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File: 1705415870225.png (4.39 MB, 1538x1502, 769:751, Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 8….png) ImgOps iqdb


I don't even know how to elaborate the sheer brutalness of life, I am so tired of being poor and be dependent upon my parents like a cuck. The state has no concept of neetbuxx. I have completed my degree, and I am sick of getting rejected from interviews, dancing all day long on LinkedIn out of the all fucking websites in the world, begging recruiter here and there. Changing my CV again and again, I do this all day, only to get an offer of a job that pays nothing, that wouldn't even qualify as stipend for internships.

Meanwhile, succubi in my college, particularly good looking succubi have no problem in life, they get paid so much, and get hired at an instant cause they look cool. They are truly untouchable. The new caste system is based upon looks and gender. With gender being the varna, and looks being your jaati. I don't usually get upset at things in life, as I have decided to not kill myself (maybe because of cowardice or simply it's rather unnatural), so the only logical conclusion is to improve the quality of my life that I am gonna live.

But today is one of those days, where you truly feel defeated and raped. It's quite remarkable how different my life is from an average bitch, who starts having sex at 15, travels the world, sleeps with whoever she wants, looks pretty, gets a job just for existing, good at socialising, sports, academics, etc. due to being in an extreme positive feedback loop. And most importantly despite of the cope that goes around in the online spaces, they are happier than the most.

Meanwhile, I have nothing, I don't care for relationships anymore cause damage is already done, but I can't even live a decent life alone and can't get a fucking job. A cunt who studied with me, got a job today for 11LPA INR (13K USD/YR) which is extremely good for India. Meanwhile, I can only get job a few job offers for (2K USD/YR), I mean what the fuck is this? Am I supposed to work 12 hours a day and six days a week for this, all while she goes around pilpuling her bosses and working for just 6 hours a day, 4 days a week?

This can't go on man, I can't live my like this, I don't know but this can't go on, this is wrong. I have legitimately not felt angry for like 3 years but today I really fucking am pissed of, my head hurts, I am just so fucking upset that I can't even cry, like what the fuck did I ever do to anyone to deserve this retarded fate.

I hate the fact that I have to put so much effort into things that fefails and normiescum get so easily, I hate it. Why is the entire world trying to come and kill me? Why is it so tough to just lead a normal fucking life for once? This can't go on. I will legitimately beat the shit out of someone today. Fucking normies have handed entire lives on golden platter to fefails who won't ever spit on them. A true hardworking guy like me gets left behind. Death to attractive roasties. Death to LinkedIn faggot recruiters.


Hello again my Indian friend. I did not read your post but I hope you’re well.


its the same everywhere, I live in a "first world country" and here its the same thing. Chads and good looking Roasties get the big bucks and everyone else has to beg for scraps and gets jewed endlessly at every step of the process so in the end you make less than what you would get if you were just unemployed. jobs are fucking pointless. endless fetch quests just so you can do it all again tomorrow.
taxation is also brutal here and affording a house is literally impossible.
also doesnt help that HR normalfags are also autistic and have nothing better to do than comb through your CV and look for holes in it. interview process also goes multiple days and has all kinds of tests, you compete with 1000 other people and thats pretty much any job ever. even if you just wanna mop the floor somewhere for minimum wage you have to jump through all kinds of hoops.


I'm sorry to hear that, and I'd love to trust you.

But after this one black dude in my job two years ago, give or take, faked a minor tantrum convincingly for me, because the job was too much for him, as a prank towards me, I'm not really sold by people that easily even in real life.

though not to jump into any conclusions, but he apparently specified that he didn't eat pork..


