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File: 1709712102420.jpg (8.29 MB, 7633x5165, 7633:5165, Sir_Peter_Paul_Rubens_-_Da….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


As Wizards, do you think we suffer a lot more than most people? Recently, I've been having antinatalist thoughts that all humans and animals were born to suffer, and that everyone probably suffer to similar degrees no matter how shit or awesome their lives are.

I used to think most people have much better lives than me, because they have friends, loving families, careers, sex, etc. but, no matter how much better their lives seem to be compared to mine, I've never once wanted to BE them. If I could trade my sorry existence away and live the life of some famous super celebrity, I wouldn't make that trade. Partly as an ego thing, and partly because I think I would be taking on their suffering too, so it would be pointless.

We all know of celebrities who killed themselves despite having fame and fortune and things we could only dream of having, but how are their lives any better than that of Wizards who an heroed? Wizards kill themselves for being on the spectrum, and being ugly and unwanted, while those celebs suffered from none of those things and had everything we ever wanted but they ended up killing themselves anyway. I think it's a mindset thing derived from the circumstances of our lives. Those celebs would never worry about the same things as a Wizard would worry about, but having celebrity status exposed them to different sources of suffering like needing to maintain their looks, avoiding scandals, contemplating the dicks they need to suck to stay relevant. It seems to me like it doesn't matter if you're normal, a wizard, homeless, or a celebrity. You're always gonna have your own set of worries to make you feel sad and depressed. I'm starting to think all living things were born to suffer equally.

My coworkers are as normal as can be. They're married, have kids, and socialize with each other every day. Meanwhile, I'm the opposite. I'm single, no kids, and keep to myself. Of course I get sad about this sometimes, being the only KHV in the office, but when I overhear them rant about drama regarding their family and friends, I feel grateful that I don't have to deal with those things.


wizards as a whole may suffer more than most other types of people (exceptions are fringe things like family men whose family/kids died or something)
but us wizchan users are far from the peak sufferers among wizards (male virgins) as a whole


there is nothing more evil than reproduction


Yet its our only true purpose of life, there is nothing us for us to do once we have it all.


ok demiurge


File: 1709723786052.png (20.19 KB, 1018x604, 509:302, the-genetic-happiness-set-….png) ImgOps iqdb

How would you even compare who suffers more? Maybe you could measure the activity in certain brain regions and the concentration of certain biochemicals? But then how do you measure the subjective perception of suffering? I think it just doesn't make sense to compare it. It's too complex.

>We all know of celebrities who killed themselves despite having fame and fortune and things we could only dream of having

>I think it's a mindset thing derived from the circumstances of our lives.

That's something I see people forgetting a lot. People ask the question: why won't this billionaire just retire and live in luxury for the rest of his life? Well if he was someone who wanted comfort he would not have had the drive to become a millionaire in the first place. Similar an artist might still be rich and famous but become depressed because they hate their work even if it sells.

>You're always gonna have your own set of worries to make you feel sad and depressed. I'm starting to think all living things were born to suffer equally.

Maybe I'm coping but I think so too. Although I don't think everyone suffers. I think most people feel content or neutral about their lives. We humans just quickly adapt to our environment. I get annoyed if my train is 10 minutes late when just the fact that trains exist would be mindblowing to someone from the past. I take my vision and legs for granted and complain about my life when disabled people would be overjoyed to have these things. Or having a roof over my head, food and safety which 3rd worlders dream of. That's why you get people with cozy 6-figure office jobs complaining about how bored they feel while people with exciting lives might wish for some stability.

>If I could trade my sorry existence away and live the life of some famous super celebrity, I wouldn't make that trade

>partly because I think I would be taking on their suffering too, so it would be pointless.

This is why I think envy is pointless. You want their life but you forget that by becoming them your personality will stop existing so you never feel that euphoria from the change. The things that you dream of you will take for granted then as you got used to them.


