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Back in High School I tried to cope with doing hobbies outside, to participate in normalfag activities because I wanted to at least give the bluepilled advice a go, I knew in the back of my mind it would not work and to nobody's surprise, the expectations are exactly what occurred, it resulted in nothing but utter humiliation. I played for a football academy back in High School and whilst I was decent at it I was treated poorly by my teammates, did not make a single friend there even though I contributed a lot to the stats of the team, we even made it very far into the tournament, after that incident I was discouraged to make friends because no matter how much meritocratic value is under your hands you are worthless to everyone, unless you're a prodigy your efforts are worthless.

Going outside has not improved my health but only worsen it, it has done the opposite effect, it makes me feel more worthless, more worse overall, a complete abomination, it reminds me of what I look like which is the opposite of what I'm trying to achieve. If you're an ugly midget subhuman like me then don't go outside and if you have to then try to limit it as much as possible because other people will remind you of your own flaws.

For ugly midgets like me, I think it's better to stay home and play video games. Don't go outside unless you have to. Make sure all of your hobbies are in solitude, experience surreal dimensions through novels, animes and video games. Outdoor hobbies can be selectively chosen, ones that don't include many people, walk through national parks in those isolating tracks because not much people are there, it's a great cope to view nature as a wiz. If you have the privilege, then work remote or at least hybrid, if you can't do this then get into a field of work that requires a limited interaction of others, if you are even more privileged then NEET but I would not suggest this as its damaging to your health in the long run.

There's no point going to malls, restaurants or visiting popular tourist sites like the Eiffel tower, it is super damaging to your brain being in places surrounded by normalfags. Just watch the YouTube video of it or visit the Minecraft version.


it never began for some wizzies.


my dad never bought me any console video games. he even wrote a paper back in college that Sesame Street was bad because it makes learning too fun.

the few times i played video games at a cousin's house, were like the highlights of my childhood.

i was forced to face IRL, which was just the constant reminder that I suck.

i don't wanna make it seem like i was too deprived, I got to play some older wargames on a low power PC.

but yeah if I had spent my youth on gaming addiction, everyone including myself would blame that as why my life went wrong. well this actual life was the experiemnt of what life was like was me forced to focus on reality.

there might be millions of guys who would have lived better lives without vidya.

but for me personally, forced to confront IRL, I just constantly failed. I would have lived a much happier life just escaping into vidya.

like these days when i refuse to work, or take care of my health, and tell my dad i have nothing to live for. all he can say is "you like books". next time he says that I'll tell him "i would have liked video games escapism a lot more"


ugly old fuck here.

yea, if you reach, imo, 25, and despite efforts no one wants you around, yes, let it go. But, i would caution against screen hobbies, just involve starin at a screens all day. At some point you will come to hate video games if its your only outlet, and in my opinion its not really a hobby, and you painted yourself into a corner and in ___________ many years you will BE: I hate All my screen hobbies, life is meaningless, Now Wat???????

Find a solitary, non screen time, hobby. They exist,


does audio count?



I too am an ugly midget and I absolutely hate going outside. People are so shameless in giving you dirty looks, snapping pictures or whispering shit under their breath. It's like an out of body experience standing next to someone normal, there's no way I'm really that ugly right, maybe people are just mean but a quick glance in the mirror or a snapshot of the side of my face confirms everything. I really liked when everyone had masks on because it would hide most of my face and I could go out and actually get groceries without feeling like complete shit.


I rarely eat or go outside my room anyway I agree there is no point on trying suicide cabins in Switzerland should be legal everywhere.


I literally don't understand normie activities either, specially flirting, like why would you do that?
Are you trying to be friends? If you're then that's great.

But for things like hookups or casual encounters, why do normies even flirt? Like why can't they say something like "Would you like to have sex with me?" directly, I don't even understand what's so wrong about this question, that no bitch will accept it but if succubi do the opposite, well you know the result.

For me as stupid as it might sound, it's when I saw the normies flirt, I realised that I am chasing something that doesn't exist. No succubus on this planet thinks like me, so eventually I decided that the only way for me to make peace with my decision was to disregard succubi, stop chasing succubi like dogs chase cars. I don't think that I am even unattractive either, I am not autistic as well. I have been tested for it, I just don't like social norms and chit-chat, that's not to say that I am rude, but I literally don't understand normie logic.