Being born a pajeet must be pure suffering
I don't really know what i would do in that situation since you're competing with millions of others for scraps
I almost ended up moving to some remote place in my shithole country since its so insanely cheap i could buy a house and land that was abandoned
but i would live poor forever unless i learned some skill like drawing to make money online to get a few $ per month which would carry far here
i actually probably will still do this but when i have more money so i can get a better place


>I hate the fact that I have to put so much effort into things that fefails and normiescum get so easily, I hate it. Why is the entire world trying to come and kill me? Why is it so tough to just lead a normal fucking life for once? This can't go on. I will legitimately beat the shit out of someone today. Fucking normies have handed entire lives on golden platter to fefails who won't ever spit on them. A true hardworking guy like me gets left behind. Death to attractive roasties. Death to LinkedIn faggot recruiters.

we have to go madmax, i plan to eat and make diesel out of crickets for a start.
our countries are shitholes, stop covering it and actually do something about it, stop relying on society for stuff


oh great, another crab thread. I can't really relate because I don't believe I am entitled to success, I don't believe I'm hard working and talented and that the world is treating me unfairly and that is the only reason I'm not a success. I don't even desire "success" by the way normalfags describe it. I don't feel resentful towards people who have better outcomes in life than me. I got over and accepted the fact that life is not fair when I was a small child. Were I hardworking and motivated I would probably use that unfairness to my advantage to succeed rather than bitch about it. You have a victim mentality. The world is evil and mean and treating you badly so you will bitch and moan about it because of course, that solves everything. If you want so badly to be a normalfag, you just need to figure out some way to compete despite whatever disadvantages you might have. You need to work on your bad points and work to improve them. You need to "network" ie make lots of friends and leave a good impression on them. That is why the chads are getting jobs, they have connections. If you leave a bad impression on people or leave no impression, people won't give you opportunities down the line, but if you leave good impressions they will hook you up with some sweet nepotism. You whine about being a pathetic crab. I know you do it in real life too because you have posted about it before. You need to stop that shit and truly embody the chad normalfag persona if that is what you want. I don't have the desire to do such a thing, it all just feels tiresome and pointless to me but if that is what you want just stop whining and start performing. It's all about perceptions which is why normalfag life is so dumb. Reality doesn't matter, even at the highest levels of society. Someone like Donald Trump can become president despite being utterly incompetent and unqualified because he is a great fraud. If you really are such a great guy than you just need to make people see it, if you aren't then you just need to fake it.


nah the situation in india must be hell. Rather be a wagie in a first world country than in poop hell


Just be proud to know so many Indian chads like Vivek Ramaswamy. The internet talks like Indian chads don't even exist. It doesn't matter how you do as an individual as long as some men from your race a reppin.


Next Indian post better be from a Hindu Yogi volcel on how to be a better ascetic.


Vivek's such a chad he threw in the towel because hillbillies in Iowa didn't like him. Typical chud pansy.


India is basically the long term future of the west in that it's a the result of a colored caste system (The word caste means colored). It's a land with different castes and groups across the wide range of the IQ spectrum. Upper caste Indians are congenially smarter than western whites while dalits are not much smarter than african blacks.




You too fren. Nice to see you.
True although the coloured system (varna) system ended a long time ago, we talking greater than 1700 years. And was replaced by the (jati) caste system all while one could identify with Varna. And since caste system included various methods for caste mobility it might have caused the higher IQ people to be promoted. Interestingly though, some of the highest IQ Indian scientists have been born in cousin fucking and Dravidian dominant Southern India. Regardless not much difference in castes these days regarding stupidity.
True that. I have always been bad in networking and I hate all the aspects of socialising like LinkedIn and shit. I guess I will have to put myself through this humiliation as well to feed myself.


you are proving the black pill right with those posts.


Drawing mogs me. But you're absolutely right, pajeets will kill each other for 2 grains of rice, such is the poverty, not to mention that bitches get hired for just existing, things truly are brutal.

The West needs to be extremely careful about the kind of pajeet mightants it takes, while the second gen pajeets would be completely assimilated but new immigrants might bring this dog eats dog mentality, you know things like being a yes man, promising more than you can deliver, etc. Anything for money saar.


Group identity is a cancer. Liberal capitalist society has made everyone a pathetic narcissist and the most pathetic of them all attempt to attach themselves to a group identity and then they get all their narcissistic supply from jerking off about the supposed achievements of their particular group that they have chosen to identify with. Don't do this, it just makes you pathetic and usually filled with hate for anyone outside the group. This sort of thinking is a pathetic crutch for broken people who have nothing else to lean on.