Cope all you want Sapien, you will never expand upon the universe, your small mind can't comprehend the vast law of our reality, you are simply a byproduct of chance.


Some people suffer more than others, there’s no way to determine or communicate it between people. Wizards aren’t a special group who suffer more, there may be correlates but nothing to do with being a wizard. This place is the same as any other, people insisting they’re the most depressed people alive with no hope and then they find a YouTube video that turns their life around.


Efilist bros winning


Off course everybody has problems in his life but comparing that to being really fucked up to the point that you want to kill yourself is very different. Comparing the problems your coworkers can have with their wives or children (normie problems) to the problems of the people on this place is nonsense.


File: 1709915282875.png (459.6 KB, 821x736, 821:736, dazai.png) ImgOps iqdb

Normalfags are not capable of suffering


Life has no purpose, its just is.
You are just mindless, inhuman animal driven by instincts and reflexes this is why you "think" this way.


It does has a purpose and it's literally reproduction, every living being does it you fucking mongrel, without having kids the human race 100% ceases to exist, nothing can kill a species more than not to have offspring. Sex I agree is disgusting and gross but children will always be important than anything else in our lives.


I hope the human race will go extinct it is a cancer, you're just a bad troll


>bad troll
>pointing out the obvious

We will do without you, we don't need quitters and useless vermin like you


Suffering is our meaning to life, we must suffer, survive, reproduce and die. This is all sadly our fate, its awful yet beautifully sad at the same time.


Even if I was a millionaire or a 6'4 male model or whatever I wouldn't even know how to change a diaper.

The entire discussion is moot when my actual chances of reproducing with a succubus of my age group are literally zero.
I will be a virgin until I die


I feel ya, I fucking hate normalfags who shit on people who don't want kids and treat them as manchildren when they're are people who literally aren't capable of taking card of a fucking small human being. People need to stop pushing or forcing that shit in everyone throats and let people live their lives.


Resources are finite
Entropy enforces decay when the scope of analysis is broad enough to finally be aware of it happening
Wizards, generally, are paying attention at a broader/higher scale than hoi polloi
Decay can be painful

$we suffer more, because we have the attention cycles to experience more suffering. We have a scope that, due to being less distracted by biology and community, is broad enough to swallow the suffering and sorrows of entropy which are always there and always applicable.

Knowing this, how shall we act? Solomon suggested; "Eat, Drink and be merry for tomorrow you die." Buddha (essentially) "All life is suffering and suffering is caused by desire". The Taoists tell us that everything has a place and the right path is finding the balance. Modern capitalist science says buy these things so that you will suffer less now (but need to buy more things later to achieve the same result). Chairman Yang tells us "What do I care for your suffering? Pain, even agony, is no more than information before the senses, data fed to the computer of the mind. The lesson is simple: you have received the information, now act on it. Take control of the input and you shall become master of the output."

Suffering beyond an individuals suffering tolerance is a problem of the individual. If the same universal decay of the same fungible resource produces different levels of suffering in two people, is it the decay or the person that is the "problem"?

It is entirely possible to achieve equilibrium where the greatest suffering one experiences in a given day is an itch that can't be scratched for a full second. Yes that day also meant that a few hundred thousand cells rotted and died, that the disease which will be fatal in 40 years grew another tendril, that another hair follicle failed for the last time… but *not paying attention to it*, simply because the senses are unable to do so meant, if anything, suffering and decay was lessened due to not stressing about it.

Notionally, the act of eating should be suffering as the body burns resources, wears down its structure in processing the food and generates waste heat that destroys cells. Yet unless someone is the victim of a disorder, it's a pleasant and even positive experience. The suffering below the pain or attention threshold ends up as a net positive as the body rebuilds and stores extra from the food consumed.

Voluntary suffering can be used to offset involuntary suffering at a future date. Spend 10 hours a day with your mind and body decaying slightly faster in a bullshit job so that you're not starving and/or freezing to death in a month's time. Obviously, the starting point for an individual in a given reference frame will limit the options and return they get, but that's their problem.

