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File: 1709039229494.jpeg (119.03 KB, 900x692, 225:173, Bartonville-police-drug-b….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


chronic alcoholics, drug addicts, homeless schizos, career criminals, neets who are one or more of this options, all mixes of these: Are they actually correct? if life is absurd and meaningless: why play by the rules? Why not maximize pleasure at the expense of everybody else?
Serious discussion here. Every day, I DESPISE more and more family men, job-havers, preachy-preachy goody two-shoes, anyone who works for stability, governance, administration and organisation of communities.


Order is better than disorder, even if it is somewhat unjust.


>are people with brain damage and a myriad of mental illness who do drugs because their system collapse without them right
they are rightfully subhuman.
>Why not maximize pleasure at the expense of everybody else?
You do that by not becoming a subhuman who indulges in health damaging behaviour.

There is no one more miserable in this life than the subhuman niggers who cope in all kind of weird ways by abusing drugs.


I wish I could do drugs but I have no idea where to buy them


A criminal life is superior to a law abiding cuck life, but only if you are financially successful & also avoid prison at all costs.

About 1% of criminals are rich and never get caught. The rest are idiots who go to prison for very little gain.

Many top level criminals in fact become the elite of a country.
Top mafia bosses in Italy have long foregone basking in their criminal status, they have successfully laundered ill-gotten gains and are CEO's of huge corporations and the government can do little to stop them.

Even a decade ago, 7% of the country's GDP came from career criminals running all sorts of legal and illegal businesses. That's the type of criminal who are right and who understand how life works.

Then you have idiots who do petty crimes and end up in prison who are definitely not "right", they're losers of society.


hedonists all rot. eventually their lives are worse than the people they see as slaves to the system in the first place which defeats the purpose of pleasure-seeking. they are all scum to me.

what you're looking for is something like what >>289495
said. gaming the system and skirting the law whenever you can for you and your kin.

life isnt meaningless nor does it have to be absurd, thats just middleschool childish brainrot thinking, and it shows through the downright ignorant actions of those that really believe in that saying. life isnt about happiness or sadness or any of that. you should try to be happy of course, but done the right way you will become fulfilled which is impossible as a junkie, even if you have to struggle every day. its why simple down to earth homogenous societies are so much happier than everyone else. unburdened by stupid shit meant to drag you down living day to day. it helps to be wealthy of course but so does being self-sufficient


>chronic alcoholics, drug addicts, homeless schizos, career criminals, neets who are one or more of this options, all mixes of these: Are they actually correct?
No they're subhumans and untouchables which usually means they were peasants who never had a soul or conscious, who burn out for their masturbatory indulgent choices like the above posts insinuate. You also sound mentally-stunted.


Are we being raided by facebook boomers?


based and healthy high iq wizards who want a comfy life. Drugs especially the ones the nigger op is suggesting lead to nothing but a distressed state full of suffering and overall misery.

Just intelligent wizards posting. Not wanting to be a toothless meth addict doesn't mean you are a facebook boomer. But you keep fucking up your brain, nobody is stopping you :D


There's more to life than junkies and preachers. Find your own value in life, and cling to it.


site would be better with all those "high iq" larpers banned
if you're healthy enough to work you can't be a wizard


>The site would be better with only me on it


>"high iq" larpers
This and christcuck apologist. They should leave and make their own monk website.



>chronic alcoholics, drug addicts, homeless schizos, career criminals, all mixes of these: Are they actually correct? if life is absurd and meaningless: why play by the rules?
Those people are failed normalfags, schizos, homeless, drug addicts, etc. have been chewed up and spit out by society. Why the fuck would I trade my comfy neet life where I don't need to waste money on drugs to just end up like some subhuman failure with brain damage and an addiction that have them experiencing withdrawals and mogging people or living in the streets like some filthy rat or worse, an illegal immigrant.
You are a complete moron, OP. "are people who constantly suffer and ruined their lives right? should i be a crack whore with stds that sucks cock for a living. serious discussion here"
Stupid niggers should think before making threads like this.


>to just end up like some subhuman failure with brain damage
but at 60+ years of age, you start getting brain damage naturally. What's so different?


if all it takes for you to fix your life is to lift some weights and eat healthy then you never had real wizards problems anyway
>youre still a simp for succubi and normalfags
>you'll continue to wageslave and hate on neets
>you'll still call 30+ virgins crabs
>you'll still think wizards calling you a failed normalfag is just an insult due to them being spiteful
Now that you don't have a literal homosexual mod protecting you it's clear you were never the target audience for this website. You'll never be a wizard.


There is always some asshole on here trying to get a wizard to commit crimes and live like a bum. This faggot doesn't know shit and anyone who remotely knows how criminal subhumans minds work wouldn't act as if they are great. This is for leftist retards and angry immigrants who loot stores and not for autists on the internet.