>But for things like hookups or casual encounters, why do normies even flirt? Like why can't they say something like "Would you like to have sex with me?" directly, I don't even understand what's so wrong about this question, that no bitch will accept it but if succubi do the opposite, well you know the result.

That's the thing non-neurotypicals often don't understand.

It does work this way, but only when you are good looking. The vast majority of succubi have casual sex with a small percentage of very good looking men.

It doesn't get distributed equally. There aren't hordes of ugly fat nerds getting casual sex just to even out the numbers; Most of them get absolutely nothing no matter how hard they try.

There are plenty of normie tests with dating apps out there using the profile pictures of chads with very rudimentary or empty profile texts. They get thousands of thirsty succubi directly asking for sex.

The thing is 95% of guys never get to experience this because they just aren't attractive enough. The best they can hope for is a relationship that has to entail by default a lot of courtship, trial and error, flirting etc.


Except I am medically a NT. With that said, I completely agree looks are the only thing that matter, but only few get nothing, normies do eventually wife up Chads' scraps.


it seems like Tinder has made dating a lot more efficient, by just letting succubi review faces and pick the best.


File: 1706633684888.jpeg (64.84 KB, 900x685, 180:137, virgo.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

> but only few get nothing, normies do eventually wife up Chads' scraps.

I know, I was only talking about the casual hookup market which is 'chad only'.

Not to mention, there is a growing amount of actual wizards thanks to dating apps. No succubus wants to sleep with the bottom 30% percentile guy.

They just don't want to identify as wizards out of social shame. So they lie and make up stories about their womanizing while they are in fact 29 year old virgins soon to turn 30.


maybe its cuz wizchan has inspired so many young men to go volcel as a superior lifestyle


those are virgins in name only. Zoomers are in discord simping for e-gfs and doing facecam and don't forget onlyfans. They will never be wizards.


File: 1706637320969.jpg (163.13 KB, 863x1390, 863:1390, senior-man-using-laptop-on….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I really don't feel comfortable being surrounded by people but I procrastinated it as long as I could. I thought the internet was all social interaction I needed but it became absolute unusable dogshit. Internet forums were the only place for decent discussion and they are almost gone. One way exchange of information like books is just not satisfying to me. I made the grim realization that nothing can replace face to face conversation and i wasted my 20s online.


Wizards In Name Only or WINOs also like to drink a lot of wine


File: 1706678213515.png (802.26 KB, 967x634, 967:634, x94.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


my theory is. Even if you hate people, and i do, there is some button inside our brains where we need to be around people, even if no interaction. some ideas are to be around people w/ no required interaction: service at a big impersonal church, pickin up food at a busy place, pickin up food or drinks at a place men like us would frequent an not popular w/ normies.

above theory is a weird play on social isolation / cabin fever.

As to forums and old internet, yea its gone it will never be back. Best we can do now, imo, is interaction w/ Ai, but i already see a movement to say men like us shouldnt be allowed to socialize soley w/ it, and norm scum will tell us NO , you cant socialize or make friends w/ it!

And, my last point , i made earlier. sort of mentioned above, was a solitary hobby. Young men wont understand, but i now believe most of us need a Lifes Work, a solitary hobby we can become a master of, art, wrtin, music instrument, what have you. and no a video game cant be it. games play on your reward system to make you keep playin, til you realize you been scammed.


I just crave normal conversations and being replied to.

You might call it ego but when I write something I want feedback so I can learn. But on imageboards so many posts get ignored. Just shouting things into the void feels pointless to me.


File: 1706694894687.jpg (133.78 KB, 1301x888, 1301:888, 1706694587355.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>There's no point going to malls, restaurants or visiting popular tourist sites like the Eiffel tower, it is super damaging to your brain being in places surrounded by normalfags.

This, but year after year countless wizards who don't realize they aren't neurotypical keep doing these neurotypical things, then when they feel even worse afterwards (or even get mocked) they rage or do seppuku.

When will people learn the world isn't made for non-neurotypicals.

The only solace is doing things in peace alone.


