for a period.
It's. Just. Not. For. Me.


kinda cringe but i went through a phase in 2010 of studying pop culture as though it were a textbook to know the ideology of our society


Most wizards probably have. Hell, I've said it before, 99% of the posters here are likely undiagnosed asperger/autists.

It's the main way you end up as a wizard in society.


Definitely. Im thinking of trying to get diagnosed since its so obvious i have it. am afraid of the process


there's nothing to be afraid of, besides the social interactions, of course. if that's your issue, just drown your pain in benzos or whatever


Unless you're gunning hard for the bux or meds, most autists won't find much from their diagnosis aside from maybe some self-acceptance.
You are different. You will have to push hard on the positive traits of your neurochemistry.


>Unless you're gunning hard for the bux or meds
I am of course. Without that, the only chance i could ever be employed if i had certain accommodations. For example I can already program and have degrees but i am incapable of working in an office so i graduated and then have done nothing for many years


It's hard for me to know what to say and what not to say. For example if i were honest about my history of suicidal ideation then i'd be put in psych ward.
I expect they want information about my past - but i dont want to involve my family, and dont have any old documentation like school reports or anything.


File: 1708349955482.jpg (154.69 KB, 809x719, 809:719, 1447349817736.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So what? What's the point of fitting in with people who care about TV show trivia and radio music, what's the point of not being yourself? The only time it makes sense to do this is to look solid in a police interrogation or court hearing, or pass the job interview that's safeguarded by some soulless HR cunt with bleached teeth who only values your ability to gossip. Is it because you think you'll get along better with them?
They are playing a game but they truly believe that game is worth playing or even realize they're playing on. Otherwise they wouldn't be fucking normalfags.
Man just fucking acknowledge her.


"Hi [aunt]. I'm sorry for not having replied to your messages. Thank you for always writing me."
>Social relations +1
>Personal growth +3
But, you already knew that. Better associate with ill outcasts on the internet.


Sending something like would make me feel cringe because it's insincere. I know to sociopathic normies it's all a game of saying the right thing for the reward, but that's just not how my brain works.


File: 1708371581352.png (922.52 KB, 860x823, 860:823, 6-64989_question-anime-ani….png) ImgOps iqdb

Nta but what prevents you from sending her a sincere message? You don't need to elaborate if you don't want to or it could just be a half-truth.
As a lonely jobless recluse, I'll always answer to my family if I receive a message from one of them.


*don't even


I don't know what to say. I just want to be left alone and forgotten. I cannot say "Hey auntie, please delete my number and never contact me again. You make me feel like garbage with your birthday wishes." so I just ignore it, feel guilty because she will think I hate her but I also can't bring myself to respond positively to people because it's just insincere and I don't have it in me.


Have you ever considered that being a sociopathic normie may be an improvement to whatever it is you are being right now? Of course it's hard to say such a thing and mean it when you have a lifetime of emptiness behind you. Gaslighting every normal person on the planet into being a sociopath for writing their aunt is lunatic. Your ego is playing jump rope, and you are the rope.


Have you ever considered your attempts at giving "advice" are just another way to feel superior to other people and demonstrate how better you are then everyone else? Have you ever considered that the way you experience life is just a limited perspective and what feels to you like an easy game feels completely different to someone else? Of course you haven't, you braindead normalfag faggot.


I feel the same way as you when people just phone in best wishes and I usually just say thank you as a pleasantry. Thank yous, your welcomes, handshakes, they all mean nothing and are just tokens of appreciation.
Does it feel good to talk down on someone or jump to conclusions and make this a bigger issue than it is over something this small.


No. It merely makes me feel hurt to read that you take it that way. I will admit though it's also a bit exciting. Like a difficult puzzle to solve.

The fact you interpret this as "talking down" is a reflection of the judgement you pass upon yourself. You wouldn't be posting here if you didn't want someone to shake your system, but every time you approach the edge of taking the lesson you pivot to being prideful instead. (I did the same for about 30 years, in addition to severe health problems and believing I'd die any day. You can keep the braindead normalfag faggot insult.)


this guy knows what he is talking about. normals have a very different way of understanding and interpreting social interactions, your intentions and motives, what you actually think and believe, none of that is as important as playing that social game they play, and even though it makes no sense, that is the way it is and you will either fall to heel, or you will be left out and sometimes with dire consequences.

when i was in school, there was this indian succubus, she was very average intelligence, studied 3-4 times as much as everyone else and still it took her a long time to 'learn' things. she ended up of course with the best grades, was given all special considerations, the whole day to do a 2hr exam etc. she made it into a phd program eventually, and got the highest ranking in the school. whats interesting and why i mention this, is because she wasnt intelligent at all, she didnt have what it took to get those grades, to get into a phd program, not with her genes and not following the rules. the reason she was successful is because everyone loved her, she was so good at making other people feel good, other people, other teachers, she was a master at these social games, and that got her admin-mode to change the environment around her however she wanted and do something that she wasn't meant to do. so you end up with a phd candidate that wont ever produce anything substantial, but got the phd and can work under the mentorship of others, have others do her work, and someone else that had the brains for that phd missed out that place instead.

this is the way the whole world works. it doesnt matter if youre a computer master, chad mcchadington with the super social skills and only knowing a fraction of what you know will get that job, and the effect is like compound interest throughout your life. for good, or for bad, it can increase your wealth or put you into debt.

should things be this way? of course not, but they are, and you will fall to command or you will be left out a pariah and go make it on your own. you have to choose. of course it's a spectrum and our choices arent the same as others, im an autist i wont ever be able to be as good with people as i'd like, not for the sake of socialization you see, but for the sake of not being thrown into a ditch left to die. there are improvements i can make though, things i've come to understand, and it's upon me to incorporate and implement those things ive learned to the best of my ability or suffer the consequences.


You made no effort to understand the problem before you jumped in with your braindead assumptions in order to offer your braindead 2 cents "advice". No, faggot, the problem is not that I simply didn't know that you should text your auntie back and that this would lead to a better social relationship with her. To think that you felt so smug about writing that shit… You are either painfully retarded or you're deliberately acting like this in order to provoke a reaction and feel smug as an armchair psychologist that learned what "ego" means yesterday.

Stop posting this shit and thinking you are being helpful. If I write about stuff here, it is to vent, express myself, perhaps find the one other person that relates to my emotional dilemma. What RPG stats were you leveling up after this conversation? What the fuck was even the point of you responding and making me feel worse and even less inclined to share anything? If you want to play armchair therapist, then learn how to listen and establish rapport before you tell the client he should just stop being neurotic, do the thing and then pay you double for your services.


this was a great reply which i thoroughly enjoyed reading and even laughed. i haven't laughed for several days thanks guy, and sorry that you're having a rough time, me too.


text auntie


I'll work up the strength for next year. I promise, lads.

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