Also OP might just be a leftist faggot but thats up for speculation.


Most people here are young neets or have shitty jobs, when their parents will die and they will become poor and old they will be forced to steal or live like a bum to survive.


You can get free food out of the dumpster from grocery stores.

All the poor hobo neets would need to do is find a place to tent up and keep warm.


>Order is better than disorder, even if it is somewhat unjust.
Stop watching Jordan Peterson, it's bad for your sanity.


>Most people here are young neets or have shitty jobs, when their parents will die and they will become poor and old
I agree with you on that part but still its a bad idea to go full punkrock because you will only sabotage yourself. A change in society is inevitable because the economy sucks and theres an increasing population of people who drop out or get retarded because there is no purpose left and society is gonna have to deal with that on top of all the other shit that is happening.


>every wizard has to be fat, weak, and miserable like me!


>every wizard has to be a virgin like me!


>implying being a virgin makes you unhealthy
>implying being a virgin makes you a weaker man
>implying being a virgin makes you miserable
Shig Digger


organized crime is little different to any other industry. They have their middle managers, their own version of human resources, and do organize their mafia's and cartels along the same principles found in generic business management textbooks.

Even the violence and intimidation that is done is specialized, like someone doing a trade job. It's a high risk industry similar to working on an oil rig or a fishing ship, but instead of risking your physical health you gamble with going to prison.


Non sequitur


Yes, and if you do get caught, the organization gives you money as compensation because it's part of the job.
If any inmate starts troubling the professional in prison, they get shanked or raped by associates of said organization until they commit suicide.

That's why prisons have a hierarchy, at the top you have people doing crime for a living, like those mafioso with billion dollar enterprises.
Then are the goons who do violent robberies or drug trafficking as middlemen.

At the lowest rung are unhinged loons who harm kids, are there due to traffic violations or for harming their spouse or a random stranger.
Child molestors are so low on the totem pole they usually have to be in PC (protective custody) to avoid being killed at random.


Sure if your average homeless is some sort of epicurean philospher who is maximizing their happiness, but they're not, they're just people with mental and emotional problems who don't have their shit together. Sometimes the realities of the world can be depressing, but that doesn't change the fact that you have to bow to them to improve your material conditions and quality of life. If you can't get a job and earn enough income for a house, it will suck, probably more than just working a job which is why anyone who is capable of working a job usually does that instead of choosing to be homeless.

Neets dependent on their parents are in a grey zone between the two where you don't have your shit together enough to afford a place of your own, which would be superior in terms of quality of life, but you're still not homeless so it's not that bad. It creates an easy and comfortable rut for people to fall into and waste away living limited lives of the same small set of limited experiences. If you want to do more, you will need money, it's the one hard truth of this world and few are so lucky as to have parents who will fund whatever hobbies they have so they can live a life of dalliance. Our society is ultimately a zero sum game, for one to prosper, someone else has to serve and money is the determining factor of whether you are the king or the slave in the situation.

Few are willing to give up their hard earned money so others can enjoy lording around many wage slaves and enjoy the fruits of their labor simply because it is unjust, and in a world where you will need to be able to earn money in order to survive letting your offspring do such a thing would be like a parent hawk continuing to feed the chick their entire lives without the chick ever leaving the nest to hunt for themselves. At some point the parent will die, and then what, will the aged and inexperienced bird still be able to learn the things that it needs to survive? Unlikely, the young have natural advantages built in that let them learn easier, the more set in your ways you become, the harder it is to change, and without mother bird around to teach you to fly and to hunt, to catch you if you fall, to feed you if you fail while you get some practice, how will you learn? The parents know the opportune time to teach their young how to survive on their own is now, so they will keep trying to get the child to be able to earn income and survive on their own, and giving the child what they need to survive comfortably and happy is seen as a failure.

So essentially, you can be a critic of the system and be right, but you still have to live in it and that means bowing to society and learning to play by the rules that exist rather than the rules that you wish existed.


That's not true though, is it? There is always the option of suicide and escaping the game, thus nobody gets to exploit you.

Being reborn anywhere else in the universe probably wont make things better, but it's a temporary escape.
Any planet with limited resources, evolution will favor sociopathic creatures that hog them and exploit the rest of their species. War and exploitation is inbuilt in intelligent things.

If things get too bad, it's always possible to end my life and avoid 50 years of exploitation.


Being locked away is still being locked away, and you can be imprisoned for over 10+ years. That's a lot of time for a normalfag, and severance pay can't cover the lost time. You could even end up in there for life. And it's not just "if you're caught", you're sometimes expected to take the fall for something pre-planned.

It's also henpecky and humiliating in its own way. Imagine it being a weekend and the guy above you turns up to your house and demands your car for the next week. You can't just say no.