>Internet forums were the only place for decent discussion and they are almost gone.
I don't miss them.
I don't like communities in general

>But on imageboards so many posts get ignored. Just shouting things into the void feels pointless to me.
What you wrote in "old-school" forums was equally just shouting into the void: everyone was writing with the only purpose of attention-whoring so they could meet friends and chicks.
No one really cares about what others think.


that guy did tour the Eiffel tower


so, OP been exposed on b kek


a lot of people regret not doing more with their lives. i regret not doing less. everything ive ever done, all the time and energy i spent on anything, was just a waste of time that achieved 0.

its crazy to think of all those years in school, every test i studied for, every interaction, everything ive ever shown up for, was just wasting effort, expending energy for 0.


Very true. I also noticed that I ended up doing stupid struggles thinking I could make it because others did it as well easily without struggle. I thought all I needed was a little effort and to try, but it was all a lie and facade - I never had the chance to succeed because the factors necessary for success for me where never present at the time. I should have just given up earlier instead of trying to force myself into trying to be a failed normalfag.


in what exactly did you fail?


>I thought all I needed was a little effort and to try, but it was all a lie and facade - I never had the chance to succeed because the factors necessary for success for me where never present at the time.

This. For example the medical exam in my country (Japan) is incredibly, extremely difficult to master because you have to apply very specific knowledge in a time-controlled real time exam.

You need an IQ of more than 130 to have a perfect grasp of all the concepts needed to put the correct answer on the paper.

No matter how much you study as an average student – you cannot pass the exam. In fact, less than 0,5% of applicants are admitted. That is less than 1 in 200 exam takers. It was never about hard work or effort. You are born with the brain capacity to do it or you are not.

I have failed the exam 4 times now. My parents insist I am lazy and need to simply study more.
They are simple people and do not understand we do not have the hereditary genetic material necessary for our brains to be at the level of the medical school's curriculum, let alone admission exam.


Couldn't have said it better.

In fact I even regret having summer jobs.
That torture wasn't worth the measly few hundred dollars.

Nothing in life was worth doing. The best time I had was when I did nothing.



93 iq here. Lost count of how many times i heard, Just study more and you can do _____. LOL And, people try to dismiss iq as a myth. you re either born to a certain iq level or not.

i made a point other day, almost ALL success stories you read on boards are people who slept throug school, for watever reason, took some Stem courses, and an IQ test turned out 130+ and now are makin 6 figures and tellin people anyone can do it.



Never began for us.


True there's also gym. I always liked going to gym with the guys that looked like me. I thought it had some improvement on my mental health. Maybe it did.

But I realised my limits quite quickly, the thing is I am a 5'3 Asian so because of my height, I can't fight back, and there was this hapa succubus who is 5'11 (with a white father) she's so gorgeous, and honestly has a body sculpted like a Greek god. Will probably have white kids too. Gen Alpha will be very tall.

She, like the rest of the world, probably sees me as a cockroach.

And then other stacies walked in. So I eventually stopped going to gym, because all gym did was made me depressed, I still want to go out but remember how cruelly I will be mogged. So I just prefer to stay inside. And it has done well to calm my inner crab. I focus on other things now, like cleaning, car reviews on YouTube, learning about space, and universe all day long. But back in my mind, I just feel like I am lying to myself and my condition is of someone who's been in prison for so long, that at this point only a prison feels comfortable, outside world is too hostile.


Working out is a stupid cope for most people. All you need is a good diet(primarily animal products) and light movement.


based. Real wizards lift weights and if a gym is too intimidating for you, try calisthenics. You are a wizard King, don't let others make you feel like you are less, wizbro. We are all going to make it. I've never felt better than when I am working out, it's even better than masturbation.


I don't agree. The human body, especially the male body, is designed to move and encounter resistance.

It becomes grotesque looking if the male is inactive.

Look at statues of idealized males in antiquity. They aren't roided up meathead monsters. They're proportional, athletic, low body fat and muscular only to the point that is achievable with natural excercise and strain.


People today are also endocrinologically (hormonally) more sick than people in ancient Greece, thanks to microplastics, pollutants and overly modified frankenfoods.
To get the body of Achilles or Hermes you needed to just eat an acceptable amount of protein, then train swordship or light sports a few times a week.