Choose your pain.


AI-generated post


Sweet, I failed the Turing test


I want the suffering of improvement, smoking weed for 3 years straight didn't really improve my life what so ever and I feel like shit coming off of it because I was so dependent on temporary pleasure, is it such a crime to feel good? Even just blissful ignorant pleasure? Regardless in the end it's just a stupid waste of time and I just want my body and mind at peak function, I want to be able to be independent and take care of myself without anyone help or guidence.


You want to improve *without* help or guidance?

Reframed, you want to arrive at the right condition and configuration of yourself *entirely through your own experimentation*?

Sure it's possible, but *why* do you want to reject the asset of codified and recorded procedures and outcomes that will get you to the state you want to be in without having to trial-and-error your way through all of them?

If you're in a community or a tradition of behaviour where people manipulate people through that strategy, I get it. In which case I suggest the winning strategy is learning how to recognise that sort of bullshit _and then_ sifting through the records, wisdom and failures of other peeps.

As for crime, you spent today and tomorrow to feel good yesterday. Perhaps you had to do it to survive to this point; who cares?

The people who will be less inclined to take risks on you because you've already proven you make low ROI decisions habitually.

Sure, past behaviour does not mandate future outcomes, but it rhymes enough that we who have a achieved an acceptable suffering equilibrium either resent or refuse to spend our assets helping low ROI prospects.

If you refuse help because the only kind available is inept and a net loss, that's just wise. If you refuse help because your prejudice is reciprocal, fair enough. If you refuse help because you're arrogant? Then you're beyond help until that's fixed anyway.


Life is suffering. Some people are just more blind to this.

The thing is that it is like that IQ bell curve meme. In the middle oyu have the majority of the population that choses to turn a blind eye to the fact that the life is suffering. On the right of the curve you have the enlightned folk who see that life is suffering and uses this to just truly not care about anything. On the left side you have the ones who see life is suffering and live a shitty depressed and restricted life because of this.


File: 1710137293360.jpg (480.13 KB, 1000x1020, 50:51, 1710063844433797 (1).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Do you think there is suffering everywhere in the universe? Did god make this as a cruel joke to torture us or something? What's the point of it all, I feel like we're all getting punked


Outer space is fake. Our world is a stationary self-contained toroid. There is no "universe" in the popular science sense of the term. The picture you attached is also fake. Hubble does not exist.

And what you're describing is Gnosticism – an evil god made an evil illusion-world that he uses to torture us. This lesser deity in traditional Platonism (which would later give birth to Gnosticism) is generally called the Demiurge (from the Greek, demiurgos, which literally means artificer or craftsman, as in the lesser intelligence that "looked upwards" and based on the immaterial geometrical formal worlds situated above him crafted this imperfect matter-realm we are now trapped in). The true god in these systems is typically considered as residing outside of the created world and as having had no part in the making of it. There are very powerful people today alive in the world who sincerely believe their own qualified version of Platonism, of which the Kabbalah is one.



how so? seriously?


everything you said was made up and there is overwhelming evidence for this. you are just pretending to be a flanderized version of what you believe a crazy schizofailnic is with the intent of entertaining and confusing. you don't read books.


nothing I said was made up. heliocentrism is mysticism. the big bang is just secularized tsimtsum. the notion of there being infinite terra firma worlds is also mysticism that in fact stretches all the way back to ancient egypt. the only "proof" for the existence of outer space is the "moon landings" which are unquestionably fake and perhaps the greatest piece of propaganda in modern history. popular science has been a masonic conspiracy since at least the time of Copernicus and Newton, who were both gnostics writing for anti-catholic jewish publishing houses.