>That's why prisons have a hierarchy, at the top you have people doing crime for a living, like those mafioso with billion dollar enterprises.

Prisons are run by prison gangs, which are a separate hierarchy from the outside gangs. Yeah sure, if the mafioso pays big money to the prison gangs, he gets left alone in there.

>Child molesters are so low on the totem pole they usually have to be in PC (protective custody) to avoid being killed at random.

Child molesters are like 3/10ths of the way up the hierarchy, they're low but only because they've committed a "soft" crime. It's not macho to pick on the vulnerable. It's snitches, the elderly and teenagers that are typically at the bottom in prison.


Suicide exists, therefore exploitation doesn't exist? Not sure I follow that logic.


No, exploitation isn't inevitable. Countless millions of people throughout history have chosen death over being a pawn for untold decades.


Literally the only reason you even have the idea that it might be right is because a massive community is supporting and protecting you. That alone is counter argument enough.


Speaking for the "dark ones", this life sucks and I would choose to be boring and normal and put upon easily if it meant I could pass through life without being noticed and have a few nice hobbies. There's nothing exciting about this, nothing good, nothing comfortable, that wouldn't have been about as comfortable in a wageslave job. As long as you're single, you can go home after wageslavery and pretend the world doesn't exist. That's what so many guys do, and they just say it, despite appearing somewhat normal. Being marriage-cel is about the same. By now the men don't even bother pretending their so-called wives have anything to do with them and ask what any of that was for. About the only thing the sham is good for is pretending, and some of the loneliest guys are marcels who gave up and will just shitpost on the internet about their shitty situation. There are constraints if children are involved (and they will sometimes just say the children are clearly not theirs, no one has any reason to pretend it's different), but basically, this world is such garbage that sooner or later they're going to lose everything anyway. At some point, the threats of torture and humiliation no longer work, and the rulers don't ever think about that, because they don't have to. All they think about is how much more suffering they can get to feed their orgy, because no one is in a position to tell them no and they've run the tables for this long.

Being marginalized and a sicky, it sucks. Lots of anxiety over others picking fights because it's basically legal to kill us in the open. Coping with my brain falling apart is a daily exercise, and the copes I've had to do just to calm down are things no normal man would tolerate. I've seen the normal-appearing guys who are falling apart and they look at me and tell themselves "at least it isn't like that". I'm fine with that, as long as they're not contributing too much to my misery. It is what it is, and if looking down on me helps, maybe that is something. But, it doesn't help anyone to kick down, and decent people always knew that. It is the indecent who insist on making the world as unlivable as possible.

If you think about who the "good soldiers" are, those are the people who want the world to be the least stable, the least workable. Misery is profit, suffering is value. That's the way we set for ourselves.


dumb question op


Also a couple of other dicussion points, very related to my OP post;
>do you think smart, high-performance wizards deliberately choose jobs such as Medical Debt Collector, Repo-man or IRS accountant, to fuck normies over?
>are "troubled teen industry" /summer camp/ American military youth camps "counselors" ALL PEDOS?
>are americans who join the Border Patrol or ICE merely sexual sadits, who vent out on mexicans not because theyre mexican, but because theyre easy victims?


File: 1709588879448.jpg (25.01 KB, 320x409, 320:409, eco extremismo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I can talk about "lifestylist" illegalism/ ego-anarchism, nihilist armed groups, and hacktivist pirates.
if you want.


Alcoholics and drug addicts no.
Criminals yes.


They are right. The problem is that kind of life is dangerous and you can end up dead or in jail.


Yes, but rather unfortunely has price, the existence is way less mercyful then its seems on first glance.


All of them, but both figuratively and literally.


>Order is better than disorder
Only when its just, bootlicker
You are downplaying.
Its not somewhat, its very.


>life isnt meaningless
And what is meaning of it?
There nothing more childish than being goody do shoes good boy with "right soughts".
The only your reward for obsessing with that meaningless nonsense will be burning with rest of damned, if there is hell to begin with.
>but done the right way you will become fulfilled
Life of normalfag is only fullfilling to normalfags.


> Misery is profit, suffering is value.
>Misery is profit, suffering is value.
No it doesn't, not everyone has to be so masochistic.


File: 1711387101416.png (3.01 MB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, investagators.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1711387155922.png (2.39 MB, 1351x1429, 1351:1429, mc and farc investors.png) ImgOps iqdb

I've been doing a collab with another online fren about how true crime and most arrests, cases ,police and crime is all fake-staged-coded


File: 1711387185933.png (1.35 MB, 1373x704, 1373:704, cdn diablo-cherry cdg.png) ImgOps iqdb

this is worldwide, international, transnational. intra-global


And you are right. But know that drugs will make you reach powerlessness faster than you already might be heading for it by nature. Don't give a penny to those bastards.

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