High IQ


There's a Paki bitch on Lolcow Farm who is an impromptu identityfag on that website, always talking about how shit Pakistan is and etc. so I'm wondering how this idiosyncrasy manifests in other ways within Dravidian/Punjabi/Raj/whatever society or if there even is one and this is a coincidence that south Asian posters on imageboards make themselves known.


Islam and Punjabi together makes a unique culture


Is aight lil homie I feel ya. Used to be in same situation few years back lol it passes man. Fuck I hate this why was I born here


So this board is full of indians. Finally everything makes sense


we also have Brazilians


sir please, us indians are the best thing that happend to this place, you mother bitch


this isnt crabchan being a good looking wizard is actually a compliment.


good looking males are 100 out of 100 times normalfags, sociopathic, bullies, extroverts, sexhavers, etc. it's all well documented and those are traits that disqualify you as a wizard.


we need more successful virgins to improve our reputation


"Successful" people don't waste time on wizchan, wiz. They have lives they enjoy and schedules to follow.


Is it? I have only ever met two or three Indians here.


Like white supremacists who are inevitably ugly, weak, dumb genetic subhumans. Just look at any alt-right gathering and youll straight up see theyre all ugly and sad-looking (theyre also nearly entirely male).
It’s always the most pathetic members of a group who want to feel superior because of real or supposed achievement of said group.
Are white people superior? Even if it were true, white supremacists basement dwellers would then be the exception that confirms the rule.
I am not elitist though. I feel for them. I am myself a white guy with shit genes. But I think losers of all races should unite. But I see white supremacists as "loser traitors".


1/5 of humanity is indian. That shouldnt surprise us.


File: 1707432366082.gif (1.25 MB, 773x472, 773:472, Merry_Christmas_Mr.Lawrenc….gif) ImgOps iqdb

The reasons why people become incompetent at work.


>theyre also nearly entirely male
Females are often banned


No, theywant white succubi in their movement cause obvouslt they need them to perpetuate "muh white race" but white succubi of childbearing age are all feminists nowadays.
Only the proud boys explicitly ban succubi, but theyre not white supremacists even if msm wants you to think otherwise because they have no nuance.
No one hates WS more than white succubi.
This isnt surprising. A white succubus (or man for that matter) may be genetically closer to any random white than to any random brown person, but she will always share 50% of their genes with rheir offspring, even if the other half is not white. Since succubi can fuck on demand they have no interest in WS. In fact its negative for them because it would prevent them to fuck tyrone.
Only male losers are against interracial relationships because they want to limit "their" succubi’s sex options so that theyre more likely to fuck them.


Damn it, this is a nice example of self-brainwashing to defend a diploma in psychiatry


Continue coping. I am farther to the right than any of these guys. I defend totalitarian utilitarianism. But even I am not delusional enough to think my issues are because i am white.


according to the stats, white men are the ones going out and sharing 50% of their DNA with their nonwhite hapa offspring a lot more than anything white succubi are doing.



Most white men would prefer to be with a white succubus, however young white succubi seem not to want kids and do the whole succubus boss shit.
The white men are settling for asian succubi.


Asian succubi have a higher STD rate in America than White succubi lol I just found it out recently, so much for muh eastern trad culture, it's over.


It is a meme at this point that white supremacists (the few ones that dont have negative mate value that is) are going with asian succubi, but its not as much of a problem for because sperm is cheap. Their reasoning is that the white race doesnt lose anything if a white chad impregnates nonwhite succubi because they can also still impregnate white succubi as well, but a white succubus with a nonwhite kid is a "lost slot". I remember this was the logic given by anglin on daily stormer when it still existed.
Its a short term strategy though because hapa men have the lowest mate value of any biracial combination (remember the supreme gentleman?)


