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I am here because I need advice from people older than me. I'm a 21 year old Mexican guy who only has 4 friends and has never had a girlfriend (like probably most people here). I make $100 a week so I barely make enough for anything, I hate my job and I have a hard time finding a job because I have rotacism. I have identity crisis as I like to create fake profiles everyday on shitbook but within hours of creating them I delete them. I masturbate frequently and I don't know what to do with my life. I would like to get feedback from you if possible.

Thanks a lot for reading
PS: I don't know English very well so I apologize if the text is confusing.


4 friends AND a job?
you should be giving US advice haha
humble bragger
even your english is perfect


My country is even poorer than mexico. If I were to get a job, which I won't, I'd make 32 us dollars a week, also barely enough for anything.


You probably want to post this on Reddit, and leave this site.


+1 for classic bruce banner image


Sounds like literal hell. I just spent $35 on takeaway food for Saturday.


Stopping the coom is the very first and most important start. You are lucky to be young so it's not late.
The no-fap tricks are: cold showers, intensive sport like lifting or calisthenics, avoiding stimulant foods like sauces meats cereals and industrial crap and coffee, removing your sight from succubi's bodies, fasting and breathing exercises.

You still have no choice than trying to get a different job. Don't let a sole wagecucker drain it all from you.
Unless you share… certain tenets, which make it better to not start things by yourself. Check here: https://www.thesimply.ca/blog/human-design-basics

Be patient. Some of them can still be rescued.

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