The modern sedentary office worker poisoned by his environment 24/7 eating mostly potato chips and wheat flavoured with a few grams of beef, would need to work out 3 hours a day 5 days a week to get even a fifth of that physique.
The only way to compensate is by injecting testosterone with a syringe, but then most of these people get huge gynecomastia (manboobs) which look extremely ugly and only go away with plastic surgery

The modern man is just so fucked and abnormal in so many ways thanks to the environment he lives in.


Literally everytime I go outside (doctors or groceries 99% of the time) I immediatly regret it.

I have a huge need for medical care but I don't even want to deal with doctors and their obnoxious secretaries anymore.


the poor kids in the world now feel better


Yup, I do keep on doing some exercises in my home, and have some kettlebells lying around which come in handy.


>I hate All my screen hobbies, life is meaningless, Now Wat???????
>Find a solitary, non screen time, hobby. They exist,
I came to the same conclusion and am in search of those hobbies. It's hard if you are conditioned to stare at a screen and have done so most of your childhood. What hobbies do you suggest?



i cant pick a hobby for you,

but if you are startin at zero, id say look back at every game you ever played. what did you like to do in it most that could be a real life solitary hobby. examples, learn to sail a boat, play an instrument, fish, etc..


Adulting for me has made me so stressed and worried all the time about endless obligations and problems.

I have to be on my toes all the time thinking about how to solve the various problems that keep occurring in my life, resulting in constant worrying about money, my job and how people perceive me.

There is no winning move. I was happier playing games 14 hours day in my room.

Problem after problem, it never ends


>worrying about money, my job
legitimate concerns
>how people perceive me.
not a legitimate concern.

Don't put more burden than you can handle, you are already a wizzie.
So chances are you are negatively perceived.
Why care if judgment is already casted ?


wagie wagie


I miss my childhood too, wiz. Being an adult, having to work, pay bills, being healthy, follow a schedule, it's hard.


>>how people perceive me.
>not a legitimate concern.

if people don't like you, they will treat you badly and you will be passed for promotions and fired as soon as possible. life would be easier if it wasn't a real concern tbh.


Do you have the inert skills to change how they perceive?


ever since i decided to go full wizc and just live selfishly but leading a healthy life, doing what's best for me, my life has improved and i've never felt better.

It's a lie that humans are social animals, they want you to believe that because then you're basically easier to control, it's another way to say that you depend on them to exist, which is partially true, but all your psychological needs can be met without the help of irl human interactions.

Avoid people. Avoid niggers. Avoid whores which is every female. Just take it easy wizfriends. people just bring more problems and if you're a wiozc like me then you don't need more problems. You need peace.



>It's a lie that humans are social animals

How is it a lie?


Not that poster, but it is a lie. It only applies to neurotypicals.
The only reason a neurodivergent needs other people is for food production, or should a grave illness fall upon them, a doctor.

Not everyone needs to be around people or talk to them, or spend time with them.
For a lot of people (like me), it's a huge energy drain which requires weeks of recharging just to be around a bunch of people for 3 hours.

I don't count wizchan as socializing. I just read it for interesting posts a few times a week for about 15 minutes and then I quit. I could live without it, it's just the only website that is worth reading.

I've gone years previously without talking to anyone or viewing any forum/imageboard. I didn't go crazy or feel pain or whatever normies feel when they are isolated for 24 hours.
It was peaceful, relaxing and ordinary for me.


ND here, reads correct enough to me. I do enjoy interacting with people (everyone here does or they should re-examine why they seek a forum over books, it's not a big deal to enjoy it.) but there is not the sense of a fundamental need in order to be happy behind it.

I find that with stillness and without the thoughts and perspectives of others, I naturally gravitate towards confidence and happiness. Only through other people are these really dragged down.

However I believe the "social animal" idea is tied to the need to rely on each other to survive at all. Which is where it cannot be denied. Self-sufficiency is a rarely practiced art. And of course it would be, only families have children and so each time the decision to become self-sufficient is a deliberate step away from community into solitude, it contains friction, it is un-obvious. Doubt even 1% of posters here have even seriously considered it due to the difficulty and frankly rather arbitrary challenge it is. It is far easier to live amongst people. Thank you grocery stores that do delivery, amen.


I've never been happier than spending time in my room doing whatever I want.

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