>a white chad impregnates nonwhite succubi because they can also still impregnate white succubi as well

It's a giant cope though, even Richard Spencer publicly said that his experience with white supremacists had him dealing with mainly genetic dead end loser men.
Most men in white supremacists circles will not impregnate one succubus, let alone multiple ones, and if they do, most likely she won't be white.

White succubi don't care about "saving" the white race, they're just glad they get to live in a feminist age where they don't have to deal with men anymore. One of the founders of the feminist movement stated that she viewed marriage as bondage, and that is how most succubi view it, your great-grandmother most likely didn't want to marry your great-grandfather, she was forced to.

White succubi are happy they no longer have to marry some slubby beta male, they give 0 fucks about the white race or white culture and it took white nationalists decades to catch on to this simple fact. Ever wonder why there hardly are no succubi in those movements?


Richard Spencer isn't liked at all in white nationalist circles anymore, by anyone, and was only put forward because he was a wealthy, college educated type who is good looking. He's pretty much a liberal progressive on every issue but race. And his racial views are like his other classist views, he just sneers down at people below him.

The fact he exclusively dated asian succubi at college, fucked his best friends wife, abused his russian wife and started supporting ukraine to spite her shows what a piece of shit he is.

>Ever wonder why there hardly are no succubi in those movements?

Because it's socially taboo and succubi are sensitive to that. The few that do appear at conferences request to have their face filtered. Roger Devlin made the right point in regards to succubi in white nationalist movements, after you win and get the power, suddenly succubi find those opinions agreeable and your jokes funny.


plus its very rare for the white dad of a hapa to later go on and have a full white kid. so functionally he is investing everything in his hapa family same as if he was a succubus.


>after you win and get the power, suddenly succubi find those opinions agreeable and your jokes funny.

I 100% agree what succubi will fall in line if white nationalist get power, however that is a big if. The US have the biggest army in the world, and that army has a sizeable portion of hispanics and blacks, some in leadership posistions, think they're just going to sit back and do nothing?

On top of that you have the big gender divde that has been going on lately. If you went on /pol/ or stormfront during 2008-2016 the people there almost worshiped white succubi. Whenever a story came out of a white succubus being a victim of rape or assault by an non-white man there would be an outrage, however now they cheer on when a white succubus gets in trouble, as she most likely voted for open borders and this is her reward.

When you have a culture where men cheer for the destruction of succubi and succubi hate men, that is a dying culture. It's happening in South korea on a larger scale, South Korea having the lowest birth rate in the world and a massive divide between men and succubi.


I don't the stated goal of white separation is really possible in the short term either, there's just absolutely no political will for it and as much as there is racial conflict, it isn't intense racial conflict. Whites pathetic existence as "cognitive slaves" that perform the cerebral work for a black ruling class, that taxes them into poverty, shows how much whites are willing to take. People in modern industrial society can retreat all schizo to their own ethnic enclaves and form parallel societies, which is what they're doing for the most part.

The gender divide is a self correcting problem. The ones that are conservative and breed will move on past it and the ones that don't will be filtered from the gene pool. The only risk is being swamped by a foreign culture that doesn't have internecine gender issues.

I think what's more likely is the US, and the rest of the western world, becomes like India and Brazil and just degenerates into a low trust stratified society. With socialist politics driven by envy and redistribution and being at the constant risk of becoming either a Junta or under the domination of a populist demagogue for a generation.

The contemporary fixation on DEI and reparations isn't just some passing fad. That's -literally- how the third world operates with these things, politics of envy and group identity, and a sign the west is becoming third world themselves.


Whites pathetic existence as "cognitive slaves" that perform the cerebral work for a black ruling class"*

In South Africa*

Kek, can't believe I forgot to add that


File: 1707657785494.jpg (22.58 KB, 404x291, 404:291, stop cry.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

At least some modern whites have a soul (their enslaving ancestors didn't).

Asians are the most soulless society on Earth. Any kind of display of emotion is also strictly barren and you must be happy to be a work-slave for your employer until you die.

I hate east asian societies so much. Regardless of whether it's China, Japan or Korea.

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