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whats odd that while i have social anxiety surrounding all social situations in general, it seems that it gets worse around people i personally know or have to interact with more often. like i can tell strangers on chatrooms like omegle my life story or my most embarassing mistakes or secrets and not care much but i cant tell anything to people i wanna be friends with or people i know. like the strnager im talking to wouldnt care about me or probably wont remember or any of the shit i said to them and they wouldnt really tell others my most personal info coz im nothing but a stranger to them as well so it wouldnt be of worth. im most scared of being judged by people i know. anyone relate and does anyone know what could be the reason behind this?


my basic take is that you're more concerned with the consequences peoples perception of you has than what they think. its a reasonable enough fear to have and keeps people in line. there are dire consequences if youre exiled from the group the human animal knows this. now the average people deal with this fear also except theyre insulated with proportionate support and love type factors, and so they know even if some do judge them the consequences cant be so bad. for a wizard if you are alone and you lose maybe one person you had then now you are much worse off.

and its true because your mind knows on some level damn better not mess this up this one is actually important or i could end up in trouble. maybe your beliefs attitudes opinions being different enough from others that you anticipate judgement and its consequences and know its not good for you in particular not then being well fancied or liked in general.

one group is dependent on to survive in this world, another is almost interchangeable seemingly


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People that have known me since when I was a kid or at least younger, I have a worse time with because I have to pretend that I've not fallen into the abyss that I have.
While with strangers, I can tell them right away that I'm a mentally ill pessimist, and whatever.
It's years since I'm full-hikki now, though, so I simply don't interact with people at all.


Obviously family and friends will have normalnigger views. You'll never be able to change their views and nothing they say will change yours. It's pointless to talk to normalfags since their life wasn't filled with humiliation and failure at every step.


Yeah, I'm the same way. I assume it's because I actually have avoidant personality disorder rather than just social anxiety. Fear of being judged, embarrassed, disliked and rejected are stronger with someone you actually care about.


It may be a punishment from heavens, for caring about people without assuring first whether they be worthy of you or not.

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