You name a lot of names and protest to all on a surface level as if it's somehow obvious and universally (oops wrong word) known to all. You are funny!


in nowise do I believe these things are known to all as most of the human population is utterly braindead and brainwashed, which is enough proven by the fact that most took the "covid" vaccine without even realizing it was a jewish depopulation plot. and making appeals to consensus opinion is a logical fallacy, variously known as argumentum ad numerum or argumentum ad populum, and cannot stand as a valid rebuttal to whatever was argued. humanity is extremely stultified and presently ruled over by a hidden group of judeo-masonic satanists. to suppose a group malicious enough to propagandize whole populations into sterilizing themselves wouldn't also lie about where we live seems a little naive.


There's a meme pic on the internet which depicts a man (Wojak) curiously about to dip his toes in to the rabbit hole of the Judeo-Satanic rule over governments and their destruction of all things good. Then from behind a filthy Jew plants a bunch of nonsense about flat earth and space being fake in to the pile, leaving the curious man disinterested in all of it. The Jew is glad he stayed another person from learning important truths by mixing such hysteria in.

You are that filthy Jew.


with all respect, you really don't understand the origins of what you believe, if you call me a jew for arguing against the existence of outer space. spherical ball worlds is part and parcel of the judeo-satanic brainwashing apparatus that includes things like evolution, dinosaurs, aliens, simulation theory, string theory, quantum mechanics, sun-worship (heliocentrism), atomism, and many other things…which if you had an actual education in these matters would easily know that all of them have clear antecedents in ancient philosophy/occultism.


I use Jew metaphorically as a figure of speech containing everything that is bad in this world, including you.

Jews are evil creatures who hate goodness.

Also, you can't explain Pearl Harbor if the world isn't a sphere. Japanese warplanes could never have arrived in Hawaii by crossing Asia, Africa and the Pacific within 45 minutes unless they had some kind of alien technology to fly at 12,000km/h or ten times the speed of sound.


why does denying space bother you so much?

and also what is the supposed sinister motivation for doing so? if the popular scientific position clearly affirms the existence of space, wouldn't it follow that the likelihood of space existing *is* the psy-op?


I can easily explain Pearl Harbor and gladly will to you right now. If after my explanation you still believe I am a deceiver, then so be it.

Pearl Harbor was a false flag carried out by judeo-masonry who mutually controlled both America and Japan at the time of WWII. Hirohito was a freemason. The Japanese planes did not have to evade any American radar…they were allowed in. Just as on 9/11, the attacks were allowed to happen. And I might even go so far as to say that because on 9/11 there were no planes, only rudimentary CGI that simulated their presence, and because the actual source of the destruction was explosives set in place by Jewish terrorists at key structural points within both towers and building 7, it may even be the case that on Pearl Harbor there were no planes but only controlled demolition of ships attributed to a party that had nothing to do with it…which then, just as on 9/11, resulted in both sides mutually slaughtering each other while neither understood they were being manipulated by a concealed puppeteer.


> Japanese warplanes could never have arrived in Hawaii by crossing Asia, Africa and the Pacific within 45 minutes unless they had some kind of alien technology
They did have alien technology. It's called the Aircraft Carrier and the pontoon plane.


You're literally schizophrenic if you believe 9/11 was created by CGI and only for tv channels.

There were countless people on the ground recording the carnage.
Hell, there was a huge pile of collapsed skyscraper rubble on the crash site for months that anyone could have visited.

It's hopeless, this jew is schizo.


I did not say 9/11 was CGI. I said that the planes supposedly hitting the towers were CGI.


This makes no sense. There are hundreds of thousands of eyewitness accounts and at least 10+ videos shot by civilians of the incident.

You're implying they're all bought and in on a conspiracy.


He knows this; he's just jerking your chains.


File: 1710154172282.gif (3.38 MB, 448x324, 112:81, wtc.gif) ImgOps iqdb

The shadows and smoke look too realistic to be early 2000's "cgi".

Even the worst conspiracy nuts agree there were planes physically hitting the towers.


the attendant shadows and smoke are very real, however they are not the result of any planes striking any buildings, but of bombs being detonated at various points from within all three buildings (the two towers and building 7), all of which explosions (with the absurd and glaring exception of building 7) were made to align with computer-generated airplanes in the strategic interest of disguising the nature of the attack. here are some simple steps to follow if you want to know the truth (though it has already been stated above):

open a fresh word document.

choose “Wingdings” as your font type.

enable “caps lock”.

boost the font size to 72.

type in : 33NYC.

that is the answer.


Stop saying the vaccine will kill people, it's just a harmless way to extract money from ordinary citizens as usual. I don't think they'll benefit depopulating cattle, especially the fact that if something like that would happen, I know people will fuck the elites up for killing their families, nothing holds a human bond stronger than their own kin.


File: 1710165263302.jpg (155.53 KB, 592x454, 296:227, wtc1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So how do you explain all the burnt plane parts inside the crash site and all the burning plane kerosine?



>None of these symbols have any relevance to the 9/11 attacks: Q33NY was not the flight or tail number of either of the planes that were crashed into the World Trade Center that day,

Geez, I hate it when facts ruin a schizos day




I took it and i'm not dead yet so what gives fag? I gotta wait 50 years for it to kill me? Oh my goddd its gonna kill me when i'm in my diapers as a old faggot ohh the horror!


… What the hell is wrong with you all? Have you really never heard of the expression "don't feed the troll"???

Even if he's not a troll, that still applies: you cannot use logic against conspiracists, what they have is a psychological issue, it's not about opinions/logics/debates. And you are not his therapist, so just ignore it.

If he's a troll, you ignore it because "don't feed the troll". If he is NOT a troll, you cannot fix him, so you STILL ignore it.

Don't derail threads like that, it's annoying.


I genuinely believe Earth is the worst place in the universe, creatures on other planets and even galaxies tell horror stories about us around the campfire or whatever ayys have


"Maybe Earth is just another planet's Hell"


Why don't you start smoking, hell start smoking crack and do heroin, it's not killing you right away so it's good


It would be more palatable if the world was also an ugly wasteland. Nature is so beautiful especially in untouched places like Borneo nature reserves.

Or maybe that's part of the torture, being confined to such a planet as a non 1%:er who never gets to see the beauty of it all, who rots away in a concrete cubicle and then withers away in dementia and diapers.
The ultimate psychological harassment.


File: 1710192894575.jpg (114.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, pod.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>The ultimate psychological harassment.

I know I am not important but it does feel (i am just saying feel not that i believe it) like a higher power is messing with me. Being sensitive and aware of everything amplifies the suffering while I feel too tired, anxious and insecure to do anything to improve my situation. What hurts is the loneliness of it all. Any time I open up I just get ignored and no one else seems to suffer from the issues I do.


If there is a reason it is beyond our comprehension


File: 1710214492978.jpg (342.55 KB, 1080x1317, 360:439, IMG_3403.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

>As Wizards, do you think we suffer a lot more than most people?

Absolutely not. Wizzies have no life experience by definition, even moreso if you're NEET. There's nothing to ruminate on beyond the same old shit you experienced in elementary school, or the sad state of your current life. Anyone with two seconds of self-reflection can overcome that and move on. Pretending the Wiz suffers beyond all human understanding is the copiest cope of all.


Same, my entire life as a non-NT it felt like an outer power is literally toying with me just to make me suffer as much as possible.

When I finally caught a break through a series of extremely unlikely events and obtained some freedom and money, it's like they gave up tormenting me.

Since taking those things away would require the tormentor to break the laws of physics and bend the fabric of reality, which the entity doesn't want to so publicly, they only act through covert manipulation and harassment which is hard to detect.


How do we dodge this piece of shit when we die? It has trapped us in a hell-reality over which it has complete mastery…there must be a way to out-smart it, both before death and after.


There is no solution. Even that desperate "solution" antinatalists posted online (going around the galaxy and universe in a giant spaceship utilizing wormholes, and systematically killing all life so nothing can be born to suffer) doesn't work either.

Why? Because the system creator will just patiently wait for a few billion years for new life to form under the laws of physics he set in motion himself.

You can't escape this sadist and whatever personal amusement he gets from making you suffer as much as possible. He knows the worst pain isn't literally breaking someone's arm which you can just heal or numb with pills.
The worst pain is psychological torment no medicine, pill or treatment can take away.

Whoever created the universe is a really sadistic, sad, bitter creature. Maybe those old testament people were right when they depicted him as a bloodthirsty tyrant who seems to massacre entire groups of people for arbitrary random reasons.

The weirdest part being when Elia climbs the mountain and 40 kids follow him and jokingly call him a baldie due to having no hair. Then this sadist sends out a bear to maul and kill all the kids. It makes no sense.


File: 1710225255459.jpg (86.2 KB, 1100x730, 110:73, shutterstock-540613144-958….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Did Buddhists get it right? If desire exists just to make us more entertaining to whoever is observing us trying to be as boring and unfazed as possible seems to be the way to rebel. Although I don't know who is getting enjoyment from seeing me cry alone in my room.


>Did Buddhists get it right?
>trying to be as boring and unfazed as possible seems to be the way to rebel.
But why rebel at all? What resentment do you hold for these observers and why is your desire to not entertain them more powerful than your natural desires to entertain yourself?


“>No actual photos of Earth
>No video showing rotation of Earth
>No stars visible
>Everything is theoretical
>No actual photos of any celestial bodies
Space is fake.”


“>many lovely photos of Earth
>A lot of video showing rotation of Earth
>Millions of stars visible
>There are many theories for everything
>Incredibly detailed photos of all local celestial bodies
Space is wonderful.”


There are none. We are inside the earth, and the earth is a hyper-torus.


Honestly produce a single video of ball earth rotating that is not computer animation. You can't, because it doesn't exist.


you two are insane!!!!


>Did Buddhists get it right?
They got right the fact that life is suffering. Everything else about it is pretty much a meme.
Nirvana for example is a lie, so that you still have a goal towards something, because we cannot actually escape desire.


>we cannot actually escape desire.
Why would anyone want to though?


because not everyone can fulfil their desire

sure if you are healthy, rich, good looking the world is your oyster and you wont even consider buddhism

but if you are in a bad spot desire will just make you suffer


I agree. Even the nihilistic acceptance of hardship and poverty in Buddhism originates in nothing more than low status apes trying to cope with the abysmal pain of being losers in said society with no hope for improvement (all higher positions back then being hoarded by armed nobles who held all the tools of oppression and war).

It can be sugar-coated and packaged into a cute belief system with six armed statues and noble teachings, and in the end it's nothing more than a cope for the downtrodden, just like early christianity, judaism or islam.
A final bastion of hope for relief in an afterlife, for people utterly desecrated and crushed by their current life.


what's wrong with coping though?
not everyone has the means to fight their fate
especially bad health can fuck you and there is nothing you can do about it
better to find a coping mechanism than throwing a tantrum and be bitter


Nothing. Society would be in a state of anarchy without such copes.

Even atheist societies need copes, they just tend to be physical in nature instead of spiritual (movies, porn, alcohol, drugs, cheap sweet or fatty foods).


Buddhism began as a religious movement among the nobility and many early monks were literate and the cultural elite of their day.


I agree. In fact most religions were spread primarily through the elite (in India's case the brahmin caste).
Even a Roman emperor was one of the first advocates of early christianity.

It doesn't change the fact it is at the core a tool of power to keep the unfortunate and poor content or even happy with hunger and owning nothing.


You didn't even know how Buddhism began a couple a post ago and now you think you know the core of it. You don't know anything, anon.


The belief system itself is a cope for poverty.

It being originally spread by the filthy rich doesn't change that.


another false flag is on the way soon, I think. jews are preparing a war between their puppet states (American ZOG vs Chinese ZOG).

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